Tuesday, July 10, 2012


"Narrated Aisha: The wife of Rifaa Al-Qurazi came to Allah's Apostle and said, 'O Allah's Apostle, Rifaa divorced me irrevocably. After him I married Abdur-Rahman bin Az-Zubair Al-Qurazi who proved to be impotent.' 
Allah's Apostle said to her, 'Perhaps you want to return to Rifaa? Nay (You cannot return to Rifaa ) until you and Abdur-Rahman (the impotent man) engage in sexual intercourse! '" Vol. 7:186

 When a husband pronounced his wife divorce three times “thrice divorced” and wants to remarry her, he cannot do it lawfully until he pays another man “Al Mohalil”(which means the legalizer) who marries this thrice divorced woman and (had sexual intercourse or consummating the marriage with her) and then dismisses her so that she may lawfully marry her former husband.

Stop the Islamic religious duty of Fuc-Kendun in Maldives! In Maldives there is an evil underground business of abusing women by raping them by the  “Al Mohalil” to satisfy the wishes of Mohammed prophet of Allah.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Attempted human sacrifice in the Maldives

But this time they failed. The blow to the head could have killed him. If Hilath had died it would be murder. What crippling effects the it may have done, we have yet to see. 

There are many explanations and reasons. And there are many people involved in this attempted human sacrifice. The man who tried to crush Hilath’s skull.  The attacker’s friends, helpers and supporters come next. And so on.

The accusations against him are the same old Islamic accusations. He had written blasphemous things.  
They said that about Rushdie and leaders of the Islamic world issued “fatwa’s” calling for any Muslim anywhere to kill him. 
A bounty was set on his head and in addition to the hooris in Jannah, the “jallaadh” would get a million dollars from the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Here in Maldives, the rhetoric is encouraging.  Abdul Majeed Abdul Baari, The most prominent Mullah of the Adhaalath party and Minister of Islamic Affaires has publicly proclaimed that "Shari’ah law ultimately requires the killing of those who leave Islam." 
This means that anyone who killed someone who "leaves Islam" is doing Allah's work, following his commands.

Those who perpetrated the attack on Hilath are also victims in many ways. They have not received a reasonable education in school. They have no knowledge of world history. They are ignorant of their own. 

Instead their heads are filled with the litany of grievances taught in the Madrasas of Pakistan. The Muslims  are in trouble because Muslims are not Muslims enough and the Jews are to blame. These stories are spread around the country through a well funded campaign originating from Medina,  Saudi Arabia.

To understand these people sometimes it is important to know what they read and recite. Their knowledge of history of the world is very limited to basically the Siarath and other Islamic historical stories that really would not even stand up to a common sense examination. 

In attacking Hilath they were doing what was done in Mecca 1400 years ago. In their minds some of them are living the times or Mohammed. There is this belief among them that the ideal life on earth was practiced by Mohammed and his followers. 
They are trying to replicate it now in Maldives.

A  famous episode in Muslim history inspires these people. The story of Asma bint Marwan. 

She was a poetess who belonged to a tribe of Medinan pagans. She composed a poem blaming them for obeying a stranger (Muhammad) and for not taking the initiative to attack him by surprise. 
Then in March 624, when the Allah-inspired Prophet heard what she had said, he asked, “Who will rid me of Marwan’s daughter?”  

A member of her husband’s tribe volunteered and crept into her house that night. She had five children, and the youngest was sleeping at her breast. The assassin gently removed the child, drew his sword, and plunged it into her, killing her in her sleep. 

 This attack on Hilath was Allah inspired. Shedding blood to please a god is nothing new. 

The Mayans ripped out the palpitating hearts of often willing people and offered it to Kukulkaan the "Feathered Serpent" God

 They tried to kill Hilath to please Allah the "Crescent Moon" God.

A statue of Allah the moon-god sitting upon a throne found at Hazar in Palestine in 1950. The crescent moon shape is carved across the chest. Many tribes had many gods that were placed inside the old hidhu temple in Mekka.  The crescent moon logo is found on Islamic state flags, hats, books and religious artifacts.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hithadhoo Court Magistrate Abdullah Farooq rules the Operation carried out

by Dhivehistan Brigade of Holy Warriors of Allah is Halaal to the extreme.

In a spectacular operation the Holy Warriors struck with precision timing. The evening prior to the SAARC unveiling ceremony, the despised idols were destroyed.
There have been several attempts to put them back, but now the verdict has come down from Hithadhoo court.

The popular TV Sheik Dr. Zakir Naik has been instrumental in inspiring the Dhivehistan Brigade and this historic and courageous actions of Hithadhoo Court Magistrate Abdullah Farooq. The Dr. Naik is revered by The Dhivehistan Brigade of Holy Warriors of Allah for his understanding of Quran and Hadith..

Following two months of targeted operation by the Dhivehi Brigade of Holy Warrioirs of Allah, Hithadhoo Court Magistrate Abdullah Farooq has declared the operations to be fully Halaal and ordered the removal of monuments gifted by the SAARC nations at the 2011 SAARC Summit “Building Bridges” held in Addu City.

The Maldives Constitution, itself based on Islamic Shariah, states that no action which displeases Allah can be upheld by the courts.

Read the report by Minivan News here
Farooq identified the monuments as “idols of worship” used by non- Muslims which could allow for the growth of other religions in the Maldives.
Farooq further argued that the monuments conflict with the regulations within the Religious Unity Act and were accepted into the country unlawfully according to the Contraband Act.
“No one has the authority to import anything prohibited under the law”, he said in the court ruling. Farooq has requested the Prosecutor General to take legal action against those responsible for setting up the monuments in Addu.
The monuments were unveiled by the leaders of Bangladesh, Pakistian, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka to commemorate the Maldives’ hosting of the SAARC Summit. The evening prior to Pakistan’s unveiling ceremony, its monument was knocked from its pedestal by protestors.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Sending the tourist to Hell the Maldivian way

Lured by the exotic brochures they come to visit the Maldives. Sun. Sand. Sea. holiday. Paradise.
They have so much fun they return!

The visiting tourist knows he is going to a 100% Muslim Nation. But he is unaware that his Paradise package that mustached man sold him at the Travel fair is going to land him in Hell.

Even though the Maldivian constitution was last revised as recently as 2008, it clearly states that a Maldivian citizen can only be a Muslim. And from this follows other laws and regulations which prohibit Maldivians from consumption of alcohol and any other behavior that is deemed outside of the Muslim moral code. And tourism regulation in the country is perhaps a good example of this. We facilitate tourists to travel thousands of miles and spend as much dollars to travel to the beautiful islands of the Maldives (of which we are the inhabitants) and do things we believe will only take them closer to hell; drink alcohol, engage in sex outside marriage, wear revealing clothes in public, etc. So we have a situation where we ourselves refrain from the bad things but actually help others who do not belong to our community to do these very sinful things. The same laws of the land has different provisions to different persons, and while some laws describe us as having certain unalienable rights, others deny us those very same rights.