Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scaring the Hell out of Saudi Girls..are the mullahs doing this in Maldives?

A Saudi writer laments the "preoccupation with death" at many Saudi girls schools. One can only imagine what other indoctrination is taking place there.

"Girls' Schools... Are Inculcating Extremism [in Pupils]"
"It appears that, for some teachers, [employing techniques based on] sterile drilling and destroying the girls' talents are not enough... They are also trying to destroy their souls through fear. These teachers are spreading 'the culture of death' without any supervision or control. Perhaps, in their ignorance, they are trying [in this way] to imbue their lessons with a moral [message]... and perhaps they are [only] doing this so they can put down 'religious activity' in their personal files... in the hope of receiving special commendation [from the administration].
"[But] whether inadvertendly or intentionally, the girls' schools are inculcating extremism [in the pupils]. Extremist women teachers with a pessimistic outlook on life are using scare tactics [in educating the children]. The Ministry of Education and Culture must not ignore this.
"Why can't religious guidance be administered without resorting to the discourse of fear? Why is the Ministry of Education and Culture ignoring these ideological attempts to transform our girls into lifeless and sickly creatures, and into future mothers who will be easily manipulated by a terrorist father, brother, or husband - because [in their early school years] they were polluted by [ideas] of terror, death, and rejection of this world?


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

and now more misunderstanding by the High Court?

Even after 800 years of Islam, the Gaazee's in the courts may have "misunderstood" our dear Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) views regarding sex between men and children. Something has even made them ignore international commitments and common sense. Now why would these Gaazee's educated in Islam go and do such a thing?
too often when children are abused, they get light sentences..

Below is the report from Minivan News...

A gang of four men cleared previously of raping a twelve-year old girl were sentenced to two years' banishment for "forceful sexual assault" in a high court appeal case today.

But in defiance of previous government pledges, the court has not imposed any prison sentence.

The state had appealed following a ruling last July that the men were guilty of "consensual sex before marriage", claiming the girl had agreed to have sex because she didn't "scream out" after the men broke into her house.

The men were then sentenced to eight months' exile from their home island, Lhaviyani atoll Kurendhoo, the minimum possible for sex outside marriage.

The High Court has now overruled the previous verdict, stating that sex was not necessarily consensual, and has increased the punishment.

But the victim's father said he is concerned the men will be free to reoffend - echoing previous comments by local women's and children's organisations.

The four men were sentenced to a total of two years' banishment and fifteen lashings each.
But the gang have already served part of their banishment sentence so face only eighteen months more in exile.

However the ruling directly contradicts a government commitment to the UN that child sex offenders would be imprisoned rather than banished.

The government had also pledged to change the law, which allows sex offenders to live and work among children on any island outside their own atoll.

The father of the victim, who has four children, said: "The government should not allow the criminal to have access to other children on other islands. No parent would want it."

The Attack

The twelve-year-old was attacked on January 31 2007 when the group of four men, aged between 19 and 25, used an axe to smash the window of the her bedroom before taking her from her bed and having sex with her.

The father also alleged that, although the defendants were said to have been under house arrest in Male' in the run-up to the trial, one of them, Ahmed Jaleel, had broken into a shop during that time.

He also told Minivan News that his daughter was "psychologically affected" by what had happened and has still not recovered.

In July, the judge noted "the girl had reached puberty" and found "she was a willing partner," because she had not screamed, struggled or told her sister-in-law or stepmother about the event.

But on Tuesday, High Court Judge Ali Hamid said that the explanation given for the decision that sex was consensual was inconsistent with Maldivian legislation and Shari'ah law.

State Attorney Hussein Shameem said he believed the new sentence was "probably about average" for such a crime.

During the prosecution case, Shameem argued the minor could not give consent for something that was harmful to her. He also said that just because the girl did not struggle, it did not mean she had consented.

Defence Lawyer Mr Shaheem refused to comment on the case.

"Protect Our Children"

A number of high profile sexual offence cases in recent years have increased pressure on the government to confront the issue and reform the law.

Local NGO Rights for All launched a campaign last year to raise awareness.

And the lack of harsh sentencing has led to an online petition calling for legal reform.

With about 200 signatories, it demands that current gender minister Aishath Mohamed Didi "protect our children" by condemning lenient sentencing.

"How can four men, who raped a twelve year old, be sent to an island - possibly four separate islands - where there will be other vulnerable young females?" Aishath Velezinee, of women's rights NGO Hama Jamiyya, said after the previous hearing.

more "misunderstanders" ...."He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"

Plotters wanted to kill British soldier 'like a pig'
An Islamist fanatic has admitted to hatching a plot to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier "like a pig" in a lock-up garage, a court has heard.
Khan, of Alum Rock, Birmingham, was "a man who has the most violent and extreme Islamist views", Mr Rumfitt said. "He was enraged by the idea that there are Muslim soldiers in the British army."

