Sunday, March 23, 2008

a short message to the moderate "muslim"....

If you don't know what is "mufa'khathat" ask your friends, ask your local "Islamic Scholar", phone Emme Mathee Majlis, post a query at or inquire at MV Muslims....

Click video for the observations of Islam by a kaafaru..


  1. Dhivehi Christian11:56 PM

    I asked a friendly moderate Muslim to ask her imam at the Emme Mathee Majlis. She says Mufa Kathat is a very holy Sunnah in which Rasool (PBUH) had sex between the thighs of Aisha (RA), before she turned 9, when she was too young to be had in the vagina. It is the hope of evey imam at the Emme Mathee Majlis to fulful this Sunnah at least once in their lifetime. She also told me that Ayatollah Khomeini described Mufa Kathat in graphic detail in his book Thahreerul Vaseelah.

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    who ever u are u are in a lot of confusion.

  3. Dhivehi Christian1:42 PM

    Go on then---- enlighten me! Let us see if you can do better than Ayatollah Khomeini.

  4. akbar9:59 PM

    Where is Nass these days? I really miss him.

  5. Anonymous3:51 AM

    too busy convincing foolish people music is haraam

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Christian, best put ur own house in order before you tell us wot is wrong wit our faith

    better get cracking at all the verses in the bible that contradict each other, those which are being debated as to whether it is allowing homosexuality...also make sure you accompany ur kids to church cos u never know- the reverend/priest might be "servicing" ur kid(if u know wot i mean)....else better think about "revising" the bible edition again- think about removing the clause which say catholic priests shud be celibate..heheh
    ur a real hoot aren't you...yea yea we've all heard from u and those royal foks in NZ(an uncle b/w)about the "thighing" technique supposedly written by that Shiite grand supreme a-hole, and we also know about the bullshit in sharia- we're workin on that....
    about muslim terrorists blowing themselves- maybe if london or D.C was under occupation by moslems and its native population was under the terror of a nuclear armed bully(carrying an inferiority complex from since the holocaust-if that ever took place), then we i wonder wot Londoners(unarmed & civilian)wud do about it? i wonder whether they will not find enuf verses in the bible commanding them to defend God & Country...hmm i wonder...
    i also wonder whose holy book has more verses calling for "stoning"(in black n white,this actual term is used in the bible over n over again)of women committing adultery...n talkin about incest, bestiality etc as if it's completely normal...but i guess wr the only one's pretending all this crap isnt in our books

    heheh...tuff luck dear...either people will leav Islam to becom athiests, cos it gives them the freedom to live however they want(till their average life expectancy of 80 is reached) or they will ignore all this propaganda n live life completely at peace with themselves and of their beliefs(jus lik ur kind)....few if any will turn to Jesus(as the Son of God), unless ofcos u go off to the poorest of the poorest n offer those ignorant herd a bible and ration of food, n tell them jesus sent it just for them
    keep tryin:)

  7. Dhivehi Christian3:35 PM

    a Muslim on his back foot changing the subject to the Bible is always a sign of desperation. Mentioning the stoning of adulterers to death doesn't mean that the Bible condones it. The Bible indeed mentions stoning to death in a case where Jesus stopped it by saying "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone". That sums up Christianity's position on the issue.

    Now don't take my respose as a sign that I will be engaging in a debate with you or anyone else over the Bible. We are here to release our lives from the claws of Islam and such a debate would just deflect attention from that cause.

    Do you call the most well-known (now ex-) Muslim in Italy the poorest of the poor? On the same day Mr Magdi Allam converted to Christianity, thousands of Singaporeans, Taiwanese and Chinese also took the plunge into the baptismal water. Easter vigil conversions in those countries occur in increasing numbers, particularly among the wealthy ad educated classes.

    I wish you good luck with your pipe dreams of Islam being the fastest-growing religion in the galaxy.

