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'God signed the tsunami'

Proof, according to Mohamed Faizeen, manager of the Centre for Islamic Studies in Colombo, is a satellite picture taken seconds after the tsunami smashed into Sri Lanka's west coast near the town of Kalutara and as it was receding.
"This clearly spells out the name 'Allah' in Arabic," Faizeen said, pointing to the shape of the waves - a gigantic "E" complete with whorls and sidewaves that do indeed appear to combine to resemble the Arabic script for the name "Allah".
The picture was taken by the DigitalGlobe Quickbird satellite on December 26 at 10:20am local time, shortly after the moment of tsunami impact. It can be viewed at the website "Allah signed His name," Faizeen said. "He sent it as punishment. This comes from ignoring His laws."
He likened the tsunami to the Old Testament account of floods being sent by God in the time of Noah as punishment for those who had drifted from His ways.
He added that he had visited the mainly Muslim Ulvae, near the major town of Batticaloa, and found that a madrassa - an Islamic religious school - had been left untouched while 400 houses around it had been flattened with great loss of life.
The shorelines of many Asian countries hit by the waves had become playgrounds for Westerners and errant Muslims. Vices such as prostitution and drinking were rife, the cleric said.
"Allah first sends small punishments - like loss of business. If we ignore the warning, He sends bigger ones - loss of life. If we still ignore the warnings, the big punishments, like earthquakes and tsunamis will come."
Faizeen said areas of Sri Lanka mainly populated by Muslims were the hardest hit and that the waves were aimed at Muslims in Indonesia and Sri Lanka who he said had strayed from God's ways.
The island is around 70 percent Buddhist, 15 percent Hindu, 7.5 percent Muslim and 7.5 percent Christian.
Another Muslim leader, Muhammed Fawmey of the International Islamic Youth Front, said he too believed the tsunami was sent by God.
"He clearly signed His name in the waves," said Fawmey, who said the Arabic script in the waves had suddenly "appeared to me as in a vision" when he was staring at the satellite picture.
"The Koran says people can be punished through water or through fire," he added, referring to Islam's sacred scripture.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Love Is a Word from the Decadent West

"There are people who will look at this image and be able to continue with business as usual -- without disgust, nausea and rage. We are beholding the fiercest barbarism imaginable. But a carefree cultural relativism -- which this age has donned as its outward manifestation of decadent indifference -- allows many to simply look away. They turn away from the sight of an 11-year-old girl, who is about to be raped by the man sitting next to her.
Love Is a Word from the Decadent West
It is likely that all of the female forebears of the girl in the photograph were likewise sold -- and the girl, no doubt, saw it as her fate. At the same time, she realizes that what is happening to her is not right. She might think it is "natural" for a young girl to be sold, but she also knows that it's neither good nor legitimate for her to spend the rest of her life as this man's slave. It is a type of knowledge that has little to do with experience. Rather, it is knowledge that is rooted in humanity, and in the hopes and dreams of a little girl.

The man in the image is oblivious of his wrongdoing. He's only doing what his forefathers did. Sticking to traditions increases the chances of survival. His seed will create a new person and strengthen the clan. He will impregnate this girl without love and without regret, since love is a word from far-off stories and songs, a word from the decadent West,..... .. .. "

An 11-year-old child bride sits next to her 40-year-old fiance. For UNICEF, this was the Photo of the Year.
"Our eyes behold an abomination. Our eyes have learned to see the world from the perspective of a slowly acquired sense for humanity. And although more and more voices tell us that we -- the former colonialists and imperialists -- have lost the right to judge other cultures, we know just as well as this girl that this marriage is wrong.
I believe that there are regressive cultures. In an era of political correctness, this is a tricky statement. But there is no other statement that can be made about this image. We behold a regressive man, who is taking what he has purchased."
To read the complete article by Dutch writer Leon de Winter lamenting the perversity of this wedding picture please visit SPIEGEL ONLINE

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Schoolgirls Resist Burqas - Mullahs Counter with Bombs...

....students were enraged when their principal received a letter from militants saying they would shut down the school.
"It is our right to get education," one of the girls in the school said.
A parent said his daughter "is constantly told by her teachers to attend school in a head-to-toe veil ever since the principal of the school received a letter of threat".
Several girls' schools in Swat have received letters with warnings that they will be blown up if the students do not attend classes in burqas.

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Death for Refusing Burka and Deceptive Denials

Anonymous said...

What is the use of telling Maldivians that some people in other parts of the World kill women who don't wear hijaab?

Do u want this to happen in Maldives too?

Do u think that if u give these information to Maldivians, they would never do such kind of things?

How is this an eye-opener for Maldivians when no Muslim Maldivian had ever even intended to do such a thing?

What does Islam has to do about these people who aren't aware of Islam properly?

Anonymous said...

This is not something happened in accordance with the Islamic teachings. This punishment cannot be given for not wearing the Hijab. So this action is unislamic. Islam has nothing to do about this.

jao said...
That's right, they don't really understand Islam when they behead who don't wear Hijaab! Islam prohibits killing like that!

"Here is a Muslim riddle. When one criticizes the practice of Muslim women wearing the burka or hijab, Muslims quickly respond that their religious symbol or choice is being attacked, but when girls like Aqsa die for refusing to accept the same religious symbol, Muslims quickly respond by saying their religion has nothing do with the death.
It is indeed a fact that wearing the burka (not the more liberal hijab) is a religious duty for Muslim women commanded by Allah. The Quran [24:31] commands Muslim women to “draw their veils over their bosoms” so as not to expose their physical assets to unrelated people. Allah says [Quran 33:59]: “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers [Muslims] to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad).”
No Muslim will deny that Allah’s commands in the Quran are non-negotiable and binding on all Muslims. When someone dies for refusing to comply with those binding Islamic obligations, it is ridiculous to say the Islamic religion has nothing to do with that death.

When I was growing up as a Muslim, my religious teachers at my school and madrasa used to tell us that a righteous Muslim parent must ask his or her children to follow their religious duties at the age of eight and pressure them at the age of ten. If they continue to refuse, beat them at the age of twelve. In many Muslim countries not all parents apply this protocol rigorously, but it remains a widely accepted guide. Some parents do follow it closely in order to bring their disobedient children onto the righteous path. As a result, injuries and even deaths occur, like Aqsa's. These injuries and deaths can in no way be separated from the Islamic religion.
Whether it is for the refusal to wear the burka/hijab, or to follow other religious obligations, deaths such as Asqa’s occur in Islamic countries on a regular basis.
It is a fact that murders among Muslims around the world for noncompliance with the Islamic way of life are common, and go mostly unreported. According to a 2000 UN estimate, “…around 5,000 girls and women in at least 14 countries, among them Pakistan, Jordan and Turkey, were killed yearly because their families felt they brought dishonor on them.” These are far too common incidences of unjustified cruelty, which make very few news headlines.
Muslims go about their business happily as these brutal murders happen on a daily basis. It is only when the Western press makes a fuss about it, pointing particularly to their religion, that Muslims all of a sudden break their slumber and join the chorus of denials, or accusations of unjustified attack on their religion.
What is needed is for the Muslim community to try its best to ensure that another innocent life, full of possibilities, like that of Aqsa Parvez, does not meet the same fate. Denials, putting up a show of a hunger strike, or accusations of attacks on their religion will not help, but will only perpetuate the tragedy.
In spite of these denials, hunger strikes, and accusations, Muslims know well what is written in their scriptures and their duty to enforce them. What is needed is for the Muslim community to look honestly into where the problem truly lies. They must initiate an open debate in their community about what is enforceable in their scripture and creed, and what is not. It is going to be a long time before such a debate will stop innocents like Aqsa from dying, but without it, Aqsas will continue to die in their thousands yearly, as occurs today around the world, without an end in sight."

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Saudi women try suicide to escape social pressure

Segregated from men, banned from driving and facing restrictions on travel, work, and even study, many Saudi women attempt suicide to escape one of the world's strictest societies.

Saudi Arabia, a conservative Islamic state where clerics demand the seclusion of females, often has an unforgiving attitude to women who find themselves victim to male violence.
A rare 2006 study of suicide survivors carried out by Salwa al-Khatib, a researcher at King Saud University, found that 96 cases involved women compared to four cases involving men.

She said the hospital where she works as a counsellor receives on average 11 suicide attempts by women each month.

"Women go through severe depression due to social pressure," Khatib said.

"The differentiation between males and females inside families contributes to growing pressure ... Men who are raised to be superior mostly look down on women. They develop abusive behaviour to express power over them."

Using light doses of medicine during daytime hours, many suicide attempts by women are clearly cries for help rather than serious attempts to end their lives, Khatib said.

"Many teenage girls in Saudi Arabia suffer from lack of communication with their parents. No one listens to their emotional, social or even educational problems," Khatib said.

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Hojatolislam Gholam Reza Hassani says women without veils must die

A top Muslim cleric in Iran, Hojatolislam Gholam Reza Hassani said on Wednesday that women in Iran who do not wear the hijab or Muslim headscarf, should die.

"Women who do not respect the hijab and their husbands deserve to die," said Hassani, who leads Friday prayers in the city of Urumieh, in Iranian Azerbaijan.

"I do not understand how these women who do not respect the hijab, 28 years after the birth of the Islamic Republic, are still alive," he said.

"These women and their husbands and their fathers must die," said Hassani, who is the representative of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in eastern Azerbaijan.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Murder , Islamic head scarf & Double-Speak

Aqsa Parvez, 16, murdered by her father over an ISLAMIC head scarf.