Once the soldier was bundled into a car, he would have been taken to a lock-up garage, Mr Rumfitt added. "There he would be murdered by having his head cut off like a pig.

"This atrocity would be filmed... and the film released to cause panic and fear within the British armed forces and the wider public."

Amjad Mahmood, 33, and Zahoor Iqbal, 31, who went on trial today, have pleaded not guilty to involvement in the plot.

Mr Mahmood denied failing to inform police about the plot, while Mr Iqbal denied possessing information likely to be useful to terrorists - namely a computer disc called Encyclopaedia Jihad.
From : The Telegraph

Teenage girl strangled in 'honour killing'
A 17-year-old girl died after being strangled to death by her brother in a Palestinian refugee camp near the Jordanian town of Jerash .
He was apparently angered by her absence from home.
The woman, who had been married for eight months, was accused of shaming her family and killed in a so-called "honour" crime.
This is the second murder of its kind in a month.
From: GulfNews

BJP leader killed in southern Tamil Nadu
A senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from Tamil Nadu was found hacked to death here, leading to tension in this volatile area with party workers raising slogans against minorities at his funeral Tuesday.
Rajapandi was killed Monday. BJP workers allege that the 53-year-old was killed in a lonely stretch of a state highway near Tenkasi, about 650 km from the state capital Chennai. A gang belonging to an Islamic denomination was involved, they claim. He died on the spot.
From: New Kerala

"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause"

1/29/2008 (Thenia, Algeria) - At least four people are killed in a suicide attack by Islamic radicals.
1/28/2008 (Swat, Pakistan) - Islamic militants drag a policeman from his house and behead him.
1/28/2008 (Handwara, India) - A 34-year-old man is abducted from his village and murdered by the Mujahideen.
1/28/2008 (Mogadishu, Somalia) - Two Ethiopian guards at a market are murderd in an ambush by Islamic militias.
1/28/2008 (Baghdad, Iraq) - Jihadis bomb a funeral procession, killing three civilians.
1/28/2008 (Kismayu, Somalia) - Two humanitarian doctors and a journalist are among four killed in a remote-controlled bomb attack.

Big News - Muslim group vows to combat misunderstanding of Islam!

"We frequently hear from Muslim spokesmen ....that today's jihad terrorists have twisted Islam, and have misunderstood its peaceful teachings. We have on many occasions noted the fact that this alleged misunderstanding of Islam is now a worldwide phenomenon, and that misunderstanders of Islam are often Muslim clerics who have devoted their lives to the study of the religion."
And here we go again. Six years after 9/11, 10,000 jihad terror attacks later, this Indonesian group decides that it's time to do something about all this misunderstanding of Islam. What will they do? That's not clear. (From Jihadwatch)

JAKARTA, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- The Indonesian biggest Muslim organization Nahdlatul Ulema (NU) vowed on Friday to stop the spread of misteaching of Islam, which could trigger radicalism and spark terrorism in the biggest Muslim country, the chairman of the organization Hasyim Muzadi said here.

Terrorim has grown fast in recent years in the country, which was supported by poverty and lack of understanding of the true Islam, through the spread of misteaching of the religion.

Among the teaching was hatred to the West and encouragement for retaliation through jihad in the form of attacks or suicide bombings targeting on the Western people or interest in Indonesia.

Many young people had been recruited and shifted to become suicide bombers, especially those from remote areas in the country which 87 percent of its more than 220 million population are Muslim.

Indonesia has been hit by a series of suicide bombings since 2000, including Bali bombings in 2002 and 2005, the hotel explosion in 2003 and Australian embassy bombing in 2004, that killed more than 250 people.

The more-than 40-millions followers Nahdlatul Ulema had the capacity to oppose the terrorist movement up to the level of grass root, said Muzadi.

"The Nahdlatul Ulama has a capacity to halt it (the spread of terrorism). The NU has an obligation to stop it. The (NU followers) at the grass root stage can be used to stop it," he told a press conference after meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the State Palace here.

The chairman of the NU said that tens of millions of members of the organization spreading across the archipelago would be a bastion of the spread of the wrong deliberation of Islam by terrorists.

"Should the followers of the Nahdlatul Ulema at the stage of grass root was already sterilized from the extremism, that would be very easy to stop the spread of the misteaching of Islam," he said.

Muzadi said that a proactive moves would be conducted to the community about the true Islam.

"We gave sermon to the people about how is the right teaching of Islam," he said.

