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a short message to the moderate "muslim"....

If you don't know what is "mufa'khathat" ask your friends, ask your local "Islamic Scholar", phone Emme Mathee Majlis, post a query at or inquire at MV Muslims....

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While they scream, shout and get offended about defamation of Islam, they are not going to give the same rights to people of other beliefs.

"A resolution calling for the enactment of an international pact to forbid religions from being defamed or insulted as well as their symbols, leaders and prophets has been voted out by the Saudi Shoura (Consultative Council). A total of 77 members opposed the recommendation while 33 voted in favour, online newspaper Gulf News reports. According to the opponents, such a pact would force people to recognise religions, which advocate idol worship, and that "would be unacceptable." The rejected resolution stated that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall work in coordination with Arab and Islamic groups and others at the United Nations to draft an international pact for respecting religions, their symbols and leaders." "This recommendation is creating 'much ado'", said Khaleel Al Khaleel, a member of the Shoura. The recommendation would create a dangerous precedent that may produce a negative impact on Muslims rather than followers of other religions, he added. "Some consider Buddhism and Qadianism as religions. Can we make it obligatory for Muslims to respect these faiths and avoid criticising them?," he asked. Mohammad Al Quwaihes, who presented the resolution, told reporters that he had not expected that his move would be defeated in such a way as the overwhelming majority of members were in favour of introducing the resolution for deliberations."

From ANSAmed

Saudi clerics support death fatwa against "apostate" writers

A group of Saudi clerics has come out in support of a colleague who issued a fatwa saying two writers deserve to die if they did not retract views that he said made them apostates.

Sheikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, one of the kingdom’s most revered clerics, said in a rare fatwa last week the columnists should be tried for apostasy for “heretical articles” published in al-Riyadh newspaper and put to death if they do not repent.
They questioned the Sunni Muslim view in Saudi Arabia that adherents of other faiths should be considered unbelievers, which Barrak said implied Muslims were free to follow other religions and their faith was on a par with other religions.
A group of 20 clerics, all associated with Barrak, issued a statement on Tuesday asking God to support him in the face of a ”wicked attack” by liberals with “polluted beliefs”.
”We know the Sheikh’s knowledge in religion and status in the Islamic nation and trust Muslims place in his opinions ... The fatwa is based on the book of God (Koran) and the path of the Prophet,” they said in the statement posted on Web sites.
“The Sheikh’s words were clear in placing the issue in the hands of the temporal authorities when he said that there must be a trial. We affirm there should be a trial.”

This is an update on this story. To go to the source of above KhaleejTimesOnline

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Usama, Motoons, Europe and Maldives

This is a time to be extra vigilant and on the alert. Reprinting the motoons have driven many Muslims into a mad frenzy again.
In a new five-minute audio message bin Laden has accused Europeans of abandoning the "etiquettes of disputes and morals of fighting" by allowing newspapers to republish cartoons insulting the prophet Muhammad.

Bin Laden said he considered the reprinting of the cartoons a more serious offense than the killing of women and children. He also said that the revenge for republishing the cartoons "will be more severe."
Bin Laden concludes his message by saying if there are no checks on the Europeans' freedom to speak, then there will be no checks on his freedom to act.

What does this mean for us here in the Maldives?

The majority of tourists are from Europe. Since the Bali bombings there have been reports that Al-Qaeda has considered action in Maldives. And we have already had one bomb attack that targeted tourists.
It would be foolish to think, now that gang has been busted up, things are under control and there will be no more attacks.
Most Maldivians consider Usama bin Laden to be a true Islamic hero. There are people with strong links to terror cells in Pakistan and there are Maldivians who have been trained to do terror activities. Even now the local mullahs are beating their chests and shaking and twitching over the cartoons. It is very possible that Al Qaeda and their agents in Maldives will perpetrate an attack on European tourists in Maldives.
This threatening message from Usama bin Laden is a warning that Maldivians who are against terror must take very seriously.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beauty Contest Starved Saudis Turn to 'Miss Camel'...

"It's just like judging a beautiful girl," said Fowzan al-Madr, a camel breeder. "You look for big eyes, long lashes and a long neck."

Public displays of affection between men and women are rigidly policed by the feared officials of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice but in the camel bazaars anything goes.