Sadly, it’s all too typical. Another Muslim woman — this one very young — is dead at the hands of a father, brother, uncle, gang or Islamic government, with the typical in-your-face double-speak that we are not allowed to believe this is a problem with Islam.

Yes, it is. That’s not a Bolivian head scarf or a Japanese head scarf or a Prada head scarf or a Chanel head scarf, it’s an ISLAMIC head scarf. That’s what it’s called. That’s what it’s called by the imams who preach it for girls as young as ten from mosques that hold a woman without one a source of shame for her family. That’s what it’s called by imams that preach that Allah made a woman deficient.

They preach this violent screed — with all its dangerous implications for the safety of young woman — to not the slightest cultural protest, and then some young woman dies. And then they can’t get their faces on TV fast enough to tell us just how wrong and bigoted we are to think it could possibly be Islam.

It’s Islam. It wasn’t to begin with. The headscarf was originally worn by the prostitutes in Sumerian temples as a sign of their profession. But it’s Islamic now. It’s the Islam these people are preaching every Friday in mosques all over the world. And the double-speak around it is right out of 1984.



Speaking at a press conference, as reported by CTV, El Sayyed said that Islam teaches that women have the right to choose hijab or not. The double-speak came in the next sentence when he said, however, that a child who doesn’t wear it brings shame to the family, and that the parents could be viewed as failures in the community.

So what’s the real message inside this double-speak? Is it that it’s really quite OK if you don’t wear your ISLAMIC head scarf? or that your family will be vilified in the community until you do?

Obviously, the REAL message is that you ARE to wear your ISLAMIC head scarf, and that if you don’t you are shaming your family. Read on, this gets worse.

If it’s not an ISLAMIC head scarf, then why is there any preaching whatsoever about it in any mosque?

If it’s not an ISLAMIC head scarf, why does ISLAMIC shari’a law in Saudi Arabia and Iran and Afghanistan demand that you wear it? Why have more than 300,00 women in Iran been detained since May for breaking Islamic law by not having strict enough dress? Why are women in Basra being beaten into cover by religious police, and why have more than 40 of them been murdered for it in recent months for breaking dress codes?

No, it is Islamic. Yet every time some woman dies over a head scarf, over choosing her own mate or boyfriend, over alleged sexuality outside marriage, we get the hordes of Islamic representatives coming forward in a deliberate attempt to deflect any and all responsibility — and therefore block any and all change.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Father Chokes Daughter over Refusal to Wear Hijab...

More Muslims who don't understand Islam(?) -

A 16-year-old girl is in critical condition after being choked by a man believed to be her father, apparently after a dispute with her family over her refusal to wear the hijab, the Islamic headscarf worn by some Muslim women.

The Post's Chris Wattie updates this developing story:
Peel Regional Police arrested a 57-year-old man yesterday morning after receiving a 911 call from a suburban home in Mississauga from a man saying he had killed his daughter. When police and paramedics arrived at the house they found a 16-year-old lying on the floor without any vital signs, police said.

Constable J.P. Valade, a spokesman for Peel police, would not release the names of either the victim or the man arrested and would not give any details about what transpired inside the large, two-storey home in a well-to-do subdivision.

“We are not getting into the details of her injuries at this time,” he said. “We aren’t getting into any details about this case. This investigation is really in its infancy: officers are still canvassing the neighbourhood and talking to family members.”

However, early police reports indicated the teenager had been choked and that the attacker was her father.

The girl was rushed to Credit Valley Hospital and later transferred to the Hospital for Sick Children, where she was listed in critical condition last night with life-threatening injuries.

Her condition is so grave that police have not yet charged the man arrested at the scene until they know whether he will be charged with murder or attempted murder. He was scheduled to appear in Brampton court on Tuesday.

Friends of the teenager, a Grade 11 student at nearby Applewood Heights high school, identified her as Aqsa Parvez and said they were shocked by the attack on the outgoing, likeable girl, but said she had been threatened by her strictly religious family before.

“She got threatened by her father and her brother,” said Dominiquia Holmes-Thompson, who had known Aqsa since they both started high school together. “He said that if she leaves, he would kill her.”

Ebonie Mitchell, 16, another friend of the victim, said the conflict with her father over wearing Islamic dress came to a head at the beginning of this school year. “She just wanted to dress like we do,” she said.

“Last year she wore like the Islamic stuff and everything, the hijab, and this year she’s all Western. She just wanted to look like everyone else. And I guess her dad had a problem with that.”

Ebonie said her friend had left home once before, in September, for about two weeks. She returned home, but the fights with her family over what she wore just got worse.

Dominiquia, 16, said her friend had been arguing with her father for more than a year over the restrictions he imposed on her, including demanding that she wear the hijab at all times. “She wanted to go out with her friends, hang out and just be like a normal person,” she said. “But he was always trying to control her ... he wouldn’t let her go out or do anything.”

The stricken girl’s friends said the fights with her father got so bad that she had left the family home to live with friends about a week ago. “She was going back, but just to get her stuff,” said friend Krista Garbutt. “She was scared to go home, but she had to get her clothes and stuff.”

Neighbours said as many as 11 people lived in the home, which was sealed off by crime scene tape and surrounded by police cars yesterday, all members of an extended Pakistani family. Const. Valade confirmed that there were other people in the home when the teenager was attacked.

“I didn’t really know any of them,” said one woman, who would not give her name. “There were a lot of them living in that house, always coming and going. They didn’t talk to me, maybe just to say hello once in a while. That’s all.”

The home where the teen was attacked is the listed address of Muhammad Parvez, a Mississauga cab driver. “He was Muslim and very devout, very observant,” said one of his fellow drivers at Mississauga’s Blue and White Taxi, who did not want his name used. “He was always stopping to take breaks and pray: three, four times a day.”

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40 Women Killed for 'Violating' Islamic Teachings...

Religious vigilantes have killed at least 40 women this year in the southern Iraqi city of Basra because of how they dressed, their mutilated bodies found with notes warning against "violating Islamic teachings," the police chief said Sunday.

Maj. Gen. Jalil Khalaf blamed sectarian groups that he said were trying to impose a strict interpretation of Islam. They dispatch patrols of motorbikes or unlicensed cars with tinted windows to accost women not wearing traditional dress and head scarves, he added.

"The women of Basra are being horrifically murdered and then dumped in the garbage with notes saying they were killed for un-Islamic behavior," Khalaf told The Associated Press. He said men with Western clothes or haircuts are also attacked in Basra, an oil-rich city some 30 miles from the Iranian border and 340 miles southeast of Baghdad.

To read more go to Yahoo News

Monday, December 03, 2007

French Teen's Gang Rape Case Exposes Dubai's Dark Side

To see Dubai as a thriving globalized skyscraper city is seeing nothing more than a facade that hides the culture and mores of a punitive pre-medieval religion and political ideology that seeks to demonize all non muslims and whose goal is to create a Global Caliphate. Dubai may want to portray itself as a "modern country" but freedoms in Dubai, like most Islamic countries, are strangled by the Religion of Peace.

Alleged Victim Tells His Story of Violent Sex Crime in Modern Arab Metropolis

Dubai -- with its world famous luxury hotels and what will soon be the world's tallest building -- is the Arab world's most modern oasis. But beyond the sandy beaches and tourist attractions, the western dress and the bustling buildings, Dubai is struggling to modernize one aspect of its conservative Muslim culture: the taboos and treatment of sexual violence.

16-year-old French-Swiss Alexandre Robert and his mother Veronique were the perfect example of Dubai's cosmopolitan makeup. Alex was living in Dubai when he says he was gang raped at knifepoint, beginning an ordeal that has shed light on how Dubai's justice system treats victims of violent sex crimes.

16-year-old French-Swiss Alexandre Robert and his mother Veronique were the perfect example of Dubai's cosmopolitan makeup. Alex was living in Dubai when he says he was gang raped at knifepoint, beginning an ordeal that has shed light on how Dubai's justice system treats victims of violent sex crimes.



To read the complete story go to abcNews

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Armed Mob Demands Death for 'Teddy Bear' Teacher...

Thousands of Sudanese, many armed with clubs and knives, rallied Friday in a central square and demanded the execution of a British teacher convicted of insulting Islam for allowing her students to name a teddy bear "Muhammad."
In response to the demonstration, teacher Gillian Gibbons was moved from the women's prison near Khartoum to a secret location for her safety, her lawyer said.
The protesters streamed out of mosques after Friday sermons, as pickup trucks with loudspeakers blared messages against Gibbons, who was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in prison and deportation. She avoided the more serious punishment of 40 lashes.
They massed in central Martyrs Square outside the presidential palace, where hundreds of riot police were deployed. They did not try to stop the rally, which lasted about an hour.
"Shame, shame on the U.K.," protesters chanted.
They called for Gibbons' execution, saying, "No tolerance: Execution," and "Kill her, kill her by firing squad."
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex- Karl Marx

(Graphic Video). This is the video that was yanked from YouTube due (presumably) to graphic images. We feel that while the suffering of another human being is disturbing, it is certainly not something that should be ignored.


Some of these horrors are already happening in Dhivehi society. Some are on their way to Maldives.