Terorist has misinterpretated a Koranic verse about the legality for revenge through suicide bombings on infidels.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last night in Himandhoo after Ishaa namaadhu

supporters of the group of armed worshippers from the island's Dhar-al-Khuir mosque protested the torture and ill-treatment in police custody of their 62 men by doing this dance.....The video was shot in secret. These men believe Islam prohibits the visual depiction of humans and animals.

And later in the night the girls gave the men a show....and the men called on Allah for the booty to shake harder and faster....

Note: The cameraman escaped with his head and without a flogging....

"Zuvaanunge Azum Movement" of northern atolls are getting ready to do this..

for democracy and human rights..its the turn of the men to shake..

Dhivehi Girls in Arab "thun metaa" packaging shake booty for Democracy and Human Rights...

Watching the video I could not help but be deeply saddened, ashamed and somewhat even disgusted to see this feeble attempt by Dhivehi women to display their once proud heritage of independance and equality... What happened to these proud Dhivehi women?

The women in the video are not subjugated according to the agents of Arab colonization. In my opinion they have devalued their own worth and are denying their own sexuality because now they are being taught that they are instruments of the devil; lures placed to tempt and deceive Muslim men. These women are accepting their moral and social inferiority.

Somewhere under that "thun metaa" packaging still lurks some vestiges of the real Dhivehi Woman...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Arabian Dreams

Just replace Bengalese with Maldivian and read on....sounds familiar?

".....he undergoes such an amazing transformation that can be only compared to the phenomenon that zoologists call metamorphosis. The typical peaceful Bengalese, with soft, harmonious facial features, in which every educated inhabitant of our world would unmistakably recognise “a child of the Indian plains”, will adopt fully the typical appearance of an Arab in just a couple of months—from his clothing, through the expression of his face and to his manners. His countenance will become soon hard and harsh, a typical feature of the Semitic race from the Middle East and in his gaze—severe and imperious—one will be able to see unmistakably the fanatical flame so characteristic for all Arabs.

Before long, the newly fledged Indian Muslim will start not only to resemble an Arab, but also to feel and think like such. His emotional nature will become turbulent and untamed, his reactions vicious, and yesterday’s quiet man, the most peaceful creature on the planet, will start shaking fists in the streets, shouting—with bloodshot eyes and spurting saliva from his mouth—“Kill the infidels!” and “Allah is great!” He will abandon his people’s traditional alphabet devanagari that his Hindu ancestors have used for centuries, to adopt the Arabic script. And, to top it all, he will completely alter his name. If he was named with some beautiful Indian name—like Satischandra Datta or Dhirendramonah Chatterjee—now he will call himself Abdul Rashid or Ibn Abi al Husein. To adopt the name of some mythical personage of the early Muslim history—like Muhammad or Ali—would be understandable and could be justified, but to renounce all your former names for other ones with the only reason of them being Arabic is completely inexplicable.

Listening to the names of many young Bengalese from Bangladesh nowadays one can’t help but wonder if their parents had used for reference some telephone directory from Kuwait, Abu Dhabi or Saudi Arabia before choosing their children’s names… Is it possible that those people never feel they are committing a hideous treachery against a civilisation that is much older and greater than the Arabic one, and more important, has nothing to do with it?

Undoubtedly, the case here resembles very much what Westerners call “brainwashing”. It seems that the new Muslims on the Indian Subcontinent don’t realise they never can be real Arabs, and that this voluntary Arabisation is an extremely shameful phenomenon, a result of the still living colonial psychie and the low level of education on the Subcontinent. Never mind if it is English or Arabic colonialism. The fruits are all the same.

All said above gives way to even gloomier thoughts. Converting to Islam, Hindus totally reject their ethnical identity and adopt the Arabic cultural self-determination; with the demographical rise and the triumph of this Semitic religion, wide territories are being irretrievably lost from the sphere of the Indian civilasation and are moved, in the spiritual sense, thousands of kilometers more to the west direction. May be in order to achieve a full resemblance to the Arabian deserts the Bengali Muslims in Bangladesh have to take decision to import sand from Sahara to cover their rice fields with it, to build their own Egyptian pyramids and start labouring their land with camels rather than buffalos… Unfortunately in the humid Bengali climate camels can suffer from tuberculosis…

On the other hand, their Muslim brethren in Pakistani Punjab and Sindh (territories known for their dry climate) have already fulfilled their most daring Arabian dreams. Their country is already an exact copy of Saudi Arabia. They have built their paradise on earth."