"Camels are just like humans," breeder Haza al-Shammari told the International Herald Tribune. "They love and hate just like humans. That's why you have to bring them up very gently."

Mr Shammari grabbed his favourite camel's neck and kissed the beast on the mouth.

"She isn't married yet, this one," he said. "She's still a virgin. Look at the black eyes, the soft fur. The fur is trimmed so it's short and clean, just like a girl going to a party.

To go to source visit The Telegraph

Cool Woman

Today’s Cool Woman is Neerja Bhanot, a truly amazing young woman who died saving the lives of strangers.

21 years back on September 6, 1986 when five terrorists hijacked the US bound Pan Am Flight-73 flight at Karachi airport, and took control of the aircraft. One of the worst hijacks in aviation history it claimed 20 lives; this was the largest toll in a hijack until 9/11. The remaining 375 passengers and crewmembers would not have survived, if the airhostess Neerja Bhanot was not there.

Neerja Bhanot identified herself as one of the airhostess, who was held at gunpoint and announced that the place had been hijacked. Unfortunately, the three-member cockpit crew of pilot, co-pilot and the flight engineer abandoned the aircraft, leaving 400 passengers and a 13-member cabin crew in the hands of brutal, thoughtless terrorists. Since Neerja was the cabin crew leader, she took over command. Neerja requested the passengers to be calm and obey the hijackers. She served coffee and sandwiches and her charming smile eased the tide of fear that had swept across their faces.

The leaders of the hijack identified himself as Mustafa. He ordered Neerja to collect the passports of all the passengers. Later she realized that the Americans were the main target of the terrorists and in a brilliant move she discreetly collected all the American passports and hid them. There couldn’t have been a better way to confuse the terrorists. By when the auxiliary power unit failed entirely and the aircraft was plunged into darkness. Fearing an imminent raid by commandos, the hijackers shouted now is the holy war!! They fired their AK47, till they exhausted the bullets. By then Neerja had opened an emergency exit and a pan Am mechanic opened another. She used all her strength to guide and push people down the chute and while shielding three children; she absorbed the onslaught of bullets into her own body.

She would have escaped by the emergency exit first, but the angelic women gave up her life to save the innocents like a mother. After spent the bullets, and try to escape, the Mustafa and others captured by commandos and sentenced to life by a UA court. Neerja was brave in life, brave in death.

For her bravery the Government of India posthumously awarded her the Ashoka Chakra (India's highest decoration for gallantry away from the battlefield, or not in the face of the enemy). She is the youngest recipient of the award. In 2004 the Indian Postal Service released a stamp commemorating her.

With the money from the insurance settlement, Neerja's parents set up a trust account honoring Indian women showing exemplary courage every year.

Neerja received the following awards:

Flight Safety Foundation Heroism Award, U.S.A.

Ashok Chakra, India

Tamgha-e-Insaaniyat, Pakistan

Justice for Crimes Award, United States Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia


Islamabad, Jan. 3, 2008: Four Palestinians convicted in the 1986 hijacking of a Pan Am jet — remembered for the heroism of Neerja Bhanot —were freed in Pakistan today and put on a flight to Dubai.

Mohammed Abdul Khalil Hussain, Daud Mohammed Hafiz, Mohammed Ahmed al-Munawar and Jamal Saeed had been sentenced to death for the hijacking at Karachi airport that the Indian air hostess foiled.

But the punishment was later commuted to life sentence, which in Pakistan means 14 years in jail. The four walked out of the high-security Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi after serving their term.

The leader of the hijackers, Zayd Hassan Abd al-Latif Masud al Safarini, had been freed in 2001 — within a fortnight of 9/11 — after President Pervez Musharraf reduced his sentence.

But the Americans believed that justice had not been done in the case and US agents caught Safarini as he tried to sneak into Jordan. He was brought to the US, where he pleaded guilty to 95 charges and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

In 2003, he was sentenced to three consecutive life terms and a further 25 years in prison.

Twenty-two passengers and crew, including Neerja who was two days short of her 23rd birthday, were killed in the attempt to hijack the American airliner on its way from Mumbai to New York.

Thanks to The Telegraph

Monday, March 17, 2008

Most revered Saudi cleric calls for liberal writers' beheadings..

In response to recent articles in al-Riyadh newspaper that questioned the mainstream Sunni Muslim view that adherents of other faiths should be considered unbelievers, Sheikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, Saudi Arabia's top cleric has said that two writers should be tried for apostasy and put to death if they do not repent. With thanks to Reuters.

