Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beheading in the Name of Islam

Islam Online, a website that has mass popularity throughout the Muslim world has published a gruesome poem detailing how to behead a human being.

Here is exactly what the group posted, which is still up on its own page within Islam Online’s ‘Arts & Culture’ section: Click the link to see it.

How to Behead

Hold him
Tie the arms behind his back
And bandage his legs together
Just by the ankles
Blindfold the punk
So that he won't hesitate as much
For on seeing the sharp pointy knife
He'll begin to shake
And continuously scream like an eedyat
And jiggle like a jelly
Trust me–this will sure get you angry
It’s better to have at least two or three brothers by your side
Who can hold the fool
Because as soon as the warm sharp knife
Touches his naked flesh
He'll come to know what'll happen
It's not as messy or as hard as some may think,
It's all about the flow of the wrist.
No doubt that the punk will twitch and scream
But ignore the donkey's ass
And continue to slice back and forth
You'll feel the knife hit the wind and food pipe
But don't stop
Continue with all your might.
About now you should feel the knife vibrate,
You can feel the warm heat being given off,
But this is due to the friction being caused.


We had the Bomb. We had the Allah Akbar Knifing attempt. I wonder how long before some Maldivian "misunderstands" and attempts a beheading in Maldives.



  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Does it make you happy to disprove Islam all the time? Looks like it has become a part of your entertainment process!

  2. anonymous,
    what do you mean by "disprove Islam all the time" ???
    This posting is not about proving or disproving anything. Its about what is going on in the Islamic world. This posting is about beheadings in the name of Islam.
    Comment about the posting instead of your imagined state of my happiness or 'entertainment process".
    Why is it that when these heinous deeds are done in the name of Islam you attack me for reporting these things?
    It will probably be some deranged fool like you who will try to behead someone in the Maldives.

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    these muslims are crazy. and muslims are crazy about swords.. look at the flag of Saudi Arabia. the country has a barbaric weapon on its flag. ppl like anonymous must be kept on watch.

  4. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Hey anonymous, you want to talk about proof-

    Sahih Muslim - Book 030, Number 5793:

    Abdullah b. Sarjis reported: I saw Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) and ate with him bread and meat, or he said Tharid (bread soaked in soup). I said to him: Did Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) seek forgiveness for you? He said: Yes, and for you, and he then recited this verse:" Ask forgiveness for thy sin and for the believing men and believing women" (xlvii. 19). I then went after him and saw the Seal of Prophethood between his shoulders on the left side of his shoulder having spots on it like moles.

    Tabari VI:46 "I also recognize him by the seal of prophethood which is below the cartilage of his shoulders and which is like an apple."

    A big fat mole is the proof of Mohammeds prophethood?

  5. The first anonymous commented should realized that these hate filled non-muslims like Ismail Rasheed aren't disproving Islam, they are just satisfying their thirst by attacking Islam. It's not something new.

    “Say: O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Do you criticize us for no other reason than that we believe in Allaah, and in (the revelation) which has been sent down before (us), and that most of you are faasiqoon (rebellious and disobedient [to Allaah])?” [al-Maa’idah 5:59]

    O disbeliever, woe to you from what will happen to you on the Day of Resurrection! Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “… so woe to the disbelievers from the meeting of a great Day (i.e., the Day of Resurrection, when they will be thrown in the blazing Fire).” [Maryam 19:37]

  6. Ismail Rasheed,

    Yes, Islam does allow killing some serious criminals like rapists etc...

    What's the big deal?

  7. The seal of the prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is not the only proof for his prophethood. There are numerous proofs! Qur'an is one of them. It has so many scientific miracles proving that it is from Allah!

  8. Anonymous8:27 AM

    the big deal is Muslims seem to revel in murdering. take this poem. this is exactly the psycho mentality that it is propagating.

  9. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I don't think this poem is a good peoem or anything based on Islam or whatsoever.

  10. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Mohamedans (folowers of islam) have extremely murderous tendencies. we must be careful of them.

  11. Dhivehi Christian11:39 PM

    The hypocrites have changed their page. These IslamOnline cowards could not handle the negative publicity and as usual have gone ahead and changed their page. Now they are claiming that they published another poem to criticise the original poem. It is good that many people took the effort to cache the original page. Muslims piggyback (woops! camelback) on to our technology without realising how robust that technology is.

    They can change their page but Islam will remain that violent and barbaric cult authored by that criminal pedophile Muhammad.

    Jao, you said "Islam does allow killing some serious criminals like rapists". Given that you always require scriptural evidence, mind giving me the exact verse that Mohamed wrote in the Quran where it says rapists have to be executed?

  12. Jesus Christ12:46 AM

    Dhivehi Christian.
    "Muslims piggyback (woops! camelback) on to our technology without realising how robust that technology is." I beg your pardon? YOUR technology? You have a patent for that?

    Verse in Quran for excecuting rapists can be found in the firt few lines of Surat-ul-Noor.