From: About the Arabisation of Indian consciousness By Alexander Zinoveiv at The Organiser

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"One can step into the bathroom as a Maldivian and emerge as a stateless person and the authorities will be none the wiser"

The amendment to the draft constitution denying citizenship to Maldivians who are not Muslims does not appear to have generated much thinking or comments. There are some a few good articles from some like Simon and Fizan but writings on this subject are rare.
Recently I read this article
at Máldive Royal Family. The article examines the legal and constitutional issues and also provides some very interesting historical information that most Maldivians today would not know.
I am posting a few paragraphs from the article below. But I suggest that you visit the site and read the whole thing for a better understanding.
"In 1965 a Sri Lankan teacher named Gearse died and the authorities permitted a Christian burial. A colleague of his by the name of JV William carried a large wooden cross at the head of the funeral procession that wound through Malé. A full Christian funeral service was conducted publicly at the Henveyru cemetery, with all the pupils of his school in attendance.
Also in 1965, a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk, the Venerable Ananda Thero spent several months in Malé as a guest of the Government of His Majesty the Sultan of the Maldives. He was there to study our proud Buddhist heritage that was systematically obliterated by Islam in the twelfth and the thirteenth centuries. He conducted several worship sessions for Buddhist expatriates quite openly. For much of the 1960s and the 1970s, the government-run radio station in Malé broadcast an evangelical programme, which was relayed over a public address system in the northern harbour and firewood market areas. The Maldive authorities also allowed in a Christian missionary ship called the Logos in the early 1970s. School pupils were invited on board, ferried across in government transport and came away with copies of the Bible."
"No significant changes in the Maldive statutory framework have occurred since these events. The only change has been the abandoning of our ancient heritage of tolerance in favour of a culture of jihadist bigotry peddled in by the foreign-funded medrassas."
"No written constitution of the Maldives promulgated since 1932 ever stated that being a Muslim was a requisite of Maldive citizenship. Admittedly the relatively recent law on naturalisation of foreign nationals specifies that applicants for Maldive citizenship have to be Muslims but no such provision ever existed in the islands’ constitution. For that reason it may be possible to contest that the Maldive Citizenship Act is unconstitutional."
"In 2006, the Maldive Attorney General’s department conceded in writing to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief that while the Maldive constitution designates Islam as the state religion, there is in fact no constitutional provision expressly requiring Maldivians to be Muslim.
This therefore is a clear acknowledgement by the Maldive authorities that its reservation of 19 September 2006 does not imply that all Maldivians were required to be Muslims according to the constitution in force on that date. To amend the constitution or statutes now to make Islamic profession a requirement of Maldive citizenship would be clearly illegal under international law. Maldive members of parliament who advocate such an amendment would be in breach of their islands’ international treaty obligations. They would be deemed to be individually and severally in contempt of International Law."
.....Mrs Aneesa Ahmed, spokeswoman for the ruling Maldivian People’s Party (DRP) and government minister said “We know Islam allows people of other faiths to worship freely, but because Maldives has been an Islamic state for centuries, the people want to preserve that status and we respect their wish.” What Mrs Ahmed was effectively saying on behalf of her party was that, ‘yes the prophet Mohamed permitted limited freedom of religion to some non-Muslims, but we neither care too much about that nor do we tolerate such nonsense’. So not only is the Maldives giving the one finger salute to the civilised world, but it is giving it to Islam also.
"A law has to be enforceable. Birth to Maldive parents, naturalisation and voluntary renunciation of citizenship, according to law, can be quantitatively determined and verified. Consequently citizenship based on these criteria can be enforced. On the other hand, profession or otherwise, of faith in a religion can be kept private by the person who professes or renounces it. Therefore it would be legally impossible to quantitatively verify a person’s continued citizenship based on faith. One can step into the bathroom, for example, as a Maldivian and emerge as a stateless person and the authorities will be none the wiser." (Bold added by me)

To visit the full and original article please click Máldive Royal Family

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hermit crab flies to Jupiter...

I recently found out from two other bloggers that "Saudi Arabia, presented a paper to the UN conference in 1995 saying that there is absolutely nothing in the Quran which directly or indirectly forbids a woman to become the head of a state, or even suggests that she is essentially incompetent for the position"
Wow. Now isn't that wonderful. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Protector of Islam's Holy Places are quite clear on this matter. I thought, these people are not evil after all. We can go ahead and have a female President and Saudi Arabia can have a Queen.
But these mullahs at Adhaalathu party are being a spoilsport telling people that "The Prophet Said Women Should Not Rule The Country". Reading that article I went into a fit of rage and screamed that these misunderstanders of Islam must have attended Harvard or Tel Aviv University. But my friend quietly informed me that these mullahs had been trained at Medina Unversity and Al-Azhar.
Aaargh...those dirty Jews must have infiltrated the highest centers of Islam. Teaching these mullahs to say things that give Islam a bad name.