""Anyone who claims this has refuted Islam and should be tried in order to take it back. If not, he should be killed as an apostate from the religion of Islam," said the fatwa, or religious opinion, dated March 14 and published on Barrak's Web site (

"It is disgraceful that articles containing this kind of apostasy should be published in some papers of Saudi Arabia, the land of the two holy shrines," he said, referring to Muslim holy places in Mecca and Medina.

"The rulers should hold these papers to account ... and all those who took part in the publication should know they were involved in the sin of heretical articles."
He said the articles suggested Muslims were free to follow other religions. Rights groups have accused Wahhabism of a xenophobic attitude which demonises other religions.""

I am sure his agents and collaborateurs in the Maldives will agree. Maybe the next addition to the constitution will be a law to behead those who leave Islam.
Oh..but that clause will not be necessary to behead infidels...its all in the Quran and Hadith anyway and the constitution is based on those.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Human Rights Commission participates in "music is haraam fest"

"I started singing, and I have been beaten up four times - badly beaten up! In the Taliban's period, no one could have access to music, and no one was allowed to sing – or even to listen to music. "

The video is a sad and scary story of a musician. And that is where the mullahs are trying to take the Maldives.


"All human rights are as important for musicians as they are for everyone else. However, two of these rights are of special relevance for musicians: the freedom of expression and the right to participate in cultural life.

Apart from being a means of expression, music is basically a cultural activity. Even though a song or melody may not express any particular attitude or opinion, the mere acces to play music therefore can be regarded as a human right in itself. This is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27 about the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community.

For musicians, the right to participate in cultural life particularly implies:

• Freedom to perform and produce music

• Freedom to listen to and enjoy music made by others

• The right to protection of the interests resulting from one’s own musical production

• Freedom for ethnic minorities to play the music of their own culture"

It is outrageous that the Human Rights Commission of Maldives participated in the despicable and fascist event organised by a local Taliban NGO ( Jamiyyathu Salaf ), where they declared that music is haram. But I am not surprised. After reading their latest "report" which is nothing but a Islamic sermon my conclusion is the organization is a Islamist entity working to impose more Sharia Law under the guise of Human Rights. This recent action underlines my conviction.

With many thanks to FREEMUSE

"Someone who listens to music is guilty of adultery"

Young singer Lima Sahar has become an ikon in struggle for freedom of music. She beat out 2,000 other hopefuls who auditioned for the third season of 'Afghan Star', wearing a headscarf and glitter in her hair, while she sang Pashtun oldies, though without any dance moves.
This singing has put the mullahs pajama pants in knots.

Sayed-ur-Rahman Niazi, the cleric at Kabul's central mosque which attracts 50,000 worshipers during weekly Friday prayers said "It's completely rejected by Islam. Someone who goes to listen to music is guilty of adultery. It's the same thing. And someone who enjoys it should be kicked out of Islam. He's no longer a Muslim."
Here in Maldives the local Taliban, trained in the madharusas of Medina, Cairo, Karachi and Kuala Lampur are also trying to ban music.

At the event organised by Dhivehi Taliban video presentation showed the scholars – including officials from the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Human Rights Commission, and political parties – each saying in turn that they believe music is haraam. And we all know what happens when we do haraam things - we will not get those hooralleen in Jannah!

Burning of ‘evil’ music (tapes, records, videos and CDs)

Imagine the world without music. Or imagine a world where we are told what to play, what to sing and even what we may listen to in the privacy of our own homes.

That world is closer that we think, if music loving people sit back and watch these mullahs continue their brainwashing and agitation.

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Islam for kids

The mercy of Muhammad, Holy Prophet of Islam.

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Do Dhivehi women fear treatment of feminine conditions?

Building a model Islamic nation according to what Mohammed taught may obtain for Dhivehi men eternal erections and the "fruit of both gardens near to hand" after Qiyamah. But in this world, the endeavor is devastating for women in Muslim countries.

