Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sham in Islam

The reaction of the Muslim world to the crisis in Iran (or lack thereof) proves "once again that nobody does hypocrisy better than political Islam."

The Iranian revolution is a self-evident fact. Whether it will succeed or not is open to question but the country certainly will never be the same and if the western world has any decency left it will refuse to treat the Tehran regime as anything other than a rogue cabal worthy of contempt and isolation.

I say the western world because many, if not most of the Middle Eastern and Muslim nations, have demonstrated once again that nobody does hypocrisy better than political Islam.

Some basic facts first. According to Scotland's University of St. Andrews, hardly a centre of conservatism, and the internationally respected Chatham House think-tank in England, the Iranian election results are impossible to believe. After an exhaustive analysis they conclude that for the election to be accurate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would have had to have won 100% of the conservative vote, 90% of the new vote and 40% of the reformist vote.

In fact at best he may have won 80% of the conservative vote, perhaps 50% of the new vote and 10% of the reformist vote.

In addition, the ostensible results would mean that he had also won decisively amongst the Turkish and Arab populations and in the Balochistan region. That would be as if Canada's most violent opponent of Quebec nationalism suddenly swept the French Canadian vote. It's not true.

The thug and his gang are a bunch of liars -- surely news to absolutely nobody.

Since the vote, the fraudulent government has used murder, torture and intimidation to try to silence democracy and people. Many have died and many will die in the future. Yet the bulk of the Muslim world says nothing and the Islamic diaspora and the usual suspects and fellow travellers in the media are as quiet as a slaughtered Iranian woman dead on a Persian street. But no. The silent screams of the martyrs are pure and loud and eloquent. The moans of the apologists are stale and dark and grotesque.

First, we hear that the West has no right to comment because more than 50 years ago a democratic Iranian government was brought down by Washington. So what? History is full of wrongs. It's a logically and morally flawed argument. Morally flawed because the point is made not to support Iran but to drown criticism of theocratic fascism.

Second, we are told that the West is interfering and that thousands of cellphones, cameras and computers were smuggled into Iran before the election and that British, American and, of course, Israeli agents have been working for years to destabilize the government. Let us remember that during the last weeks of the Shah's rule the rumour in Tehran was that Israeli soldiers were to be parachuted into the country to put down the revolt!

Islamophobic plot

Third, those murdered have not really been murdered, the election results are genuine, the Twitter campaign is led by non-Iranians and this all part of a massive Islamophobic plot. For those unfamiliar with the term, an Islamophobe is someone who is making a rational, compelling and successful argument against a Muslim or a Muslim's leftist friend.

There is still time for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria and the rest to officially condemn Iran and for the Muslims of Canada, the United States and Europe to march and protest. Lots of time. Yes, lots and lots and lots of time


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Should I be surprised that no muslim will comment on this?
    But give them a cartoon in Denmark and they will murder people all around the world....
    Fug you deranged mindless zombies of Allah

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Such a shame that Islam has to kill, destroy and ravage everything it touches upon. Iran was proud, respected and progressing under the Shah's rule. Iranian culture was celebrated, women emancipated, education flourished, and money was flowing in. Iran was friends with her neighbours. But now... :( The Shah had his flaws, but I'd rather have a benevolent dictator than an Islamic theocrat any day! And it looks like our Maldives is headed into a similar route. Even now our culture has been erased. Then it'll be our freedom. Religion poisons everything.

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Maldivians are a captured and controlled prey of "Islamic Scholars" from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and Malaysia.
    These 'Islamic Scholars' now determine how Maldivians live.
    Sadly Maldivians have given up their ancient ways to succumb to the colonizing forces of Arabs and Islam - like what happened in Persia...