So I decided to ignore Sura (4:11), Sura (4:176), Sura (2:282), Sura (2:228), Sura (5:6) , Sura (24:31), Sura (4:3), Sura (4:3), Sura (53:27) , Sura (4:24) , Sura (33:52) and Sura (2:223) ( I had to completly ignore the last one because this verse is overtly sexual and there is some dispute as to whether it is referring to the practice of anal intercourse, which it has been used historically to justify (The thought of a Queen of Saudi Arabia, Protector of Islam's Holy Places being taken in this manner by her husband was too frightening to contemplate).
I also ignored a lot more suras and hadiths as none of them specifically forbade a woman to rule a country. They were mostly about how women were deficient in intelligence, they were evil and how a man should beat his wife and stuff like that. Having been ruled over by a narcissitic psychopath for the last 30 years, I am willing to try a woman leader even if women are half-wits and imbeciles. I am sure many Saudis would be willing to be ruled over by a women after all these years of doddering old kings hopped up on sagangooru and Viagra.
Nevertheless I decided to tackle the mundane practicalities of having a Queen of Saudi Arabia. Menstruation. No problem. A Tampax should fix that.
Women are not allowed to drive. Hey - leaders of nations don't drive. They have chaffeurs.
They have to be always accompanied by a male member of the family. Easy..a brother can sit in on the Cabinet meeting..
Can the husband beat the Queen? Hehe..that should be alright as long as it is not on the face..
What if the husband decided to throw the Queen of Saudi Arabia out of the window?
How can we deal with the woman being a merchandise always owned by a man?
All these questions finally sent my brain into overdrive. The arteries and veins tied up in knots and I was left with a question screaming and looping repeatedly in my head. It is a question we used to ask when we were in primary school.
Can you do a shit without expelling a drop of urine?

With that question screaming around my brain I went for a jog around Male' to calm things down. Afterwards I felt better and started to think of other things. We have all heard about how Saddam kept doubles to confuse those who would assasinate him. In this case we don't need body doubles. We just put the Bangladeshi gardener in a hijab.

I am sorry I cannot be more kind about this. Being surrounded by too many people with delusions is taking a heavy toll on me. Now I have seen a hermit crab change its shell into a flying saucer and fly off to Jupiter. Yeah. I did see that. But that was when I was under the influence of LSD.
These people happily trumpeting that "there is absolutely nothing in the Quran which directly or indirectly forbids a woman to become the head of a state, or even suggests that she is essentially incompetent for the position" are suffering from selective amnesia, delusions or taking drugs. Whatever it is, believe you me, it is very much like an acid trip.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Cutting Tradition - Will Maldivians who do this get together for the event?

When a girl is taken — usually by her mother — to a free circumcision event held each spring in Bandung, Indonesia, she is handed over to a small group of women who, swiftly and yet with apparent affection, cut off a small piece of her genitals. Sponsored by the Assalaam Foundation, an Islamic educational and social-services organization, circumcisions take place in a prayer center or an emptied-out elementary-school classroom where desks are pushed together and covered with sheets and a pillow to serve as makeshift beds. The procedure takes several minutes. There is little blood involved. Afterward, the girl’s genital area is swabbed with the antiseptic Betadine. She is then helped back into her underwear and returned to a waiting area, where she’s given a small, celebratory gift — some fruit or a donated piece of clothing — and offered a cup of milk for refreshment. She has now joined a quiet majority in Indonesia, where, according to a 2003 study by the Population Council, an international research group, 96 percent of families surveyed reported that their daughters had undergone some form of circumcision by the time they reached 14.

These photos were taken in April 2006, at the foundation’s annual mass circumcision, which is free and open to the public and held during the lunar month marking the birth of the prophet Muhammad. The Assalaam Foundation runs several schools and a mosque in Bandung, Indonesia’s third-largest city and the capital of West Java. The photographer Stephanie Sinclair was taken to the circumcision event by a reproductive-health observer from Jakarta and allowed to spend several hours there. Over the course of that Sunday morning, more than 200 girls were circumcised, many of them appearing to be under the age of 5. Meanwhile, in a nearby building, more than 100 boys underwent a traditional circumcision as well.

According to Lukman Hakim, the foundation’s chairman of social services, there are three “benefits” to circumcising girls.

“One, it will stabilize her libido,” he said through an interpreter. “Two, it will make a woman look more beautiful in the eyes of her husband. And three, it will balance her psychology.”


Many agree that a full ban is unlikely without strong support from the country’s religious leaders. According to the Population Council study, many Indonesians view circumcision for boys and girls as a religious duty.
........82 percent of Indonesian mothers who witnessed their daughters’ circumcision reported that it involved “cutting.” The women most often identified the clitoris as the affected body part. The amount of flesh removed, if any, was alternately described by circumcisers as being the size of a quarter-grain of rice, a guava seed, a bean, the tip of a leaf, the head of a needle.

To read the complete article please go to The New York Times

Is Maldives an Arab country?