  8. Anonymous7:30 PM

    hehe took you long enough...well aren't we all the dreamers here, Christian

    Stop pulling my leg...The Vatican is so desperate that it has to publicize the baptism of ONE single man to the whole world to make us believe that the Christian faith is on the rise...any idiot can google and realise that the reality is entirely different,my desperately in short supply of even catholic priests that they have to look to Africa to import them to Europe.
    The message of Christianity is all very romantic u knw, love thy neighbor love thy enemy, give him ur other cheek, love n love, eat my flesh, drink my blood, confess atleast once a of the time do as u please, for the lord forgiveth(through His son, the Holy Christ ofcos)...
    n hu do u think ur talkin to here...jus nother begger on the streets of calcutta..let me teach u ur faith are some of the verses in ur Holy Books which mention stoning:
    Numbers 31:14-18,Deuteronomy 21: 18, 21,Deuteronomy 22:13, 20, 21,Deuteronomy 22:22,Deuteronomy 22:23,Deuteronomy 22:28,Deuteronomy 23:1,2....heheh...that's the actual gist of the matter wit reagrds to STONING accrding to ur book

    and im sure u must hv heard of the letters written by Mother teresa herself, questionin her faith...(ofcos meticulous research is underway to identify all the miracle she has performed, so that she could be hailed as a saint)...lets not frget the rampant pedohilia- always a spicy addition to the christian itinery.....lets not also frget the infighting over homosexuality....Christianity is today no more dear,hehe....and lets not frget the incest and all the self-contradicting verses in the bible........AND thrs always that trillion dollar question- can sombody pls explain the Trinity?
    God created Man in his own image eh...God must hv quite a dangler btwn his Holy legs too then, i gather...heheh

    this is not a distraction Christian...this is a wakeup call to let you know, that any person who has the "itch" to research islam will do the same on christianity, and realise that the latter is even more hopelessly beyond salvation....u may keep tryin till kingdom cometh, but it will b in vain.......u hv som nerv talkin about war is islam, wen we all kno the history of the crusades- who did spread religion by the sword i wonder...ehehe...christian this is a wake up call to u, in that if you say the issue is ISlam, then don't identify urself as "Christian" and lecture us!, and easter, and valentine- these are all today secular traditions once rooted in archaic christiano-pagan rituals
    don make me laugh gal.

  9. Anonymous7:37 PM

    n u better hop u do not arouse my interest here christian, cos i kid u not im a thron lik u hv not known befr....once i start my vacation i'l be so far up ur sweet arse that wen i speak it will be comin through ur mouth.

  10. Anonymous7:55 PM

    lemme be very frank wit u...i did try christianity- i studied it while i was in the twelfth grade; just for the heck of it, i wanted to see for myself what the bible had to say...n let me tell u, it's one thing to listen to ur fellow missionary and fall fr his smooth talk; and nother thing entirely to actually go thru the bible and learn it fr urself...that book is so fundamentally flawed and doctored, that what little of the original text was ther is now beyond salvaging...there is no authority on this planet today that can vouch for that book...and not just that- it contradicts itself so much, and one can see whr even it has been meddled with so clearly if one has th acumen needed....things such as 'confession' or the holy trinity etc ths are not even mentioned, and it is so obvious that these are more the obvoius elements of human adulteration of that once great book.....a similar situation is faced today by Islam; though not entirely similar; where An Islamic Priesthood has been in the making for the last couple of centuries(the so called clergy and bonafied scholars); with attempts at compartmentalisation of Gods msg and the development of a divine heirachy that serves to disseminate God msg to the masses...u get me christian?...fortunately none of ths loon hv had the balls to touch the Quran(the authenticity of whcih even ur Vatican will vouch for; whr they disagree is whether what Mohammed utterd was Gods word or not)...u see my dear, missionaries dnt tell u bettin u didnt even know about the stoning in the bible befr i told u.....most of the christian masses simply read the more eloquent proses on sunday, and depart with the conviction of the coming of the Lords son(on yr 2000 last i heard hehe)retiring to tea n biscuits....couple of decades bak they wr so hapily justifying the black n white segregation in america, saying "the lord madeth us diffrnt fr a reason" ignorant can u get....u christian are no threat to Islam...atheism is wot u shud be worried about...n islam too(in ur case heehehe)

  11. Anonymous7:59 PM

    wot i wudnt giv to meet u or ur kind(new converts)and burst ur pretty bubble! heheh...wot i wudnt giv...jus bring ur bible wit me, n i'l make an athiest out of u over night...u will not convert to islam(n not becos u wont beliv)...ego eh
    im gttin aroused here...n that is not good fr u christian....
    ur exercising ur right to freedom of expression- now watch me exercise mine.