Friday, November 30, 2007

Boy dancers sexually abused

In a society where the sexes are strictly segregated, it is common for men to dance for other men at weddings in Afghanistan.
But in northern Afghanistan, former warlords and mujahideen commanders have taken that a step further with competitions for their dancing boys.
"Every boy tries to be the first. They are dressed in women's clothes, have bells on their feet and have artificial breasts," said Mohammad Yawar, a former mujahideen fighter against the Taliban and resident of the northern town of Pul-e Khumri.
The practice, called "bacha bazi" -- literally "boy play" -- has a long history in northern Afghanistan, but sometimes it does not stop with just dancing.
"I very much enjoy hugging a boy. His smell and fragrance kills me," said Yawar.
The 38-year-old businessman said he recruited a 15-year-old boy three years ago to help him with his work.
"I have had him for at least three years, since he was only 15. He was looking for a job and I gave him somewhere to stay," said Yawar, showing the boy's picture.
"I don't have a wife. He is like my wife. I dress him in women's clothes and have him sleep beside me. I enjoy him and he is my everything," he said, kissing the photograph.
Having the best-looking boy and the best dancer is a mark of prestige.
"Everyone tries to have the best, most handsome and good-looking boy," said a former mujahideen commander, who declined to be named.
"Sometimes we gather and make our boys dance and whoever wins, his boy will be the best boy."
Former mujahideen commanders hold such parties in and around Pul-e Khumri about once a week.
"Having a boy has become a custom for us. Whoever wants to show off, should have a boy," said Enayatullah, a 42-year-old landowner in Baghlan province.
"I was married to a woman 20 years ago, she left me because of my boy," he said. "I was playing with my boy every night and was away from home, eventually my wife decided to leave me. I am happy with my decision, because I am used to sleeping and entertaining with my young boy."
The men say they lavish money and gifts on their boys.
"I was only 14-years-old when a former Uzbek commander forced me to have sex with him," said Shir Mohammad in Sar-e Pol province. "Later, I quit my family and became his secretary. I have been with him for 10 years, I am now grown up, but he still loves me and I sleep with him."
Ahmad Jawad, aged 17, has been with a wealthy landowner for the past two years.
"I am used to it. I love my lord. I love to dance and act like a woman and play with my owner," he said.
Asked what he would do when he got older, he said: "Once I grow up, I will be an owner and I will have my own boys."

To read the complete article visit Reuters

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sisters behead uncle and aunt in front of their children - because he wore Western-style trousers

An Iraqi couple were beheaded in front of their children by their cousins because the man wore Western-style trousers.

Three suspected al Qaeda militants, including two sisters, beheaded their uncle and his wife, forcing the couple's children to watch, according to Iraqi police.

The killing came because the school guard Youssef al-Hayali was considered an infidel because he did not pray and wore western-style trousers.

continue reading at the Daily Mail

Monday, November 26, 2007

tourists to see Sharia law in action

Maybe the Maldivian tourist industry will take note of this and take tourist to see the lashings in front of the Justice Building.....

Tourism authorities in Indonesia's Aceh province hope that its practice of Sharia or Islamic law will attract visitors. "We invite international tourists to visit Aceh to observe how an Islamic community lives and how the Islamic code of Sharia is applied," said Cipta Hunai, an Aceh tourism official, in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI). Muslim-devout Aceh is the only province in Indonesia allowed to apply Sharia law. However observers say that the application of Sharia in the province has harmed the rights of the poor and women. Hunai said that Sharia allowed for the development of a peaceful and secure community in Aceh which would be appreciated by tourists. He said that Sharia law in Aceh was a tourist attraction because it allowed foreigners to see a reality, that perhaps, they did not already know. "Here the tourists can visit many mosques and see how a community lives under laws based on the Koran," he said.
Corporal punishment is carried out in Aceh for crimes including the sale or consumption of alcohol, gambling or meeting a person of the opposite sex, that is not your husband, wife or family member, in a private place.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Soon those Maldivians who have left Islam will be required to wear a badge, armband,

or bind the zunar around their waists identifying them as non-Muslims. They will have to clip the fronts of their heads.
Some people will protest, but as this is accordance with Sharia and the Sunnah of the Prophet and his Caliphs, this will become law that all people are obliged to follow.
Some infidels will try to pretend that they are Muslims. They will publicly pretend to be Muslims while secretly practicing other faiths. As having infidels in community will have corrupting influence on
the good Muslim soon other measures will have to be taken. A more permanent way to deal with the infidels has to be found.
The next step will be to remove all infidels to a special island. Infidels will try to pretend that they are Muslims, but the good Muslim community will weed out and point out the infidels by examining their past actions. In the noble cause of protecting a 100% Islamic country, good Muslims will not be swayed by former friendships or family ties. The infidels will easily be identified by their family members and their former friends and the Coastguard will collect them all and transport them to the Special Island for Infidels.
Then the infidels will be given a choice -
Convert to Islam or those who turn their back on Islam are to be put to death. This Islamic law for apostasy is confirmed by the words and deeds of Muhammad.

Sura (4:89) - "They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them"

Bukhari (52:260) - "...The Prophet said, 'If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.' "
Bukhari (84:57) - "[In the words of] Allah's Apostle, 'Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'"

Bukhari (84:64-65) - "Allah's Apostle: 'During the last days there will appear some young foolish people who will say the best words but their faith will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have no faith) and will go out from (leave) their religion as an arrow goes out of the game. So, wherever you find them, kill them, for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection.'"

Many infidels will say the Shahada and submit to Islam. The remaining infidels will be brought to Male' and beheaded in Sagarey park under the big crescent flag of Maldives.

Thus Maldives will finally become a 100% Islamic Nation.

Now many of you will say I am just paranoid and imagining things. But thats what you said when I pointed out that soon there will be a bomb. Many of you told me - " That will not happen. We are a peaceful people".

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rape victim sentence changes, six months imprisonment and lashes increased to 200

Though the rapists' sentences have been increased to between two years and nine years' each, the verdict against the rape victim has been that she should now have her lashes increased to 200. Additionally, she must now be imprisoned for six months.

Her lawyer has also been punished. Judge Soliman Al-Muhanna from the Qatif court suspended him from the case, and confiscated his lawyers' license. He has now been summonsed by the Judicial Investigation Department of the Ministry of Justice to attend a disciplinary hearing.

He claimed: "Actually this is the second time they have contacted me. They claim that I advertise my services and that that is against Saudi law."

The rape victim was told by the judges at the General Court that her sentence had been increased because of "her attempt to aggravate and influence the judiciary through the media."

Obviously, as the media had reported on the case, it exposed an abuse of justice that the Saudi judiciary would rather happen in secret. And this is the same Saudi Arabia that recently lectured the European Union about "human rights".

The reason why the woman was alone in a car with a man was because he was her former boyfriend. They had arranged to meet as he was to hand over pictures he had of her. She had been due to marry another man. The woman was Shia - her rapists Sunni.

Lawyer Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem said: "My client is the victim of this abhorrent crime. I believe her sentence contravenes the Islamic Sharia law and violates the pertinent international conventions. The judicial bodies should have dealt with this girl as the victim rather than the culprit. The court blamed the girl for being alone with unrelated men, but it should have taken the humane view that it cannot be considered her fault."

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Debate on Islamism and Liberalism in the Arab World Deteriorates to an Exchange of Curses

Not since Wafa Sultan's legendary performance have we heard this much common sense on an al-Jazeera broadcast. OF course its no surprise the network sought to balance it out with the traditional Muslim viewpoint, but at least we can appreciate the contrast.

Saudi divorces wife for watching male TV host

A Saudi man divorced his wife for watching alone a television programme presented by a male, an act he deemed immoral.
The man ended his marriage on the grounds his wife was effectively alone with an unrelated man, which is forbidden under the strict Islamic law enforced in the ultra-conservative kingdom, the Al Shams newspaper reported on Saturday.

Men in Saudi Arabia have the authority to divorce their wives without resort to the courts.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Most Arabic Yahoo groups are about sex

Who’s searching for sex on the internet?
Arabic is the 2nd most common language that is used to search for “gay sex.” It’s the number one language for search involving “sexy.” As you can see in that same graph, Iran is at 3 and Egypt is at 4, listed under regions where search on “sexy” was most conducted.
Arabic is the 2nd most common language that is used to search for “gay man.” The countries that most search for this is currently Malaysia (#1) and Indonesia (#2). For “gay girl,” Arabic is also the 2nd most common language.
For “child porn,” Turkey is the 2nd country where this is most searched. Turkish is the #1 language used.
Turkey has one of the most searches for the word “porno.” Morocco is at 5. Turkish is #1 language used to conduct the search in. Indonesia is currently #1 country that search for the word “vagina.”
Turkey is not an Arab country, nor are some of the other countries I listed. But they are Muslim, so I thought the findings were fascinating to say the least. All of this information is not in the least bit shocking, but it’s quite ironic.
What do you guys think?

Egypt is currently #1 for “fat sex.”
Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt are at the top of the list when it comes to “animal sex.”
For “children sex,” Pakistan is at #1, Egypt #2 and Iran #3. The most common languages used to conduct the search in are Arabic and Turkish.
For “sexy child,” Pakistan is #1, followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey. Common languages are Persian, Arabic, and Turkish.
For “homo sex,” Indonesia is #1, Morocco is at 6.
For “rape,” Pakistan is at 1. Malaysia is at 3.
For “bird sex,” Egypt is at 1. (Come ON!)

click here to go to source MidEast Youth

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mullah Says Sexy Clothes a Form of 'Emotional Abuse' against Men - Compares to Child Abuse...

Malaysia's Muslim men are suffering sleepless nights and cannot pray properly because their thoughts are distracted by a growing number of women who wear sexy clothes in public, a prominent cleric said.

Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the spiritual leader of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, said he wanted to speak about the "emotional abuse" that men face because it is seldom discussed, the party reported on its Web site Wednesday.

