Wednesday, November 04, 2009

'Everyone hates Jews,' declares Islamic cleric

On TV program cites Muhammad: 'The Muslims will kill the Jews. Be patient'

J"ERUSALEM – Trees, animals and non-Jewish athletes despise Jews, declared an Egyptian cleric on his country's television network.

"People hate (Jews). They don't like them. We are not talking only about people. [The same goes] even for trees and animals," stated Egyptian cleric Amin Al-Ansari on a program two weeks ago that aired on Egypt's Al-Rahma satellite network.

The program was translated from Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

"You know, there is rather peculiar footage, in which an Arab man who has a camel loves it and kisses it, and the camel

kisses him back. Along comes a Jew and wants to kiss the camel, just like the Arab. What do you think the camel did? Let's watch," Al-Ansari said.

The network then cut to what appeared to be staged footage of a man dressed in Arab garb kissing a camel while another man wearing a white yarmulke attempts to kiss the camel, prompting the animal to try to bite the purported Jew.

"Animals can sense things," explained Al-Ansari.

He continued, "God has filled people's hearts with loathing for these [Jews]. Let's take a look at the field of sports. Let's see how the Jews are hated in the field of sports. They are abhorred. Let's take a look."

The Al-Rahma program cuts to footage of an English league soccer game showing a Chelsea player kicking the Israeli soccer player Yossi Benayoun, who plays for Liverpool.

"Look at this Jew being kicked. People hate them. They don't like them," explained Al-Ansari, laughing.

"The proof is that the Prophet Muhammad said that when Judgment Day draws near, the final war between the Muslims and the Jews will take place. The Prophet said that the Muslims would kill the Jews. 'Judgment Day will not come before the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them,'" declared Al-Ansari.

He added, citing from a hadith, a collection of the sayings of Muhammad: "The Muslims will kill the Jews. Be patient

. All the trees and all the stones will say: 'Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him – except for the Gharqad tree.' Only one kind of tree will not call [the Muslims]. It is the Gharqad tree."

Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. The Egyptian news media, including government-run newspapers and television networks, routinely feature anti-Semitic and anti-Israel propaganda."

By Aaron Klein
With thanks to WorldNetDaily


  1. Anonymous10:30 AM

    This idiot is saying that we have to reason like animals. Only thing is animals don't reason like he thinks they do. Wonder if he'll be willing to enter a hungry lion's cage.

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    This fucker has no idea how much the rest of the world hates HIS kind? (yes, including animals and trees)

  3. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Mullah idiots are destroying our country. We must expose these fuckers and stand up for our human rights rights.
    Stop them from mistreating brainwashing scaring women n children