"....... a worrying phenomenon in the Muslim countries where studies indicate large numbers of women refrain from seeking medical attention for feminine diseases for fear of being divorced, generating family stigma or due to Islamic restrictions on seeing male doctors.
Breast Cancer is the No. 1 killer of women in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with large numbers dying because they don't seek medical treatment in time.
In Saudi Arabia, upwards of 70 percent of breast cancer cases are not reported until they are at a very late stage, compared with 30 percent or less in the U.S., according to statistics cited by MSNBC.
A 1999 survey in Egypt found perceptions women held about their own health was the single most important factor governing their utilization of health services. One-half of the women participating in the study reported having reproductive tract infections, 56 percent evidenced genital prolapse and 63 percent were anemic. But the majority did not seek health services, and most of the women stated they saw their conditions as normal.
A more recent study in Egypt found most women surveyed reported at least one gynecological condition but said as long as they were able to have children and do their daily work, they felt they did not need care. The study, by the Egyptian Social Science and Medicine Institute, cited lack of dialogue about gynecological issues between women and their husbands.
When women do seek medical care, there have been reported instances in which their husbands pulled them from diagnostic tests because female technicians or doctors were not available.
MSNBC reported from Saudi Arabia last October: "One Saudi woman ignored the cancer growing in her breast because she didn't want to risk a referral to a male doctor. Another was divorced by her husband on the mere suspicion she had the disease, while a third was dragged away from a mammogram machine because the technicians were men."
"In one case the extremists tried to carry out their threat. They kidnapped the son of a doctor and only released him after the doctor had closed his clinic in Karada district, in Baghdad," Rafi said.
Mayada Zuhair, spokeswoman for the Women' Rights Association, told IRIN that extremists dictate "[male] doctors are not allowed to see the private parts of women."
She said she knew of two cases in which doctors reportedly were killed in November 2002 after leaving their clinics.
"A message was left near their bodies saying that was the end for any doctor who insists in invading the privacy of Muslim women," Zuhair said. "

Read the full report at WorldNet Daily

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Destination Wedding - Incredible Journey of Dhivehi Nation

The Dhivehin, the nation, the country, we are all on a wonderful quest. The purpose of it all - send as many people as possible to that wonderful place where….

“Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens, the erection is eternal. The sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each elected will marry seventy houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas.”

“Reclining upon couches lined with silk brocade, the fruit of both gardens near to hand. Which is it, of the favors of your Lord that ye deny? Therein are those of modest gaze, whom neither man nor jinni will have touched before them. … (In beauty) like the jacynth and coral stone.” – The Holy Quran

“Lo! Those who kept their duty will be in a place secure. Amid gardens and water-springs … And we shall wed them unto fair ones with wide lovely eyes.” – The Holy Quran


Now that is some place. The final destination is your own wedding to fair ones with wide lovely eyes!

The directions have been given by Allah the creator of all things. To deliver the directions and the punishment for those who refuse to take the path, Allah appointed a man we all know as Muhammed. He lived in Arabia 1400 years ago. He had many wives.

The information was brought to us Arab sailors in the early days. Today we have many Dhivehin who have traveled to Arabia and other places to seek the correct misraabu to Jannath.

The goal has been determined sometime ago and the journey has been underway for for a while. Dhivehin are convinced if they follow the directions they should get there. The journey is dangerous with many pitfalls. There are rules to follow. Shaitan will be on our tail all the way, constantly trying to corrupt us. If we make mistakes we could end up in Jahannama, which means – Place of Unimaginable Torture.

At a time unknown, but, when people least expect it; Allah will give authorization for the Qiyâmah to begin. The archangel Israfil, the Caller, will sound a horn blaring out a "Blast of Truth”. Muslims scholars say the signs are that this day is very close now.The world will be destroyed, or folded; all men and women will fall unconscious. Then the dead will rise from their graves and will gather, waiting to be judged for their actions.

The first to awake is Muhammad who sees Moses, holding up the Throne of Allah at the mountain of Tur.

Dhivehin, and all other living beings, will be assembled upon a vast, white, featureless ground, under the intense heat of an overhead sun. We will all be naked, uncircumcised and crowded together to the point where some are submerged in their own sweat. The degree to which they are submerged in sweat will depend on the extent of their piety and goodness. The faces of those who practiced good adab by following the Five Pillars of Islam in their daily lives are shining and radiant. The faces of disbelievers are dark, sad and frowning.