"We always (hear about) the abuse of children and wives in households, which is easily perceived by the eye, but the emotional abuse of men cannot be seen," Nik Abdul Aziz said. "Our prayers become unfocused and our sleep is often disturbed."

Nik Abdul Aziz has made controversial comments about women in the past, including that women should stop wearing lipstick and perfume to lower the risk of being raped. Women's groups have slammed his statements, saying Islam teaches both men and women to be responsible for modesty. They say comments like these encourage rapes because it puts the onus on women.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Turf war among Maldive Mullahs

"No day goes by without the mention of Islam in our media and in the social interactions these days. This is an good opportunity for us to enlighten ourselves and process the information we already have through an active process of reasoning rather than passively assigning ourselves to a faith.

A war of words has recently taken place over comments made by Dr. Afrasheen. Sadly, the opposing views put forward by Adhaalath and Dr Abdul Sathar (another Phd at Faculty of Sharia and Law) is based on character assignation and is based on typical fiery rhetoric rather than refuting the evidence of Dr. Afrasheen. The inevitable conclusion that I can make out of this commotion is that a turf war has begun among religious scholars in the Maldives. Every one of these Sheiks wants to standout from the crowd and claim he knows God’s secrets!


By AHA at Minivan News. To read complete artilce click here

Friday, October 19, 2007

Courage required to face the facts

Is the bomb explosion that injured 12 tourists a new chapter in an old war?

When the Muslims arrived in Maldives, the people were Hindhu/Buddhist and had been for more than a thousand years. The islands were dotted with Buddhist temples and considered sacred territory by the Vedic people of the region. Ibn Batuta, the most infamous of the Muslim Arab colonizers, describes how the Maldives were peaceful and free from attack.

Before the Muslim Arabs could bundle up the women in burkhas and teach true Islam to the island people, the Portuguese found the ocean route to this ocean. The new invaders drove out the Arabs, but the ideology of Islam had gained a foothold. The imposition of the ideology was now carried out by surrogates. At times as in the case of Ibn Batuta they were traveling Arabs and at other times they were men who had traveled to Arabia and North Africa.

People who are going around claiming Maldivians have always been a hospitable people who have welcomed visitors to these islands may be referring to another peaceful time before the arrival of Islam that is mentioned by Ibn Batuta.

Good intentions are not enough. We must examine the truth. This is not the first attack on foreigners. The people on the ship that carried the Kaanzee Kamanaa were killed. Are we forgetting that the Frenchman Pyrard's shipmates were left to die of starvation?

Historical records such as the Loamaafaanu copper plate engravings clearly show that the bloodiest chapter in the history of the people of these islands came with the arrival of Islam. People were driven out of the islands where they once lived unafraid of attack. Men underwent forced circumcision, and women suffered genital mutilation. The Buddhist monks and those who did not accept Islam were beheaded in the biggest bloodbath in the history of the islands.

In contrast to what is continuously expressed and taught, Islam arrived in Maldives not peacefully. To clearly understand what happened in Maldives on the arrival of Islam, one has also to read the records of Muslim atrocities in India and beyond. The genocide of the Hindu-Buddhist people on the Indian sub-continent and South Asia at the hands of the Muslim invaders is still the biggest killing spree in all human history. Islam gained a foothold on the people of these islands through violence and terror.

To find a peaceful solution to the problem, what is required first is intellectual honesty. We must stop reciting and repeating what is clearly not true. A good starting point would be to admit that our people did not convert peacefully but were murdered and terrorized into submission.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nigeria: Nine Christians murdered over cartoon drawn by a Muslim in Bangladesh

"The information given was that they saw a cartoon on the internet and they discovered that this cartoon was drawn by a 20-year-old Muslim boy from Bangladesh and they decided to visit their anger on innocent Christians and their churches.

"I have been told that nine people including a youth corper are confirmed dead and several others injured while the local government in a desperate attempt to cover the dastardly act pretended to be taking the victims to the hospital while in reality they sent some of the victims to Bauchi and some other places around so that people will not go there and see the number of destitutes or refugees caused by this incident.

"That is the information available, so far. What we have done is to ensure that the vice president is informed," he alleged.

He said Christians and their leaders were getting worried because both the Christian leaders and Muslims had been holding series of meetings within and outside the Nigerian Inter Religious Council (NIREC) to see how to bring about peaceful coexistence between followers of the two religions. Salifu regretted, however, that "the more we continue to meet with Muslim leaders the more some of these people attack our people.


Friday, October 05, 2007

The Maldives Terrorism Industry : Safari-Suit Mullahs

When these islamic "scholars" from Al-azhar came to Male', they brought Muslim Brotherhood with them. Maldivians became al-akh with Al-akh Yasser, Al-akh Saddam, Al-Akh Gaddhaafee and other Arabs. Maldives became partners in terrorism. soon the yacht Nabila belonging to world famous convicted arms dealer al-Akh Adnan Kashoggi was anchored in Male' Harbor. Al-Akh Yasser began operating Air Maldives.
To build the Maldives Terrorism as a self-sustaining and viable industry, Mauhadhu and Arabiyya schools were started. Lengthy double periods of Islam were started in all schools. The man in charge of this operation was Al-akh Zahir Hussein Al-Azhary.
Al-Akh Mau'moon carefully programmed the radio and tv to teach the people true Islam (or Mohammedan Terror). People were now spoon fed terrorism in their living rooms and thru the airwaves. Al-Akh Fathullah ensured that Maldives followed an anti-western foreign policy. Maldivians were not friends with the west anymore. We would stand by our Muslim Arab Akh. We were ready to fight the jihad alongside Al-akh Yasser to "liberate' al-Quds.

These mullahs would discard their safari-suits for Savile Row suits. But they laid the foundation to a self-sustaining Terorism Industry.

To be continued

The Maldives Terrorism Industry

If anyone deserves to be called the Father of Maldives Terrorism, it is none other that Maumoon.
When he arrived in Maledives he started off by giving fatwas. Remember the "vikkaameehekey boameehekey evvaru" fatwa. Ibrahim Nasir clearly saw the danger and was alarmed enough to banish Maumoon for trying to foster terror. Gayoom and his two henchmen Zahir Hussein and Fath-hulla Jameel soon drove out Ibrahim Nasir with support and weapons from some of the most infamous terrorist - Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein Gaddafee and other Muslim Arabs. Soon this gang assembled the foundation that has now let to this bomb attack on foreigners in Male'.
When the mullah in the safari-suit took power, Maldives was forging ahead to try and march in time with the changing world. And they were succeeding. The English school system was enabling these remote islanders to travel to all parts of the world to study.Doctors, engineers, teachers were returning to take the country forward. But soon things were about to take a turn - towards Arabia and terror.
When Al-akh Yasser Arafat kissed Maumoons big mouth with his large quivering lips, the Maldivian Muslims shuddered in delight. It was almost as if they had been delivered into the presence of Allah himself. As the madhaha goes...arabinge maai kamaaey

to be continued...

Thursday, October 04, 2007


We don’t want terrorists and terrorism in our Maldives!
Join the cyber-protest by Maldivian bloggers.

Monday, October 01, 2007

more blood shed

10/1/2007 ( Bannu, Pakistan ) - A Shahid disguised with a burka 'martyrs' himself at an outdoor market, taking over a dozen innocents down with him.

10/1/2007 ( Narathiwat, Thailand ) - Buddhist monks are among the casualties of a string of bombings that leave at least one dead.

9/30/2007 ( Narathiwat, Thailand ) - Two civilians are shot to death by militant Muslims while riding a motorcycle.

9/30/2007 ( Ghazni, Afghanistan ) - Eight local police are massacred in an ambush by Sunni radicals.

9/30/2007 ( Helmand, Afghanistan ) - A 15-year-old boy is hanged by the Taliban for having US dollars in his pocket, which are then stuffed into his mouth.

9/30/2007 ( Kandahar, Afghanistan ) - Two police officers are killed trying to defuse a bomb planted by religious extremists.

more bombs

A suicide bomber killed 28 Afghan troops and two civilians on Saturday in an attack on an army bus in Kabul, the Afghan president said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, the deadliest in the Afghan capital since the hard-line Islamist movement was ousted from power for harbouring al Qaeda leaders following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

A suicide bomber dressed in army uniform got on the bus carrying Afghan National Army personnel to work, the Defence Ministry said. The blast split the bus into two and shattered shop windows in a central district of the capital.

From Swiss Info


"Some unidentified militants blew up the historic statue of Buddha in Jihan Abad area of Swat district on Saturday.
Talking to The News, Muhammad Aqleem, deputy curator of Swat Museum, said some unidentified militants had exploded the 7th century historic statue of Buddha in Jihan Abad area of district Swat on Saturday night. "This is second attack on the 7th century statue of Buddha. The fresh attack caused irreparable loss to its head and also damaged its shoulders."
The curator maintained that the statue belonged to 7th century A.D, and it was the most complete and inspiring symbol of Gandahara art. After the historic statues of Bamyan in Afghanistan, which were destroyed by the Taliban, the swat statue was the sole example of Buddhist cultural heritage.
"It was seven meters tall and 20 feet high from the land, showing Buddha in the condition of meditation. I don't know what they want to achieve by such actions," he added. Aqleem said he had reported the incident to the local police but he did not think that the police would be able to protect Buddhist cultural sites in swat as they themselves were the victims of terrorist attacks."