  12. Dhivehi Christian8:42 PM

    From where I am sitting, it surely looks like you have been threatened by the conversion of Magdi Allam. He is not alone. You will have to look at Egypt, Malaysia and elsewhere in the Islamic dominions to see that there are hundreds of thousands like him. Magdi Allam has the luxury of being a prominent member of the Italian media and is able to organise round-the-clock security for himself against Islamic killers. Other prominent converts such as Malaysia's Lina Joy and thosands of ordinary converts cannot afford this and have to live in hiding.

    If you feel statistics prove that Islam is growing, then it has to do with Islam's brutality. Those who flee Islam do so in secret and, with the exception of people like Magdi Allam, cannot publicly declare their faith. So in your statistics they remain Muslims. On the other hand there are no Christian killers hunting down Christians who convert to other religions such as Buddhism, Bahaism and killer-cults such as Islam. New Muslims can publicly declare their cult-allegiance.

    You only have to put the two lots of statistics together to demonstrate that there is a net gain in numbers converting to your cult. Stimulate your cerebrum for once to see the myth of such net gains! If there is a bubble that can burst, it is the bubble of rigged statistics and inflated egos derived from it.

    The Vatican vouching for the Quran's authenticity? Tell me where it has done so!

    You? You making an Atheist out of me? Now you are making me giggle! Why should I worry about Atheism if Muslims like you are its missionaries?

  13. hahah suddenly I'm the missionary here seems to me that someone is desperately trying to evade the difficult questions i have asked on Christianity....sorri to hv planted ths seeds of weak is the pulpit on which you stand, that you need to keep throwing adjectives at me to try and keep the focus away from all the crap in the bible hehe...don you hav a respone fr any of that dear?..hehe...n ofcos all statistics are suddenly null, since they don't agree with you. ...(don be scared- read that article) looks like we have nother village idiot on the block....nother hill billy that needs to be taught what lies behind the labels of islamofacism and islamic terrorism....u think hamas n hezbollah are the only terrorists shud read about the farc rebels of columbia, the IRA, Basque terrorists, The jewish irgun(the progenitors of terror attacks in the middle east)...of cos these are legitimate seperatist movements as far as you're concerned....none of them were and are religious extremists...heheh how convenient eh

    Brazil today is the last remaining bastion of Christian ignorance that was build on forced conversions in the face of the slaughter/rape/plunder of millions of its natives by the invading spanish- whose exploits filled the coffers of the Vatican as much as did the european monarchs!
    but at least they keep to themselves(revering umpteen number of saints every other day of the week, worshipin them in the hope of reaching Christ..n perhaps..jus perhaps The Father himself through His fallen Son...eheh....);

    N christinaity havin lost any and all appeal in the liberal world is as usual turning to the idol worshipers of Hind and the Orient, to "guide" them to the path of the son of god(eheh i jus cant get my head around the danglers on both of them).....muslims don hv missionaries anywhere dear...they don go distributing free copies of quran along with rations of food and promises of free education and wotnot....islam for reasons that escape me as well, tend to spread by itself heheh

    ..America on today is controlled by a trinity of sorts that is designed to keep its hill billy masses subverted n subjugated and willin subjects , most important of which is the communal union between church & state(if u r under the impression that the federal US gov is secular(even the state of israel is more secular than the united states!!),then i can't help you, thrs only so much one can teach such ignoramuses...even dubya man thinks God elected him to the presidency lol(havin found God after drunken wasted phase in early life )....
    this is most aptly demostrated by the death grip of Christian fundamentalists who hold to the idea that israel is the promised land of the jews and as an essential prophecy that must be fullfilled before christ cometh(u knw, thy kingdom come-thy will be done n all that )...hallelujah!! is this lobby of Christian zealots(and their subsidiary tentacles of missionary groups across the states) and the corporate interest groups who wreck war and bloodshed on the middle east(CHRISTIANS KILLING DEAR!!)- purely for the purpose of fullfillin the promise of land of Palestine to the jews(n securing this occupation through the ethnic cleansing of its native arab population and redrawing of maps & the entire demographic of the region) an ofcos the oil fields for the godless corporate eagles who facilitate this.........of cos u alredy kno this by now, as do i.......but you need to ensure that the conventional rhetoric of islamic extremism and fanaticm threatenin the entire planet is kept alive by joinin the wave of propaganda that so conveniently(again) imagines that those coalition forces are there for purely secular and democratic reasons..hehe....
    the fear of the Islamisation of europe has extended even to the shores of north america, with canada also finaly havin gotten sucked into this quagmire hehe.........
    it seems inevitable though that this wave can be stopped(even without an islamic vatican or countless islamic missionaries), and despite the endless assaults by the likes of you and those famous muslim-refuseniks(that Canadian lesbian and the ebony wit the sliced n diced fanny, heheh).......absolutely no attempts are being made to spread islam compared to the limitless resources being dispensed to propagated the bible(in the face of a growing islam and the occult jewish bias against Christianity per se in popular culture and thought- why Hollywood is as much a threat to christianity as is islam!)...