The anxiety and fear will be so great that no one will sneak a look at another's nakedness. Thus we will wait to be brought before Allah for his judgment. People will be so terrified the prophets themselves will frequently address Allah with the phrase sallim, sallim, or spare, spare — that is, "spare your followers". Even the angels are fearful on that day, that Allah will be angrier than he has been or ever will be.
And every Dhivehin, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, will be held answerable for his or her deeds and be judged by Allah.

Those Dhivehin who distorted or ignored the Quran, or converted to another religion, will be engulfed in hellfire. Those who truly believed in Allah, and have been pious, referred to as Al-Ghurr-ul-Muhajjalun, will repent their sin and will return to "the Garden beneath which rivers flow."

But first to get thru Qiyâmah we have to do many things. We have to enforce the will of Allah. People who don’t want the great booty in Jannath – get off the ship now.

There will be no room for criticism and no jest will be tolerated. Anyone who voices the opinion that this undertaking is ludicrous will be punished now. They are spreading fitna and instructions to deal with them will be enforced. The elected representatives are going to do a cleansing. The nagis non-believers will be stripped of their citizenship. Later after Yaum al-Qiyâmah, the gate of Hell guarded by Maalik the Zabaaniyah awaits them.

All Dhivehin who have rejected Islam for reasons unknown will go to Hell. The Hypocrites and two-faced people who claimed to believe in Allah and His messenger by the tongue but denounced both in their hearts will end up in Hawiyah, the lowest pit of all existing Hells.

The Judgment will take 50,000 years. Until their turn, Dhivehin, will be gathered unlike other nations in an enclosing with a lower wall. Dhivehivanthakan is not letting your fellow Dhivehin be free.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

beheadings and more beheadings...

Child Beheaded by Uncle in Saudi Supermarket... - Early morning shoppers at a supermarket in Jeddah were left reeling yesterday, with some falling unconscious, after a well-built Syrian man clinched a knife and decapitated his 15-month-old nephew in front of his mother in the store’s fruit and vegetable section.

In a brutal murder that has shocked the city, the 25-year-old man beheaded the boy, who was out shopping with his mother — in full glare of shoppers and staff at Al-Marhaba supermarket on Sari Street around 9.30 a.m. The man, who is the boy’s maternal uncle, apparently killed the boy following a dispute with his sister and brother-in-law.

Eyewitnesses said that the man picked up a knife from inside the store and severed the boy’s head. The mother and a shopper standing close by fainted, while several other stood in shock and disbelief over what had happened.

A police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Arab News, “The murderer was in a dispute with the boy’s mother and her husband. He chopped off the boy’s head in front of the mother to get back at her.” He added that the mother has been left traumatized and is in hospital. The boy’s father was at work at the time of the incident.

Following the murder, police sealed off the supermarket while forensic experts gathered evidence. Ambulances were also called to the scene. The supermarket reopened for business at around 1.15 p.m. “It happened so quickly. Before people could intervene, the man had cut more than half way through the child’s neck,” said Abu Muhammad, a grandfather in his mid-60s.

A Saudi till attendant at a nearby cafe said, “One of my colleagues went to see what was going on and returned shivering. He saw the kid’s body and so we gave him the day off. He was in a bad state.”

An eyewitness, who lives in the neighborhood, said that the victim’s family lived close by and frequented the supermarket. “I’ve seen the murderer carrying the same child and playing with him on a number of occasions,” he added.

“No one could bear the gruesome sight of the boy’s decapitated body lying on the floor,” said Muneer, a Turkish car mechanic, who works at a garage close by. “How could someone do such a thing? I just can’t understand it... I still can’t believe it,” he said, shaking his head.

To read full report go to Arab News

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Hot Chick

This weeks Hot Chick is a cousin from across the lagoon. Winning the title Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe, Jackie… as she is fondly known does not end there.
True to her word of being a humanitarian social worker she has started her own foundation which currently sponsors tsunami affected children and women left destitute by the tsunami, through loans and cash for work programme. The funding comes through whatever endorsements she makes as Miss Sri Lanka.

"One of the main reasons why I considered joining the Ms. Sri Lanka contest was to further my humanitarian goals in life. I am very keen on working on women's issues and children's issues and the title gives me a lot of new opportunities to create awareness, raise funds and do a lot in these areas." - Miss Sri Lanka 2006 - Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline with other Miss Universe 2006 contestants

Peddling intolerance and Islamic fascism under the guise of human rights

Human history has known several movements like Communism and Nazism which have used words to mean exactly the opposite of what those words stand for in common parlance.