From the International News

Saturday, September 29, 2007

"to preserve peace and harmony in the Maldives"

"On several occasions we have been denouncing the growth of Islamic militancy in the Maldives from this website. Now we think it is important to provide responsible Maldivians with some practical steps that they can take in order to keep our country safe and free from the curse of Islamic militants.
Certain Maldive families have sent their children to schools trusting that they would be educated in the Islamic religion. For our elders this meant that they would receive an education with a solid moral foundation. This was how it was traditionally in our country, when our parents and grandparents could trust their religious teachers. But now we are in evil times and teachers train children in fanaticism and bigotry in the Islamic schools. Also, when Maldivians get scholarships to study in Pakistan, Egypt and other Islamic countries, the families usually don’t know what is happening to their sons. In this way some may end up as terrorists secretly plotting some violent attack in order to kill as many people as possible.
This is certainly not what their parents wanted. No Maldivian would want to send his child to a school and then have him end up with a terrorist. So, in order to root out this evil from our society before it strikes, it is important that every responsible Maldivian knows how to read the signs of Islamic militancy".

Every Maldivian must be concerned and do what ever they can to prevetn further bloodshed. The first step is to know more about what is going on. The above are excerpts from an illuminating artice Some practical steps to preserve peace and harmony in the Maldives. To read the comple article Click here.

the bomb attack is not a surprise

It has been very obvious for a long time that a terrorist attack was coming. The signs and rumblings have been loud and clear. And now twelve tourists are injured in an explosion in the Malé’s Sultan Park, in what appears to be a planned attack by those who wish to impose Sharia.
Right after the bomb in Bali, it was obvious that sooner rather than later there would be a bomb in Maldives. The rapid build up to this has been apparent in every way. In speech, in action, down to dress details it has been screaming that a bomb was about to happen.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Favorite Fatwas

Because there is no central religious authority in Islam, religious edicts (fatwas) can be declared by almost anybody with a loud speaker.

In the Christian world, the Roman Catholic Church had the Papacy with pronouncements (Papal Encyclicals) that were mandatory for believers. These were issued infrequently and generally created much public clamor. But with the breakdown of Catholic monopoly in 16th century Europe, Protestantism emerged and almost immediately fragmented—as it continues to do to this day. With religious competition, binding religious prohibitions are impossible to enforce. However, the Catholic list of condemned motion pictures (the Index of Forbidden Books and Films) did affect box office returns as late as the 1940s in the United States.
The most recent Protestant religious pronouncements came from the late Jerry Falwell, who got it into his head that one of the Teletubby characters in a TV program for infants was of unknown gender and carried a purse—obviously to Falwell a homosexual baby. His condemnation was laughed out of town.
But our Muslim neighbors around the world have resurrected the religious fatwa with very entertaining results. Knowing the underground humor of Iranians and other Muslims, I suspect many of these fatwas are grist for jokes. Some fatwas, however, have induced the dull-witted to passionate acts of violence.

Ridiculous Fatwas • Iran’s Kayhan newspaper (July 26, 2007) criticized officials for allowing a sale of the new Harry Potter book, claiming the series is a Zionist project in order to disrupt the minds of young people. A fatwa is sure to follow.
• Dean of Islamic Law at al-Azhar University in Cairo ruled in January 2006 that for married couples, “being completely naked during the act of coitus annuls the marriage.”

Continue reading My Favourite Fatwas by Laina Farhat-Holzman

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cell phones with Bluetooth technology is "haram"

Saudi Arabia's top Muslim body has issued a fatwa or religious edict banning the use of wireless Bluetooth technology for sending photographs, video and audio on cellular telephones.
Cellphones equipped with Bluetooth are "haram" or prohibited according to the laws of Islam, the Council of the Ulema has declared.
Saudi authorities have in the past cracked down on people carrying in shopping malls cellular phones equipped with cameras. It was alleged that such phones were used by men to photograph women illegally.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

authorities have strictly prohibited the few remaining Maldivians who have native Divehi names from using their real names in their passports

Maldive parents are forced to fill in a form and spell their child's name in Arabic. The form is then submitted to the Supreme Council for Islam to be whetted for the name's Islamic authenticity before civil authorities are permitted to register it. There are absolutely no public guidelines on what constitutes a name that is permissible in Islam. It is left up to the whims and fancies of some bearded freak who probably spent the previous night beating up one of his four wives, as per the Koran [Surah el-Nisaa: 34].The Maldives currently claims to be implementing a political reform process that is supposed to usher in democracy. And yet no one seems to be prepared to address the root cause of despotism, lack of individual dignity and breach of human rights in the islands. Both the Maldive government and the opposition pretend that this cause does not exist, are powerless to dispose of it or actively condone it. In editorials last year and in 2005, we wrote about the issue of forcing Maldive parents to adopt names that are determined by arbitrary ruling of mullahs who answer to superiors in the jihadist hotbeds of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Malaysia.In last year's editorial we stated that a few older Maldivians still have traditional Divehi language names. This in spite of Maldivians being forced to take Arabic or Arabic-sounding names for years by the ruling mullahs.
To read the complete story click here

Sunday, September 23, 2007


"It stated that if a man and a woman worked together alone in an enclosed work place, the woman must breastfeed him to avoid any sexual relationship between the pair, since the man would become like a son to the woman. The Islamic religion bans a person from being in private in the same room with a person of the opposite sex, unless they are married or have close relations (parents and children, brothers and sisters, and so forth). The fatwa provoked huge controversy among religious scholars, and on the internet. Al-Azhar authorities condemned the religious edict, which sparked huge controversy among religious scholars, and on the internet, saying that it portrayed a negative image of Islam. Others said it would have the "opposite effect", of promoting sexual interaction and sexual harassment in a work place instead of diminishing it."

To read full article click here

Saturday, September 22, 2007

"يأمر زوجته بإرضاع صديقه ليقضي رمضان معهما"

"رغم أن تداعيات فتوى إرضاع الكبير انتهت على الأقل بالنسبة للإعلام و صاحب الفتوى الذي أوقفه الأزهر الشريف عن العمل، إلاّ أن تبعات أخرى للفتوى تظهر في بعض المجتمعات العربية و الإسلامية و تنذر بعواقب سيئة حسب رأي بعض المشتغلين بالفتوى.
و كشف الشيخ شمس الدين بوروبي أحد أشهر رجال الإفتاء في الجزائر أن إحدى الجزائريات شكت له من تهديد زوجها لها بالطلاق أن لم ترضع صديقه، و أن تاجراً استفسر منه عن إمكانية رضاعته من موظفة في محله. و طالب بوروبي في لقاء مع صحيفة "الشروق" الجزائرية أمس الأول رجال الدين و السياسة بوقف خطر "الفتاوى المستوردة" مؤكداً أن "جزائريين ذبحوا بناءً على فتوى، و إني لأتعجب من هذه الفتوى التي تستبيح الأعراض".
و قال الشيخ شمس الدين بوروبي: هنالك العديد من الحالات التي وصلتني حول موضوع رضاعة الكبار، و الحالة التي حزت في نفسي كثيراً كانت لسيدة تبكي و هي تقول إن زوجها "السلفي المتدين الملتزم" طلب منها أن ترضع صديقه "المتدين أيضاً" حتى يتمكن من قضاء شهر رمضان في بيتهما و الإفطار معهما، و كانت المرأة شديدة الانفعال و التأثر.
و أشار إلى أن الزوج هددها بالطلاق إن لم تنفذ أمره.وأضاف أنه تلقى اتصالاً من تاجر من الحميز شرق العاصمة الجزائرية بعدما انتشرت فتوى إرضاع الكبير و ما رافقها من ضجة إعلامية موضحاً أن التاجر سأله "عندي موظفة في الطابق العلوي من المحل التجاري و أنا
معجب بهذه الفتوى فهل يمكن أن أعمل بها؟"

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What do they teach in Saudi Arabia?

The official Saudi ideology — known as Wahhabism — in which Saudi students are steeped from a young age, demonizes the West and the religious “other.” Saudi teens have, for years, been instructed by state school textbooks that claim that “fighting unbelief…and those who perpetrate it” is “one of the noblest acts, which brings one closer to God, and one of the most magnificent acts of obedience to God.” The word for “fighting” here is “qital,” derived from “qatala” or “to kill,” and which has virtually no metaphorical meaning in Arabic. Enmity between Saudi Wahhabiists and others is exalted as a sacred duty from first grade through twelfth.
Predictably, this kind of indoctrination results in droves of young Saudi men ready and willing to enlist for suicide missions against infidels and heretics throughout the world. Surely the Saudi media commentators know about the state-sponsored indoctrination, and have views on how to revise the educational system. But an open, sustained, and in depth debate on these issues is yet to be permitted inside Saudi Arabia. Simply raising critical questions is pressing the envelope. By venturing for answers that would fault the Kingdom’s Wahhabi education, one would risk arrest for blasphemy or related charges.

Read the full article here

A truly courageous Bangladeshi sounds the warning.

