Friday, October 23, 2009

16 Child Rapists Freed after $140 Fine by Muslim elders...

Clearly a pattern here - child rape is not a big deal for Muslims. Killing anyone who leaves this sick cult is more important than their own children - because they are in "Submission to Allah".

Read on here at the Daily Star

Village arbitration on Monday let off an alleged rapist of a thirteen-year girl with a mere fine in Kalapara, one month into the orchestrated release of a band of alleged rapists in a similar fashion.

The victim's family alleges a local public representative arranged the arbitration apparently to ensure escape of the rapist.

In another incident, a 12-year girl was gang-raped in Galachipa in the district on Tuesday night.

Earlier on Sunday night, shopkeeper Hanif Mollah, 30, of Dholir Bazar, Kalapara allegedly raped the thirteen-year-old girl when she came to buy goods from him.

Hearing her cries, locals held the culprit and handed him over to village defence police member Kawsar at around 8:45pm.

The next evening local Union Parishad member Anwar Hossain arranged the arbitration in presence of over 200 people where Hanif was handed down a fine of Tk 5,000 in addition to a whipping 50 times.

Family sources say Anwar forced the victim's father not to go for legal action and also pocketed the Tk 5,000 fine money.

Contacted, Anwar said the girl was not raped but there were some "symptoms" to that end. One the fine money, he said he kept it to manage different sections including the police.

Ishaq Ali, officer-in-charge of Kalapara police, said he had sent an officer to the spot and would comment only after his return.

Superintendent of Police Shaibal Kanti Chowdhury told The Daily Star, "We will take necessary action after running a proper investigation into this matter."

This is the second such arbitration in Kalapara within a month in which local arbitrators gave verdict in a punishable offence in a manner which itself is a cognizable offence.

Earlier on September 27, 16 alleged rapists were summoned to a local high school and handed down a fine of Tk 10,000 each after they allegedly picked up a girl and gang-raped her.

In Galachipa, a 12-year girl was gang-raped Tuesday night when the victim was going to her uncle's house.

The victim's uncle said three youths -- Liton, Manik and Yusuf -- picked up her from Godown Road, took her to a nearby rice mill and raped her.

Locals hearing her cry for help rushed to the spot and caught Liton, but the other two alleged rapists managed to escape.

The victim was admitted to Galachipa Upazila Health Complex but was shifted to Patuakhali General Hospital later as her condition deteriorated.

Police arrested Liton, 27, in this connection.

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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    is this the efficient justice system the extremists in the maldives are aching to adopt?