"When you find that the members of parliament are nominated by the ruler, or else that half of them are nominated and the other half have bought their seats through bribery… - you are in an Arab country…

"When clerics are referred to as 'scholars' - don't be astonished, you are in an Arab country.

"When you are forced to worship the Creator in school and your teachers grade you for it - you can be sure that you are in an Arab country…

"When women are seen as house ornaments which can be replaced at any time - bemoan your fate, you are in an Arab country.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Memo to Sharafuthu

Dr. Zakir Naik is a snake-oil salesman or World's Greatest Showman or both. He looks and sounds just like a "moderate" muslim - all soft, nice, affable and gentleman like on the surface but he is a chameleon underneath. In reality the man is dangerous. He manipulates weak minds.

This Muslim preacher has now aquired a wide following among South Asian Muslims and you, Sharafuthu, may have become one of his victims.

He will tell you "O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith." (Surah 5:101-102)."
He will also tell you "The Holy Prophet himself forbade people to ask questions do not try to probe into such things." (The Meaning of the Qur'an, Maududi, vol. III, pgs. 76-77)

But I suggest that you examine his teachings more carefully and with an open mind. You must not believe what he says blindly without investigation. Therefore I suggest you learn more about Dr. Zakir Naik. A good place to start would be "World’s Greatest Showman" by Ali Sina and Rebuttals to Zakir Naik at WikiIslam.

Ali Sina on Dr. Zakir Naik:-

A good magician is dexterous and his moves are swift - so swift that they are hard to detect. However, if you replay his acts and watch then in slow motion, or even frame by frame, you may be able to catch his tricks. This is what I have done with Dr. Naik's talk.
There is no doubt that Dr. Naik is great. One must acknowledge the merits of his opponent. His greatness is in his ability to twist the truth. He is dexterous with words and has an excellent memory for remembering the verses of the Quran. If he was a lawyer and I was a criminal, I would want him as my attorney.
Sharafuthu, I hope you will take my advice and proceed to learn more about Dr.Zakir Naik.....

Rs 5,000 fine for shaving beard, music, TV etc...

“Shaving the beard is forbidden in Islam and I feel duty-bound to make every Muslim of my tribe sport a beard,” said Namdar.
The Tanzim Bilmaroof had earlier imposed fines for various acts it says are against the teachings of Islam. This includes a fine of Rs 50,000 for owning a dish antenna for receiving satellite TV broadcasts and a fine of Rs 500 for not praying five times a day.
The group has also banned listening to music and watching TV. It has also imposed a fine of Rs 500 for each audio cassette found in any person’s possession. Volunteers of the Tanzim Amr Bilmaroof have severely beaten tribesmen who do not cover their heads.

Reported by

Maybe we should be thankful that it is a fine instead of beheading!

Friday, January 18, 2008

"The Prophet Said Women Should Not Rule The Country"

Oh! why would that be? Its because of the deficiency in her intelligence. Not only are women deficient in intelligence. They are deficient in religion as well.

The fourth Caliph, who was Muhammad's son-in-law and cousin, said just a few years after the prophet's death that "The entire woman is an evil. And what is worse is that it is a necessary evil."
And these are the words of Ali ibn Abi Talib al-Khulafā’ur-Rāshidūn, of the "Rightly Guided Caliphs"

These mullahs in the Adhaalathu Party know their Islam better than the average person. They are people who have studied Arabic and the Koran in the best universities of Saudi Arabia (home country of Mohammed), Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia etc. So there is no surprise that they are trying to prevent an un-Islamic thing.

Women also comprise the majority of Hell's occupants. A Hadith even suggests that 99% of women go to Hell. The only women in heaven ever mentioned by Muhammad are the virgins who serve the sexual desires of men.

There are some "misunderstanders of Islam" (like this person commenting at MVMuslims who think that women are not evil but precious like diaomonds, gold and silver. But Adhaalathu will certainly agree with Jao that women are property and should be kept with good packings in full protective cup boards.

Is a woman worth less than a man? Absolutely. The only debatable point is by what degree. When it comes to inheritance "The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females". In a Court testimony it is "And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women"
We can go on an on.....Sura (2:228) - "and the men are a degree above them [women]"

I made a list of evil things:-

Woman ( my mother, my daughter, my grandmother, your mother, your grandmother etc etc..
So how could we allow a woman to rule? We could get hit by a Tsunami or worse..
All the men of Maldives could end up hanging by their balls on hooks in Hell for allowing a woman to rule !

Mohammed sees a red demon that is torturing women by hanging them up by hooks through their breasts, as they are engulfed in flames. Persian painting, 15th century.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Misunderstanders of Islam to blame for child abuse, says child protection group

Poor interpretation of Islam may be responsible for rampant child abuse across Indonesia, according to a national protection group.