“When I began my newspaper, [The Weekly Blitz], in 2003 I decided to make an end to the well-orchestrated propaganda campaign against Jews and Christians and especially against Israel … In Bangladesh and especially during Friday prayers, the clerics propagate jihad and encourage the killing of Jews and Christians. When I was a child my father told me not to believe those words but to look at the world’s realities.”
“There is hardly a secular aspect of Bangladeshi society that hasn’t been infiltrated by Islamists,” Choudhury said.
In the political arena, radical Muslim parties have attained power gradually, gaining more and more seats in parliament until they become an essential part of any political coalition. Maneeza Hossain, manager of democracy programs at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, explained in a March 2006 National Review article that the attractiveness of radical ideologies to many in Bangladesh reflects the failure of the two main political parties, the Bangladesh National Party (BNP) and the Awami League, to offer genuine democratic reforms and economic growth. “The rise of Islamism is not a reflection of ignorance, but a result of disenchantment with the hollow discourse of democracy adopted by the political class against a background of corruption and economic disparity,” Hossain wrote.
Corruption Opens Door to Political Parties Affiliated with Extremist Religious Movements
Islamist actions, on the other hand, are seen as untainted by corruption, a mainstay of political life in Bangladesh, regularly ranked as the world’s most corrupt country by Transparency International. Orphans are enrolled in the more than 64,000 madrassas in the country, and constituencies are provided with funds from the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, to build mosques and hospitals, helping Islamism in its many forms to gain further roots.
The efforts of the two main political parties in combating this growing radicalism have been inadequate at best. Instead of continuing the established Bangladeshi practice of a separation between mosque and state, both parties have courted the Islamists. The many concessions made by both parties to gain the support of Islamists and their sympathizers has, among its many effects, increased the use of religious rhetoric in mainstream political discourse. Disturbingly, those who stand against the Islamists are branded as anti-Muslim, with even the country’s constitution labeled as “Christian” by some.
Both mainstream parties are guilty of this complacency and accommodation, but, according to Hossain, it is the BNP that has formed an alliance with the Jamaat-e-Islam, the dominant public Islamist party.

To read the full article click here

Friday, September 14, 2007

Islamist militants try to blow up Buddha carving

Islamist militants in Pakistan have tried to blow up a seventh-century Buddhist rock carving in an attack reminiscent of the destruction of ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan six years ago.
There was, however, no damage to the image of the sitting Buddha carved into a 130-foot high rock in mountains 20 km north of Mingora, a town in the scenic Swat valley, northwest of the capital, Islamabad.
A group of masked-men tried to destroy the carving on Tuesday, said provincial archaeology department official Aqleem Khan.
''Militants drilled holes in the rock and filled them with dynamite and blew it up,'' Khan said on Wednesday.
''The explosion damaged the upper part of the rock but there was no damage to the image itself,'' he said.
Buddhism spread through northern India and flourished in what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan hundreds of years before the arrival of Islam. Both countries are now predominantly Muslim.
Khan compared the attack on the carving to the destruction of two giant standing Buddha statues in Bamiyan province in Afghanistan in early 2001 by the then ruling Taliban.
The Taliban blew up the two ancient statues carved into a cliff face saying they were offensive to Islam, despite appeals from around the world, including from Muslim leaders, that they be saved.
''It's just like the way the Taliban used to behave,'' he said.
Khan said there were no arrangements to guard the site in the Jehanabad area in the Swat valley. Police had been informed of the attack, he said.
As in other parts of northwest Pakistan, militants have intensified their activities in the valley in a bid to force people to follow a strict Islamic code.
There have also been several attacks on security forces in the valley in recent months.
Last week, militants blew up about 60 music, video and cosmetics stalls in a market in the valley after their owners ignored warnings to close their businesses that the Islamists deemed un-Islamic.

Read the complete report at IBN Live

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Islamists Vow to Behead Britney Spears, Madonna...

Muslim terrorist leaders threatened to forcibly convert Britney Spears and Madonna to Islam and warned if they resist, their heads would be cut off for "spreading Satanic culture," according to a new book released today.
The threats, recorded on audio, come as Madonna is due to arrive in Israel Wednesday to celebrate the Jewish new year with fellow Kabbalah practitioners.
"If I meet these whores I will have the honor – I repeat, I will have the honor – to be the first one to cut the heads off Madonna and Britney Spears if they will keep spreading their satanic culture against Islam," said Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesman and senior leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror organization.

Read more and hear the audio at WorldNet Daily..

Friday, September 07, 2007

German Police Save Infant Girls from Genital Mutilation...

Police in Bremen, Germany, raided an apartment recently not to arrest any terrorists but rather to prevent two of its occupants from being terrorized by another form of barbarism: female genital mutilation. In what has been described as “a first” by a German women’s organization, authorities in the northern, port city were able to intervene and thwart a planned, female circumcision of two girls aged one and four. The infants, taken into state care, were to have undergone the horrifying procedure in their 25-year-old mother’s native country of Gambia at a female circumcision ritual.
However, the girls’ German father discovered the mother’s gruesome plan when he returned home one evening and found two packed bags and his daughters missing. Very fortunately for the girls, their father was vehemently opposed to the hideous ordeal his wife of five years, whom he had married “according to Muslim law”, was planning for them. Already aware of the father’s fierce opposition to her scheme, the mother had hidden the intended victims among countrymen at another apartment, from which at least the one-year-old was slated to leave the next day for the West African country.
An ensuing, loud argument between the two parents about the mother’s scheme luckily drew a visit from the police, now keen on finding the two little girls. The mother, however, refused to help the authorities and was taken into custody for obstructing police. But other Gambian women indicated where the toddlers were hidden, leading to their timely rescue.
It is estimated that 30,000 women living in Germany have undergone female genital mutilation, most in their native countries, and are part of the one hundred and thirty million women worldwide who have suffered the same, tragic fate. In addition, three million females, mostly girls aged four to ten, but babies as well, undergo this savage “operation” every year, while in Germany alone as many as 5,000 girls are in danger annually of joining that number.
According to one German publication, female genital mutilation is carried on especially in Africa where about 90 to 100 per cent of the women in such countries as Somalia, the Sudan and Gambia are circumcised. It is also practiced in the Middle Eastern countries of Oman, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates, but does not exist in any North African country except for Egypt. Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia also subject women to it. But while Muslim women are the main victims of female genital mutilation, African animist tribes, Coptic Christians and Ethiopian Jews also are guilty of the horrid practice, which pre-dates Islam. As well, many of these countries have launched their own campaigns to eradicate this terrible social blight.
The reasons given for the revolting practice are that it is traditional and prevents women from having sexual feelings, thus “saving” them from their own sexuality and leaving them “pure” for a future husband. An impure, or uncircumcised, woman would never be able to marry in some of the above-mentioned countries’ cultures. The practice, therefore, ensures the girl’s future standing as a wife and mother.
Female genital mutilation first came to the attention of western nations, including the United States and Canada, in the 1990s. Immigrants and refugees from the approximately 25 countries where it is practiced brought this anti-civilizational custom with them. One writer stated that hardly anything at that time shook western states more deeply than the realization that this brutal habit was being carried on within their borders.
Since then, western countries have introduced legal measures to fight the practice. It is now grounds for an asylum claim in some industrial states. As well, in 1999 in France, for the first time a woman was also given a long, prison sentence for having performed “innumerable” female circumcisions, while the parents were given probation. France and Germany have also made it illegal not only to have the offensive procedure done within their borders, but also abroad, since parents were flying their daughters back to their native countries after its proscription in the West.

Read the full report at FrontpageMagazine

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

UK: Muslim Men Gang Rape 12-year-old Girl....

Throughout the evening Chowdhury raped the victim a total of 11 times, using different beds within the house and forcing her to clean herself between attacks.
He also invited two other men to rape her, bringing the total number of men who had abused her that evening to four.
Chowdhury then took the girl home, asking if he could take her phone number before he left.
The girl reported the rape to the police and identified Chowdhury's address as the place the offences had taken place. Officers later executed a warrant at the address on Attock Close and arrested him.
Detective Chief Inspector Mary Doyle from Oldham CID said: "This child was subjected to a terrifying and prolonged attack from Chowdhury and his associates.
"One of the first things she told him was her name and age, so there is no doubt that he was aware how young she was.
"Chowdhury's actions that evening would have been unacceptable on a woman of any age, but to carry out this sort of attack on a 12 year old child is simply abhorrent.
"His victim has shown a great deal of bravery throughout this case, informing the police and pursuing this case to prosecution.
"I hope her bravery and the resulting conviction will encourage other victims to come forward, safe in the knowledge that GMP will investigate any complaints fully and take robust action against the people responsible."
Greater Manchester Police works in partnership with Oldham Council and Oldham Primary Care Trust to combat the issue of child exploitation in the borough.
A team, known as Messenger, has been set up to work in partnership with children's charity Barnardo's to identify children who are potentially at risk from abuse and formulate a strategy aimed at helping these individuals.
Anyone with any concerns about children being exploited in their area should contact their local police station on 0161 872 5050 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Please visit the Greater Manchester Police website to read the complete article.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Porn site fosters Mideast relations: Skin succeeds where diplomacy has failed

Can porn succeed where politics has failed?
An Israeli porn site is proving surprisingly popular with Web surfers in a number of Arab countries, some of which don't have diplomatic relations with Israel.
Ratuv, Hebrew for "wet," specializes in producing skinflicks with topical political themes, typically featuring scenes involving female soldiers, Mossad agents and members of the military.
After installing software that could detect where users are logging on, managers of the site found they were receiving thousands of hits a week from folks in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq, even though the Israeli net domain .il is blocked from some of these countries.
"We were amazed to find a huge amount of our users from these countries," says Nir Shahar, who manages the site. "We cannot accept money from many of these countries, so they can't download the films. They can only look at the pictures."
To make up for the lack of local download access in those countries, Shahar decided to translate the entire site into Arabic, with detailed descriptions of each scene and plenty more pics. Traffic went up tenfold, with the site receiving up to 100,000 hits a week from Arab auds.