Such is the case with the Human Rights Commission of Maldives. Under the guise of human rights it is peddling intolerance and Islamic fascism. The annual report of this organization is a fine work of Islamic double-speak.

To begin with, I cannot fathom why a human rights report should start off as an Islamic sermon. And for most the report it just continues as a sermon.

"In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate". Praise and thanks be to Allah (Glorious and Exalted is he) who has sanctified human beings. I pray to Allah that he may bestow his peace and blessings upon Mohamed ( PBUH), The Exalted and Consecrated Above All in Both Worlds, who revealed the importance of protecting the sanctity of humans and who the beautiful example of establishing justice and equality among humans. And I include his family and companions in this prayer.”

Further reading of the report reveals that the organization is not about human rights but dedicated to aiding, abetting and enforcing bias and bigotry. Even the principle objectives of the Commission are incompatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

(a) To protect, preserve and promote human rights in the Maldives in accordance with Islamic Shari’ah and the Constitution of the Maldives;
(b) To protect, preserve and promote human rights in the Maldives in accordance with regional and international treaties that are binding on the Maldives; and,
(c) To assist and encourage non-governmental organizations in creating awareness and in promoting human rights.

The report stresses and emphasizes that Maldives is a 100% Islamic nation and completely ignores the existence of non-Muslims Maldivians and their rights. Of particular importance is the refusal by the Human Rights Commission of Maldives to address the amendment made last year by the Constitutional Assembly (the Special Majlis) to revoke the citizenship of all non-Muslim Maldivians. This amended constitution is expected to come into force this year. In response, this blogger wrote - “However to our relief the human rights commission of Maldives have not yet condemned the infidels for insulting Islam and Muslims by leaving Islam or have said anything supportive of beheading them.”

The sermon goes on …“In truth, the highest pinnacle of Human Right is respect for each other. If this can be maintained under the beautiful principles of Islam, protecting all other rights will become a very easy thing.” Thus we are to conclude that Islam is the remedy for human rights abuses.

The Commissioner Mr Saleem is also either lying or misinformed when he states that “the basic freedoms and rights which are also included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are perfectly included in the second chapter of the new draft constitution.” The Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifically allows freedom of religion, including changing one's religion and the
Maldives new constitution clearly prohibits it.

There is also plenty of lashing out at parts of the news media and websites accusing them of creating inestimable damage through discord, libel and defamation and creating throughout society a “spirit of revenge”. To my knowledge the Commissioner has not sued anyone or party, thus reducing this rhetoric to pointless accusations of the same nature.

Of particular concern is the following paragraph:-
"Fragmentation of the political ethos and political conflicts are problems which would be solved with increasing public awareness. Political differences are issues that could be solved by dialog. On the other hand, religious divisions and differences of opinion in matters of ideology are very dangerous.

The signs of the dangers associated with this are now visible in our Maldivian community. We are now even experiencing the resulting damage. This is something which this Commission has previously expressed concern for. Finding the reasons for these religious divisions in our tiny community and taking the necessary steps regarding this, in a responsible manner is of the utmost importance.

When the number of people whose thinking and beliefs that contradict the beautiful Islamic principles are increasing, it is very important that the concerned government authorities bring out to the citizens the authentic information about religion (Islam) in a responsible manner. We would like to point out that, to save the society from religious divisions it is very important that the role played by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs be broadened.”

There already exists a 'Protection of Religious Unity of Maldivians Act' under which a person can be prosecuted and imprisoned for anything considered un- Islamic. Wearing a crucifix, owning literature of religions other than Islam, having a statue or portraits of the Buddha or Hindu deities, expressing any views either by speech or in writing which contradicts the Islamic view (as determined by the Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs) and a whole host of activities are deemed un-Islamic and can result in prosecution and incarceration.

Given that the Constitution already states that all laws should be in accordance with Islam and the Supreme Council determines what is Islam , what else does the Human Rights Commission of Maldives want when they say "the role played by the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs be broadened.”?

A hierarchy of mullahs to rule the nation as in Iran?

A religious police force as in Saudi Arabia?

Well done, Commissioner. For your great work, Grand Mufti Maumoon may reward you with the post of ambassador to Iran or Saudi Arabia.