In an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI), Seto Mulyadi, chairman of the National Committee for Child Protection (KPAI), said that many parents misunderstand what Islam says about physical punishment.

“There is a saying in Islam which states, ‘At the end of a cane lies gold,’ which parents have taken as advice to discipline their children,” Mulyadi said.

“Many parents don’t reflect on the teachings. They think that if you want well-behaved children, then it is ok to cane them.”

"But Islam actually means that parents should be firm with the child’s education,” he added.

Mulyadi also explained that many parents view their children as possessions.

“Parents feel superior and think they can treat their children however they want, thinking it is for the sake of their future or education.”

According to a new report by KPAI, an estimated 72,000 Indonesian children were abused last year, either physically, sexually or mentally, and most of the violence was carried out by parents or relatives.


I know that the response will be the usual "Islam forbids...Islam condemns..." and disavow any connection between Islam and this phenomenon. And the child abuse by Christian priests will be pointed out. But that is only deflecting the debate.
Too many people are "misunderstanding" Islam and this has to be addressed openly and honestly if we are to stop it.
For example in Saudi Arabia Muslim Religious Police "misunderstood" Islam and chained the doors of a burning school shut in order to prevent the little girls from escaping the fire. They claimed the little girls were not properly dressed.
If the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice misunderstands Islam, then who understands these things?

A Pakistan education minister has said that between 2000 and 2004 there were more than 2000 complaints about abuse of children in Pakistan's madrassas of which, two hundred were 'investigated', no arrests or convictions.

In Maldives we had the misunderstanders detonate a bomb in Male'. We have another misunderstander trying to murder the President in the name of Allah.

Do we want people to misunderstand Islam and abuse children? We are now happily aping the Arabs and so it may be that (TROUBLING VIDEO - BE WARNED) this becomes a common occurrence in Maldives.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beheading in the Name of Islam

Islam Online, a website that has mass popularity throughout the Muslim world has published a gruesome poem detailing how to behead a human being.

Here is exactly what the group posted, which is still up on its own page within Islam Online’s ‘Arts & Culture’ section: Click the link to see it.

How to Behead

Hold him
Tie the arms behind his back
And bandage his legs together
Just by the ankles
Blindfold the punk
So that he won't hesitate as much
For on seeing the sharp pointy knife
He'll begin to shake
And continuously scream like an eedyat
And jiggle like a jelly
Trust me–this will sure get you angry
It’s better to have at least two or three brothers by your side
Who can hold the fool
Because as soon as the warm sharp knife
Touches his naked flesh
He'll come to know what'll happen
It's not as messy or as hard as some may think,
It's all about the flow of the wrist.
No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream
But ignore the donkey's ass
And continue to slice back and forth
You'll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe
But don't stop
Continue with all your might.
About now you should feel the knife vibrate,
You can feel the warm heat being given off,
But this is due to the friction being caused.


We had the Bomb. We had the Allah Akbar Knifing attempt. I wonder how long before some Maldivian "misunderstands" and attempts a beheading in Maldives.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

What next? Honor Killings?

At this point it would be foolish to think that 'honor killings" will not happen in the Maldives.

Violence against women is a worldwide crisis. The so-called “honor killing” of women and girls in some Muslim nations is one horrifying manifestation of this global phenomenon. Honor killing, the practice of murdering a female family member who is believed to have sullied the family honor, enjoys widespread acceptance in some areas of the Islamic world. In Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries this is part of their culture and tradition. This heinous practice is even carried out by some Muslims living in western countries like the UK and the United States.

The blame is often laid at the door of "tribal customs" and people try to avoid the taint of Islam in honour killings. While saying that Islam has nothing to do with "honor Killings" many Muslims nations are not doing enough. Recently the Parliament in Jordan has overwhelmingly rejected a proposed law imposing harsher punishments for men who kill female relatives in what are known as "honour killings". Honor killings accounted for one-third of the murders of women in Jordan in 1999.

Since Islam is used as the justification for such barbarities, it becomes incumbent upon Muslim spokesmen to confront this directly, and to work for positive change, rather than simply to consign it all to culture, as if that absolves Islam from all responsibility.

As Maldivians embrace the culture of Pakistan, Egypt etc, we should be on our guard that these abhorrent practises in these culture do not enter into our society.

