Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Parroting the Arab colonizer

This statement from the Mullah Dictator of the Maldives is one more chapter in the Arabization of the Dhivehi people.

In his speech at the Meeting to give away the awards of the 21st National Quran Recitation Competition, Religious Essay Writing Competition, and the 11th Religious Poetry Competition the Mullah Dictator says :
" the growing interest to commit the Holy Quran to memory and to recite the Quran harmoniously is clear evidence of the tremendous love and respect for Islam and Islamic principles in our society "

"harmoniously" ?
Is there no harmony in our ancient Dhivehi language?
What are we to do with these vocalists? They can imitate all the arabic sounds. But they contribute nothing to the economy. And they are wasting precious memory capacity to memorize some arabic book. Most of the time they do not even know what they are singing.
Getting our children to imitate Arabic vocal sounds is nothing short of stupidity. This whole thing is being driven by the Saudi Wahhabi establisment and Arab educated maldivians. Already we have lost the Dhivehi language to the Arabs. More and more people are dressing like Pakistanis.
Unless we stand up to the Arab cultural colonization and do it quickly, soon there will be no more Dhivehiraaje'.
Welcome to Dhivehistan.