Ex-hostages say Taliban beat them for refusing to convert

Some of the South Korean Christian aid workers held hostage by Afghanistan's Taliban said they were beaten for refusing to convert to Islam and protecting female captives, a hospital chief said Monday.
"We found through medical checks that some male hostages were beaten," Cha Seung-Gyun told reporters after the 19 freed aid workers -- 14 women and five men -- underwent examinations at a hospital outside Seoul.
They had returned home Sunday after six weeks in captivity.
"They said they were beaten at first for refusing to take part in Islamic prayers or for rejecting a demand to convert," Cha said.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Maldivians reject their own for Arab imperial demands

“Islam is in its origins an Arab religion. Everyone not an Arab who is a Muslim is a convert. Islam is not simply a matter of conscience or private belief. It makes imperial demands. A convert’s worldview alters. His holy places are in Arab lands; his language is Arabic. His idea of history alters. He rejects his own; he becomes, whether he likes it or not, a part of the Arab story. The convert has to turn away from everything that is his. The disturbance for societies is immense, and even after a thousand years can remain unresolved; the turning away has to be done again and again. People develop fantasies about who and what they are; and in the Islam of the converted countries there is an element of neurosis and nihilism. These countries can be easily set on the boil.”

- V.S Naipaul

V. S. Naipaul has written two books on contemporary Islam:

Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey
Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples

Sunday, July 29, 2007

maruge diya - Fight to save teenage maid from beheading

When Rizana Nafeek left her war-torn village in Sri Lanka two years ago, aged 17, she hoped to find a new life of peace and prosperity working as a maid in Saudi Arabia.
Instead, she is on death row, facing possible decapitation in the next few months for allegedly strangling the baby son of her Saudi employers.
Executions are commonplace in Saudi Arabia: there have been 109 so far this year, including four Sri Lankans who were beheaded for armed robbery. But Nafeek’s tender age, summary trial and severe sentence have aroused unprecedented international sympathy and sparked a broader debate about the treatment of South Asians in the Middle East.
The case has also put pressure on Sri Lanka’s Government, and others in South Asia, to offer greater protection to the thousands of their citizens who work as maids, drivers and manual labourers in the region. An estimated 1.5 million Sri Lankans work overseas and their annual remittances of £1.25 billion are a mainstay of the Sri Lankan economy.
“This issue should have been taken up long ago,” said Basil Fernando, executive director of the Asian Human Rights Commission, which is funding Ms Nafeek’s appeal. “Even now, Sri Lanka’s Government is not taking responsibility. It doesn’t want to set a precedent by providing legal support and there is enormous fear of upsetting relations with Saudi Arabia.”
Nafeek — like many poor Sri Lankans — was sent to work overseas in 2005 through an employment agency that obtained a passport falsely stating that she was born in 1982, rather than 1988. She was assigned to the home of Naif Jiziyan Khalafal Otaibi, a government employee whose wife had just given birth to a boy.
Two weeks into the job, Nafeek’s employers told her to bottle-feed the four-month-old baby while they were out. The baby died in her arms on May 22, 2005.
The Otaibis accused her of strangling their child and a Sharia court sentenced her to death this month — without any legal representation — after she confessed while in custody. Ms Nafeek now says that the confession was made under duress and that the baby choked to death while she was feeding it. She was given a month to appeal, but neither she nor her family could afford a lawyer and the Sri Lankan Government refused to foot the bill. It was only when the BBC World Service radio reported on the case in Sinhala, the main language of Sri Lanka, that the Asian Human Rights Commission intervened.
It raised £20,000 to hire a Saudi lawyer and accused the Sri Lankan Government publicly of failing to protect its citizens. Last week, the Government sent Hussein Bhaila, a deputy foreign minister, to Saudi Arabia along with Nafeek’s parents, who visited her in prison yesterday. “Emotionally and mentally, she’s very down,” Mr Bhaila told The Times.
He said that the policy of not providing expatriate workers with legal support would be reviewed. “I am confident that she will be acquitted on appeal, or failing that, a pardon is possible.” Under Saudi Arabia’s strict version of Sharia, a death sentence for premeditated murder can be quashed through a pardon from the victim’s family on the basis of “diya”, or blood money.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

صحيح مسلم بشرح النووي

‏قوله : ( أبو غسان المسمعي )
‏هو بفتح الغين المعجمة وتشديد السين المهملة , ويجوز صرفه وترك صرفه . والمسمعي بكسر الميم الأولى وفتح الثاني , واسمه مالك بن عبد الواحد , وقد تقدم بيانه مرات , لكني أنبه عليه وعلى مثله لطول العهد به , كما شرطته في الخطبة . ‏‏قوله : ( أبو رافع عن أبي هريرة ) ‏‏اسم أبي رافع : ( نفيع ) وقد تقدم أيضا . ‏‏قوله صلى الله عليه وسلم : ( إذا قعد بين شعبها الأربع ثم جهدها ) ‏‏وفي رواية ( أشعبها ) اختلف العلماء في المراد بالشعب الأربع , فقيل : هي اليدان والرجلان , وقيل : الرجلان والفخذان , وقيل : الرجلان والشفران , واختار القاضي عياض أن المراد شعب الفرج الأربع , والشعب النواحي واحدتها شعبة , وأما من قال : ( أشعبها ) , فهو جمع شعب . ومعنى ( جهدها ) حفرها كذا قاله الخطابي وقال غيره : بلغ مشقتها , يقال : جهدته وأجهدته بلغت مشقته , قال القاضي عياض رحمه الله تعالى : الأولى أن يكون جهدها بمعنى بلغ جهده في العمل فيها , والجهد الطاقة , وهو إشارة إلى الحركة وتمكن صورة العمل , وهو نحو قوله من حفرها أي كدها بحركته . وإلا فأي مشقة بلغ بها في ذلك . والله أعلم . ومعنى الحديث أن إيجاب الغسل لا يتوقف على نزول المني بل متى غابت الحشفة في الفرج وجب الغسل على الرجل والمرأة , وهذا لا خلاف فيه اليوم , وقد كان فيه خلاف لبعض الصحابة ومن بعدهم , ثم انعقد الإجماع على ما ذكرناه , وقد تقدم بيان هذا . قال أصحابنا : ولو غيب الحشفة في دبر امرأة , أو دبر رجل , أو فرج بهيمة , أو دبرها , وجب الغسل سواء كان المولج فيه حيا أو ميتا , صغيرا أو كبيرا , وسواء كان ذلك عن قصد أم عن نسيان , وسواء كان مختارا أو مكرها , أو استدخلت المرأة ذكره وهو نائم , وسواء انتشر الذكر أم لا , وسواء كان مختونا أم أغلف , فيجب الغسل في كل هذه الصور على الفاعل والمفعول به إلا إذا كان الفاعل أو المفعول به صبيا أو صبية فإنه لا يقال وجب عليه لأنه ليس مكلفا , ولكن يقال صار جنبا فإن كان مميزا وجب على الولي أن يأمره بالغسل كما يأمره بالوضوء , فإن صلى من غير غسل لم تصح صلاته , وإن لم يغتسل حتى بلغ وجب عليه الغسل , وإن اغتسل في الصبى ثم بلغ لم يلزمه إعادة الغسل . قال أصحابنا : والاعتبار في الجماع بتغييب الحشفة من صحيح الذكر بالاتفاق , فإذا غيبها بكمالها تعلقت به جميع الأحكام , ولا يشترط تغييب جميع الذكر بالاتفاق . ولو غيب بعض الحشفة لا يتعلق به شيء من الأحكام بالاتفاق إلا وجها شاذا ذكره بعض أصحابنا أن حكمه حكم جميعها , وهذا الوجه غلط منكر متروك , وأما إذا كان الذكر مقطوعا فإن بقي منه دون الحشفة لم يتعلق به شيء من الأحكام , وإن كان الباقي قدر الحشفة فحسب تعلقت الأحكام بتغييبه بكماله , وإن كان زائدا على قدر الحشفة ففيه وجهان مشهوران لأصحابنا أصحهما أن الأحكام تتعلق بقدر الحشفة منه , والثاني لا يتعلق شيء من الأحكام إلا بتغييب جميع الباقي . والله أعلم . ‏‏ولو لف على ذكره خرقة وأولجه في فرج امرأة ففيه ثلاثة أوجه لأصحابنا منها والمشهور أنه يجب عليهما الغسل , والثاني لا يجب لأنه أولج في خرقة , والثالث إن كانت الخرقة غليظة تمنع وصول اللذة والرطوبة لم يجب الغسل . وإلا وجب . والله أعلم . ‏‏ولو استدخلت المرأة ذكر بهيمة وجب عليها الغسل , ولو استدخلت ذكرا مقطوعا فوجهان أصحهما يجب عليها الغسل . ‏

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

We are eating the bitter fruits of the "islamic education"

4 men get away with raping a child. Why?
In the last few decades a large number of Maldivians have studied the real Islam in 'Muslim Universities". The Mauhadhu and Arabiyya schools were set up for Maldivians to learn the real Islam. Now we have a large number of mullahs.
They are now bringing the true Islam to the Maldives.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

How did the Pakistani man get polio?

Radical Islamic clerics in northern Pakistan have been pushing the idea that vaccinations for diseases is a Western plot to poison Moslem children. This particular fantasy has been rattling around for nearly a decade, and has prevented the UN from wiping out polio. Like small pox (which was wiped out in the 1970s), once there are no people with polio, the disease is gone for good (it can only survive in a human host). The Islamic clerics urging parents not to vaccinate their children against polio, provide the disease with hosts, and keep it going. Last year, 24,000 children were not vaccinated in northern Pakistan because of this paranoid fantasy. As a result, at least 39 cases of polio were confirmed last year. The victims (usually children) either die, or are crippled for life. In 2005, there were 28 cases. When confronted by angry parents, the clerics say that it's "God's will" that the kid is dead or crippled from polio. Most Moslem parents accept that, because Islam means, literally, "submission."

