Friday, November 06, 2009

"Sudden Jihadi Syndrome" Strikes: Muslim Army Psychiatrist Kills 13 Soldiers in Texas

A Muslim army psychiatrist burst into a bout of Jihadi fit, shooting at soldiers lined up for signing for deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing 12 and wounding 31. It appears to another perfect case of the familiar "Sudden Jihadi Syndrome" among Muslims...
We have heard too often from Muslim public relations czars in the West that Muslims are peaceful patriotic people. Muslim American citizens would tell you that they are patriotic; they love America; America is their home. President Obama would tell you that America is a Muslim nation, that Muslims have made great contributions to the making of America.

So, when a Jihadi attack occurs or a Jihadi terror plot is busted, the so-called moderate Muslims would go around shrilling that the entire Muslim community should not be maligned for the actions of a few bad apples.

While it is undeniable that most Muslims go about their business on most days like any other peaceful citizen, it also becomes clear that quite often an otherwise-most-peaceful Muslim give in to the teaching and the urge to carry out Jihad, his holy duty to Allah/Muhammad and his faith. This well-established pattern, the ‘Sudden Jihadi Syndrome’, it seems, has struck in America once again.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, trained as army psychiatrist, had his day on Thursday, Nov. 5. Stricken by a bout of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, he went on rampage of shooting and massacring his colleagues at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas, killing 13 and wounding another 30.
While some papers, like Huffington Post, are trying to raise doubts as to whether Major Hasan is a Muslim at all, Hasan’s cousin, told ABC News that he was "a pious lifelong Muslim".

Born in Virginia to Jordanian parents and single with no children, Hasan had worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington for 6 years before he was reassigned to Fort Hood July. In 2009, according to ABC News, he completed a fellowship in Disaster and Preventative Psychiatry at the Center for Traumatic Stress there.

One is left to wonder whether Hasan was a marginalized extremist, although some Muslim public relations and media mouthpiece may portray him as one to be so.

It was a perfect moment for Hasan to carry out his pious duty of Jihad, which according to Ghazzali, Muslims should do at least once a year, while Muhammad and his companions did it continuously while in Medina. And the moment was:

Army recruits had lined up to sign up for going to Iraq and Afghanistan; these are infidels readying themselves for defiling the Muslim lands and kill his Muslim brethren; there’s no better way to do Jihad for his faith than taking these infidel murderers down; he took two handguns to work; and as the recruits lined up in columns to sign up, Hasan took his loaded handguns out in his two hands and started shooting into the column to soldiers to take down as many as possible.

The end-result of Jihad effort was astounding: 12 infidel soldiers dead; 30 others wounded. He has outperformed Muhammad’s stellar performance at the famous victory at Badr, where there were 15 Muslim casualties against 49 opponents.

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  1. Brother Hasan was hoping for martyrdom to catch the express to Jannath but all he got was some caps on his ass from a woman and a possible death sentence. Glorious is the work of this god.

  2. Al-Akh Sayyid Hasan was just following Islamic tradition.