Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Islamic Scientific Gift to Civilization (Islam's Barbaric War on Homosexuals)

raqi Moslems have peculiarly inventive minds. They possess fertile imaginations. By combining these unique talents, they have devised a method for cleansing Iraq of homosexuals.

Not by exiling them. Not by corralling them in concentration camps. Nor by shooting them. Their solution is cheaper and effective. It provides job satisfaction and enjoyment to the enthusiastic soldiers of Allah.

They have hit the Moslem jackpot with this innovation!

The brave enforcers of law and order, Iraqi style, hunt their prey in the streets. And in cafes, barbers shops, and houses. They search for unmarried 30 to 35 year old men and for effeminate men. Pharmacists advise police about male customers who regularly buy female hormones and cosmetic creams. They entrap gay men via internet chatrooms by dating them - then...pounce!
Then the hunters macabre fun begins.

"As the murder campaign targeting Iraqi gays intensifies, a leading Arabic television network last week (as at 6 May 2009) revealed the use of a horrifying new form of lethal torture against Iraqi gay men: anti-gay Shiite death squads are SEALING THEIR ANUSES WITH A POWERFUL GLUE, THEN INDUCING DIARRHEA, WHICH LEADS TO A PAINFUL AND AGONIZING DEATH.The use of this stomach-turning new torture was first reported by the Al Arabiya network, which is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and was alerted to the story by a leading Iraqi feminist and human rights activist." (1) (My emphasis)

The use of this fiendish anal torture is taking place not just in Baghdad but in smaller towns and cities in Iraq. Surgery is needed to remove the glue. The victims of this lethal barbarism are being refused treatment in hospitals because of homophobia. The terror experienced by the men must be unimaginable. They know they will die in agony. It is inhumane.

Most of us experience an attack of diarrhea at least once in our lifetime. Remember the warning sign of stomach-ache or pains? Then the dash to the toilet to evacuate your bowels? More than one trip sometimes. Now imagine, if you can, those stomach pains, the rush to the toilet - but your anus is tightly sealed! Excruciating is too mild a word to describe the suffering of those helpless men.

Not content with applying Super Glue to the anuses of gay men then force-feeding them laxatives, the fearless death squads are filming their victims torture and death agonies. The videos are being distributed on mobile cellphones in Iraq. The killer/hunters are molesting gay men before torturing them. As quoted by a Baghdad homosexual man, "Life has become like hell, believe me, like hell. Whenever I go anywhere, there are checkpoints...and they want to touch me, yes, to molest me." (2) His days must be numbered.

According to a BBC report, there is a piece of mobile phone footage circulating in Baghdad. It shows a group of uniformed police harassing a hermaphrodite they have caught at a checkpoint. He is forced to expose his well-developed breasts which are then gleefully manhandled and kissed. (2) His days also must be numbered.

The complete article with video here at Islam Monitor


  1. What terrible barbarity. You can bet that not one Muslim will even raise an eyebrow to this news.

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    There are this type of monsters in every religion and every culture. I believe homosexuals are not normal. They have a problem which need cure. Homosexuality is contagious and it leads to destruction and nowhere. They will not find peace coz the world seems not made for them. They are always distressed. Its easy to be like that but definitely they can be cured if they try a bit harder and more. Life is a battle and every human will have this sort of some problem.

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    @Anon 12:41
    Yes monsters are everywhere. And they justify their actions by reasoning such as yours. A narrow-minded, intolerant, barbaric form of thinking. Refusing to put yourself in the other's shoes.
    No it's not a disease. No they don't need to be cured. And no it's not contagious.
    If it was contagious, the Iraqi soldiers who tortured these men must now be homosexuals. If it was contagious, the whole world (including animals/plants) would now be gay. Coz homosexuality is ubiquitious and almost as old as sexual reproduction.
    What destruction do they cause? What is this non-existent 'fabric of the society' which they tear? You invent your flowery terms to instill fear into the common sheep, never citing any evidence. It seems like homophobes like you are the ones who are causing problems in society.
    The world seems not made for them becasue of bigots and haters like you who are in power and make laws that discriminate or turn a blind eye to anyone who is different from you.
    Easy to be like that? EASY!? Are you kidding me? Is it easy to listen to your society tell you that you are a freak and a subhuman? Is it easy to grow up with your parents, those who love you the most, telling you that homosexuals go to Hell? Is it easy to be constantly harrassed, ridiculed and discriminated against whereever you go? Be it school, work, a govt office, a hospital or even on the streets? Is it easy to always be on the guard and try to act straight so that your friends or family dont find out? Is it easy to read stories like these and then find insensitive comments that totally ignore the barbarity of the act and lay blame on the victim? Is it easy to know that your govt will put you in jail for simply loving someone of the same sex? I could go on and on. You clearly have no idea what it is like to be gay. Being gay is not easy. Especially in a homophobic, Islamic, sexually repressed, hypocritical society like this.
    Try harder? People try. They try so hard some kill themselves. No wonder the suicide rate among gay teens is so high. You can try to change us or kill us but it wont make a difference. They don't face the sort of problem that every human faces. Some of the worst acts of murder are of LGBTQ people. They are not just beaten or shot with a gun. There are some who are stabbed 20 or 30 times and then set on fire. And there are incidents like these. What sort of fear do we evoke in you that we have to be an outlet for all that anger? Why would you waste your time stabbing someone 30 times when two or three would have sufficed? Why do you find the need to watch us suffer, as our bowels burst and we get feverish from the infection, go into a delirum and shock and then die in agonizing pain? And then you must film it too? Where does this sadism come from? Do we challenge something in you? Do we put up a mirror in front of you and show you who you truly are?
    There is no punishment prescribed for homosexuality in the Quran. The Hadith which speak of the punishments are weak.
    We rely on the reports from companions and the consensus of the jurists to determine a punishment. I wonder which if any of them decreed this punishment? When you, apparently a Muslim, don't condemn these actions, aren't you reinforcing the idea that Islam is an evil twisted barbaric ideology? Your silence only makes this battle harder for some of us. But don't ever imagine that you fight in the same files as some of us. Not every human face these sorts of problems. You probably being heterosexual and male have no idea what women and homosexuals go through because of intolerant ideologies like Islam. The battle rages on but you are clearly not anywhere near its heart.

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Yes Ahmed Sadoun Saleh's days were numbered indeed. He died two months later.

  5. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Punishment for homosexuality:

    beheading or stoning those committing it are punishments that have no foundation in the Qur'an or the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). All what can be said is that sodomy is a fahishah, the same way the Qur'an described zina, so it has the same legal punishment — the lashing of the perpetrator one hundred times in a public place as stated in Surat An-Nur, or imprisoning and punishing him as stated in Surat of An-Nisa'.

    Second, all the juristic views stating that the homosexuals are to be killed, burnt, or thrown from a high place, have no sound legal foundation, though they show how much the early Muslim society was disgusted with such a wicked, immoral practice

    (yes he's not a haabee)

  6. Anonymous8:38 PM

    muslim reaction appears to be - "oh other people do it too"
    immediatley they start finger pointing at others

  7. Anonymous8:51 PM

    or the people who are doing it are not following Quran

  8. Anonymous7:56 AM

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