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saudi Arabia is preparing to behead a teenage girl who didn't even have a lawyer at her trial

Rizana Nafeek, a 19-year housemaid from Sri Lanka, is on death row because the baby in her care died while she was bottle-feeding him. If her appeal is turned down, she will be taken to a public square to be publicly beheaded.
The Sri Lankan government says it is working for a reprieve, and has until Monday to file the plea. A last-minute pardon by the infant's parents could also spare her. But if her execution goes ahead, it will be the latest in a surge of beheadings that could surpass the kingdom's record of 191 in 2005.
After dropping to 38 last year, the figure for 2007 is already at least 102, including three women, according to Amnesty International.
Beheading has always been the punishment meted out to murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and armed robbers in Saudi Arabia. Whether what Nafeek did amounts to murder has never been spelled out by courts or other officials, but Saudi authorities, facing sustained criticism from foreign human rights groups, insist they are simply enforcing God's law.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Muslim world plagued by rumors, conspiracy theories and paranoia.

"The contemporary Muslim fascination for conspiracy theories often limits the capacity for rational discussion of international affairs," argued Husain Haqqani of Boston University, at a conference in Istanbul titled "Fact vs. Rumor: Journalism in the 21st Century." This recent gathering of journalists and scholars was organized by my colleagues at the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life.
The result is a climate of confusion and cynicism that prepares millions of people to believe the next round of rumors, often with violent consequences in an age in which ancient prejudices and modern technology merge seamlessly.
The results can be seen in recent surveys in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia, said Haqqani, who is an active Muslim. As a rule, participants had positive attitudes about globalization, freedom of religion and democracy. Yet roughly three out of four surveyed said that Muslim nations should strictly enforce Sharia, or Islamic, law as part of efforts to reject sinful "Western values."
Large majorities affirmed the belief that the United States is trying to "weaken and divide" the Muslim world and slightly smaller majorities said America's goal is to "spread Christianity in the region."
The impact of the rumors can, perhaps, be seen in another paradox seen in these surveys, said Haqqani. Large majorities in Egypt, Indonesia and Morocco (results were mixed in Pakistan) agreed that violent groups that kill civilians are guilty of violating the "principles of Islam." However, less than a quarter of those polled believed that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks.
"Many Muslims seem to believe that 9/11 was a great achievement, but that Osama didn't do it," he said. "They are confused by all the rumors."
Leaders in the West must understand that almost half of the world's Muslim population is illiterate. Meanwhile, the 57 Organization of the Islamic Conference nations contain about 500 colleges and universities, compared with more than 5,000 in the United States and 8,000 in India. That is one university for every three million Muslims.
Yet this painful fact is not the only source of this predisposition to embrace conspiracy theories, said Haqqani. After all, the digital consumers who use their cell phones to spread ridiculous text messages are not illiterate.
"What we are seeing is not just a crisis rooted only in religion or education," said Haqqani. "This is a culture-wide crisis of politics and economics and technology and education and it is easy to see the role of religion because of the powerful role that faith plays in the lives of millions of people.
"The greatest fear of most Muslims is that their societies will be over run by the Western world. ... They believe that modernity equals Westernization, Westernization equals promiscuity and licentiousness and all of that equals a loss of faith. We cannot change that overnight. It is a project of a century or more, in which millions of people must learn that the modern world is built on values, laws and tolerance, not just highways, airplanes and cell phones."

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Iran's judiciary today confirmed that a man convicted of adultery has been stoned to death

Iran's judiciary today confirmed that a man convicted of adultery has been stoned to death in a northern province west of the capital, Tehran.
Jafar Kiani was stoned to death in a small village in the province of Qazvin. He was in his late 40s and had spent the last decade in prison after the adultery conviction.
He is the latest casualty of strict Islamic laws as applied since Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979.
The grim sentence came despite a five-year-old moratorium on stonings that rights groups fear is sometimes ignored.
Activists are warning that his partner -- who reportedly was jailed at the same time, 11 years ago -- could face a similar fate.
The Stop Stoning Forever Campaign broke the news of Kiani's death on July 8, while the reformist "Etemad" daily and other news sources reported the next day that the stoning had been carried out.
'Definitive' Sentence
An Iranian judiciary spokesman, Alireza Jamshidi, today confirmed that the stoning took place in the village of Aghche Kand, adding that the verdict was implemented because it was "definitive."
The head of Iran's judiciary, Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi Shahrudi, declared a moratorium on stonings in 2002.
Iran's Nobel Peace Prize winner, rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi, argued to Radio Farda that the practice contravenes human rights principles.
"I'm very regretful that the stoning sentence was carried out, because this sentence is not in line with Iran's international commitment -- and moreover [the head of Iran's judiciary] has issued several rulings that stoning sentences should not be carried out," Ebadi said.
Scant Protection
Judiciary spokesman Jamshidi claimed today that the policy on stoning has not changed, but he added that judges can act independently.
The stonings of Kiani and his partner, Mokarameh Ebrahimi, had been scheduled to take place on June 21. But they were delayed in the face of Iranian and international protests.
On June 20, a judiciary official was quoted by Iran's Fars News Agency as saying that the stoning sentence in Takestan had been suspended. That announcement was welcomed by human rights activists, who have repeatedly called on Iran to remove stoning as a form of punishment from its books. (Read Iran's law on adultery.)
But the recent news of Kiani's stoning has raised alarm and outraged activists and rights advocates who consider stoning among the cruelest of punishments.
It is also a gory spectacle. Condemned men are buried up to their waists, and women up to their chests, with their hands tied behind their backs before they are pelted with rocks until they die. Islamic code prescribes that the stone used for stoning "should not be so big as to kill the offender with one or two stones" and "nor should it be as small as pebbles." (Read Iran's law on the implementation of stoning.)
Condemned Parents
Soheila Vahdati is the international coordinator of the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign. She tells RFE/RL that there is now growing concern about the fate of Ebrahimi, who was convicted along with Kiani and is apparently still in prison.
"It is very worrying that the sentence was carried out despite all the protests from all over the world that were heard by the judiciary and Iran's authorities," Vahdati said. "We've been [informed] that both of them were supposed to be stoned but that since Women's Day was celebrated last week in Iran, Mokarameh [Ebrahimi] was not stoned. But it appears that she is also due to be stoned."
The judiciary spokesman has described Ebrahimi's sentence as still "halted."
The Stop Forever Stoning Campaign reports that Ebrahimi and Kiani were arrested 11 years ago while living in what was described as an adulterous relationship. Together they have two children who are believed to live in prison with their condemned mother.
Judiciary Power
According to Islamic law as applied in Iran, eyewitness testimony, a confession, or a judge's knowledge is sufficient evidence for an adultery conviction.
Kiani and Ebrahimi were condemned to death on the basis of a judge's knowledge.
Vahdati says details about Ebrahimi and her children's fate are sketchy.
"Unfortunately we don't have exact reports. Even her lawyer, Said Eghbali, who has been representing her for eight months, has been unable to see her [court] file," Vahdati said. "We don't have enough information about her situation. We know that she has two children who are with her in prison -- we don't know the exact age or sex of the children. But activists from the campaign in Iran are going to investigate and go to Takestan to find firsthand information. They want to do their best to prevent another stoning being carried out secretly."
It is unclear how many stoning sentences have been issued or carried out since the five-year-old moratorium was declared.
Reports in late 2006 suggested that at least two people had been stoned to death earlier in the year and at least eight women faced stoning sentences.
Before today, Iranian officials had denied that any stonings had taken place since 2002. The statements on Kiani's stoning appear to mark the first instance of such an execution being confirmed by Iranian authorities.
Activists who are campaigning for stoning to be abolished in Iran say that Kiani's stoning last week was carried out in public by local officials and security forces. They say only a small number of villagers participated.

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"Because of nine sheep, I gave away my daughter."

Unable to scrounge together the $165 he needed to repay a loan to buy sheep, Nazir Ahmad made good on his debt by selling his 16-year-old daughter to marry the lender's son.
"He gave me nine sheep," Ahmad said, describing his family's woes since taking the loan. "Because of nine sheep, I gave away my daughter."
Seated beside him in the cramped compound, his daughter Malia's eyes filled with tears. She used a black scarf to wipe them away.
Despite advances in women's rights and at least one tribe's move to outlaw the practice, girls are traded like currency in Afghanistan and forced marriages are common. Antiquated tribal laws authorize the practice known as "bad" in the Afghan language Dari — and girls are used to settle disputes ranging from debts to murder.
Such exchanges bypass the hefty bride price of a traditional betrothal, which can cost upward of $1,000. Roughly two out of five Afghan marriages are forced, says the country's Ministry of Women's Affairs.
"It's really sad to do this in this day and age, exchange women," said Manizha Naderi, the director of the aid organization Women for Afghan Women. "They're treated as commodities."

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Coeducation is against Islam and therefore Muslims should refrain from sending their children, particularly girls, to coeducational schools’

One of South Asia’s most influential Sunni Muslim seminaries has issued a religious edict against coeducation in schools and colleges, claiming it is against Islamic law, an official said Sunday.
Coeducation is against Islam and therefore Muslims should refrain from sending their children, particularly girls, to coeducational schools,’ Mohammed Asumin Qazmi, an office bearer of the Dar-ul-Uloom Sunni seminary in northern India, told The Associated Press.
The religious edict, or fatwa, however, said that boys and girls can study together until they are 10-years-old.
Islam forbids women to meet men, who are not their father or close relatives. Therefore, how can one expect that Islam allows for coeducation,’ he added.

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