Bangladeshi women scarred by acid attack

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Profile Of A Would-Be Assassin" - religious program had a stong impact on Murushid

...those who know Murushid best paint a picture of a religious, yet disturbed young man, as Minivan News' reporters discover more about this would-be assassin.
Religious Recluse?
The year he left school, staff introduced a religious program for students. It had a strong impact on Murushid."
He started praying a lot, and listening to Koran readings," says his teacher, and he "calmed down a lot in class.""Yes, he became very religious," agrees Murushid's uncle, Mohamed Shareef, 28, who pinpoints his increased religiosity to around Grade 7 or 8.
"He [Murushid] didn't do this, others are responsible," she adds quietly.
Police have arrested four others in connection with the attack, who she says "collect Mohamed [Murushid] to take him to the mosque," and who are "all very close friends," according to the teacher, who says he doesn't know if they are involved.

Sadly the religious impact does not appear to have made him more peaceful.

Police Confirm Four More Arrests On Gayoom Stab Attempt.

And guess what?

He also said that the suspects are "very religious", but none have at this point been linked to any extremist group.

With thanks to Minivan News

Boy Scout Saves Gayoom from an 'Allah Akbar'...

"He had shouted 'Allahu akbar' (God is greater) before lunging at the president. The knife grazed through the president's shirt, but he was unhurt."

Here we go again...another misunderstander of Islam ...another episode of "taking the Quran out of context"...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

"There must be violence against women" says Yemeni columnist

This title may sound strange, but it’s actually not just a way to attract readers to the topic because I really do mean what it indicates. Violence is a broad term, especially when used regarding women. In this piece, I want to shed light on those instances where violence against women is a must.First, we should know the meaning of the word violence. Longman’s Dictionary of Contemporary English defines violence as “behavior that is intended to hurt other people physically.” However, the term violence mustn’t be confused with other concepts and terms such as gender inequality or absence of women rights.Occasionally – if not daily – we hear about events occurring in Islamic and Arab societies. Some human rights organizations recently have attacked violent acts against women, standing against any type of violence – even that between a father and daughter – and citing the cases of some women as examples.
Fathers are responsible for their daughters’ behavior, but human rights organizations deny this too. Brothers also should take action regarding their sisters’ behavior, especially if their parents are too old or dead. If a daughter or sister makes a mistake – especially a moral one – that negatively affects the entire family and its reputation, what’s the solution by such organizations?According to them, women should complain to the courts about any type of violence against them. Likewise, should fathers and brothers complain to police if their daughters or sisters violate moral, Islamic or social norms?Fathers should handle their daughters via any means that suits their mistake; thus, is it better to use violence to a certain limit or complain to the police? Shall such women then complain to the police against their fathers or brothers? It’s really amazing to hear this.

To read the complete article visit Yemen Times

Father killed Amina and Sarah - "He was really strict about guy relationships and talking to guys, as well as the things she wears"

While police refused to discuss a possible motive for the crimes, family and friends told reporters that the girls' Westernized lifestyle caused conflict with their Muslim father, who immigrated from Egypt in the 1980s.
"He was really strict about guy relationships and talking to guys, as well as the things she wears," Kathleen Wong, a friend of the girls, told KTVT-TV, the Dallas CBS affiliate.
Two boys who said they had been dating the sisters told KXAS-TV in Dallas that Mr. Said was upset that his daughters were involved with non-Muslims.
"She just wanted a normal life, like any American girl wanted," one of the boys told the NBC affiliate station, adding that Sarah "was always kind, gentle, always cheerful, always had a smile on her face."

To read more visit The Washinton Times

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Coming to Maldives soon - Male Belly Dancing

Male belly dancers are making a big comeback in Egypt. With our obsession for copying and imitating all things Arabic it will not be long before our coral islands are jiving, shaking and ululating the belly dance...
Maybe even become a tourist attraction..
It appears that male belly dancing was very popular with the Maldivian students of Al-Azhar. I have been told in confidence that X and Z and M and C were great belly dancers during their days in Azhar dormitory. For years they have kept it a secret as Maldivians were not up to appreciating the fine points of male belly dancing.
However, now that we love and imitate all things Arab, maybe some of them will recount and regale us with their belly dancing stories and - show us those sexy moves.

CAIRO: Farid Mesbaah, male belly dancer, hopped on a car in the Shobra District of Cairo and strutted his stuff.

He clanged metal castanets, magically converted his hips into pistons and twirled his head around like a centrifuge. The crowd seated at tables lining a dirt alley clapped rhythmically. Young men in jeans jumped up to wiggle along.

Mesbaah was performing at the opening of the Old-Time Moon Café, a gig that, along with weddings, birthdays, nightclubs and circumcisions, is typical for belly dancers. Untypical, at least in recent years, are performances by men.

Male belly dancing, a centuries-old Egyptian tradition, is making a comeback - against the odds, considering its periodic suppression by government and religious officials. The problem for Mesbaah is that his craft has long been associated with homosexuality - a taboo in Egypt.

"I just like to dance," says Mesbaah, who has seven children. "It's very sensual. I've been doing it since I was little."

To go to source click here