    u knw thrs an openin fr a missionary to be stationed in Maldives by Joshua Project; mayb u shud apply fr that...mayb u alredy hv...cud get u lotta money, u knw...mayb even better than the schols ths royal a-holes in NZ are givin hehe

    ultimately you are being of great help to Islam, as is Irshad Manji n Hirsi Ali...hehe yes your'e helpin islam without knowing it.....(you need to think for a little while to realise this, for now im not gonna tell you how...heheh)....but here a clue, its the same reason why islam in its fundamental form is on a revival in the first world while you people cleanse its traditional strongholds off the old guard....same reason why in 50 yrs or so, Christianity may very well be limited to sections of latin america and the orient(this assumin they remain at the current level of ignorance that prevails in the arab world today) while the first world loses any and all vestiges of its Christian heritage...but mayb thats jus me being optimistic, for every effort is being made(thru media propaganda,illegitimate wars/aka state terrorism to ensure that europe dsnt becom a eurabia n the lik)..b/w read here about the science of terror

    in any case the entire demographic of religion will witness a major shift, and this will work to islams advantage, and to the demise of the christian faith.............mayb hard fr u to beliv but this is an unbiased understanding that will come to oneselves if ones "cerebrum" is openminded enuf, and knows enuf, n has the balls to see inevitability wen it come n slap u in the hiny..hehe

    regarding vaticans stand on the quran i must ask you if kno of any official record denouncing the quran(obviously they wont say unlik our holy book, thrz has been remarkably intact) authenticity i mean to say whether it is present in its original form from whence muhhamed uttered all that crap...hehe

    must be clear to u now, how much im enjoyin this :D

    o..b/w u realy ought to stop commentin in ur own blog in the second person.....u reali shud giv people som credit, not every1 is as stupid as a christian.......

    b/w wanna ask me how i knew you were a female?

    toodle doo

  14. Dhivehi Christian4:22 PM

    I have seldom seen this much fanciful, wishful thinking and off-the-mark guesswork keyed into one post. For the record, I am talking of your reply; not the original post by Dhivehi Resistance. The latter is always meticulous in his/ her facts.

    "u realy ought to stop commentin in ur own blog in the second person.....u reali shud giv people som credit, not every1 is as stupid as a christian......."

    What more can I say other than "I rest my case"?

  15. Anonymous7:51 PM

    wot more can u say, wen u hv nothin to say hehe...continue :)

  16. Anonymous3:40 PM

    The pedophilia in the bible was quite different, because girls were raped at 3-years of age by Moses and his men.

    Also, in Exodus 21:7-11 as further elaborated on below, girls were sold off as slave girls by their own fathers to other men. So most certainly, no one is qualified to call the Prophet of Islam a pedophile!

  17. Anonymous3:45 PM

    According to the Tannaïte Rabbis, Moses therefore had ordered the Israelites to kill all women older than three years and a day, because they were "suitable for having sexual relations." [138]

  18. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Numbers 31:17-18 (New International Version)
    New International Version (NIV)
    Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

    17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.;

  19. Anonymous3:58 PM

    According to the "Oxford Dictionary Bible" commentary, Mary (peace be upon her) was was 12 years old when she became impregnated

  20. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Joseph, Mary's husband, was "90 years old" when he married 12 to 14-year old Mary! Was he too a pedophile?

  21. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Joseph, Mary's husband, was "90 years old" when he married 12 to 14-year old Mary! Was he too a pedophile?

  22. Anonymous5:21 PM

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