  13. What is wrong with you people? We follow the religion of our forefathers so don't insult Islam.

  14. Dhivehi Christian4:24 AM

    Rape is unlawful sexual connection by the rapist with someone else who does not consent to that connection. Those first few lines of Noor refer to adultery and fornication. Mohamed did not provide a formula that would determine that one of the people involved in fornication and adultery is an unconsenting person to sexual connection. That is why Islam cannot distinguish between rape on the one hand and fornication and adultery on the other. That is also why Islam regards rape-victims as consenting partners in sex with their rapists.

    So tell me where (this time quote the passage by giving surah and verse references please) I would find in the Quran that explicitly tells you how to distinguish between rape on the one hand and fornication and adultery on the other. Also tell me where the Quran says that the penalty for rape is death. Jao did say that "Islam does allow killing some serious criminals like rapists". Prove him right if you can.

  15. Dhivehi Christian4:31 AM

    PS: Or would you simply prove Jao to be the worthless Islamic liar that he is and let him migrate to yet another pseudonym?

  16. Dhivehi Christian4:57 AM

    All technology is patented invariably to one of us non-Muslims. When I say technology I don't mean stone or bronze artefacts. Tell me, is there even a single Islamic car, mobile phone or aircraft? Name it! Even that adan mobile phone is camelbacked on our superior technology.

  17. Dear ignorant, fool, dhivehi christian

    It is very foolish on your to ask to bring proof from the Qur'an only for the punishment of the rape. You failed to distinguish between your weird cult-christianity and Islam.

    Unlike your cult the rulings for Islamic laws not only come from the Holy Qur'aan! Infact authentic ahaadith, Ijmaau, Qiyaas are used too! As a ex-muslim I thought you would know this. But you didn't! Indicating that you are liar who is labeling yourself as a ex-muslim.

    Fool! Now enlight yourself about the ruling on rape in Islam.

    Ruling on the crime of rape

    The ruling on one who steals robs or rapes at knife-point or gun-point

    Also,you have given me a perfect opportunity to tell all the readers the punishment in your cult too!

    In your cult not only the rapist is punished, but to your surprise and shock, the rape VICTIM is punished too!

    If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.(Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)

    Although this Verse from the Bible only talks about virgins, but its the only verse in the entire Bible that talks about raping single women. Not to be biased or anything, but the Bible seems to have quite weird things in it that are quite irrational and quite ridiculous. Deuteronomy 22:28 forces the raped woman to marry her rapist. My question to the writers of the Bible is why in the world would any raped female victim want to be in the same town, not the same bedroom !! with her rapist?.

    If within the city a man comes upon a maiden who is betrothed, and has relations with her, you shall bring them both out of the gate of the city and there stone them to death: the girl because she did not cry out for help though she was in the city, and the man because he violated his neighbors wife. (Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB

    These verses are contradictory to each other. The first verse says to marry them both, this verse says to stone them both! However both punishments are barberic, because you can't punish the rape victim!!!!

    Dhivehi Christian, answer this. The ball is your court!

  18. When Muslim practiced Islam perfectly and in it's golden age there were many Muslim scientists who were far superior to the kuffar. Click here to know about the hundred's of Islamic scientists from whom the kuffar benefited from!

    Huge list of Muslim scientists and their biography from wikipedia

    Still, today many scientists are accepting Islam! Many scientists have said that Qur'an can only be a divine book. Follow this link!

    View of Scientists about the Qur'an [video]

    Non-Muslim Scientists embraced Islam after discovering the Miracles of the Noble Quran!

  19. The above link is not working. Here it is again.

    Videos of Scientists' view on Qur'an

  20. Dhivehi Christian3:37 PM

    Are you saying that the miraculous Quran could not say in plain words that rape is a crime? I was asking for a verse in the Quran; not some fathuwa by an Imam. Hadhees,ijumaa and giyaas are all well and good but the problem is that when they embarass you, you suddenly become a Quran-only Muslim. When the Quran embarasses you, you become a Hadhees,ijumaa and giyaas Muslim. Stop this jimaauvun around and make up your mind!

    Could your Allaaaah not preserve you people as leaders of science? Or are you just telling lies again? Look, we kuffar are leaders in technology and you Muslims are just backward ignoramuses living in the stone age. Name it! Name a single modern technological innovation that came from a Muslim or a Muslim country. NONE.

    Why don't you sort your Allaaah out? If your Allaaaah is a god it would keep you guys on top of everthing- not just leaders in pedophilia and terror. Go on Jao. Sort that idol of yours. At least give it an axe so that it could sort itself out.

    Yes Jao. I am an exMuslim. So what are you going to do about it? Don't tell me you are going to convince yourself otherwise so that you won't have to do what is required of you against an exMuslim.

  21. Anonymous3:51 PM

    look dhivehi christian, u keep ur mouth shout. I know a hell lot about you.

  22. Anonymous9:18 PM

    maybe you know more about dhivehi christian than your own Islam.
    Dont ask him to shut up. Why dont you debate him?

  23. Debate challenge for Dhivehi Christian!

    I invite you to have an email debate with me!

  24. Dhivehi Christian1:13 AM

    Any particular reason for an email debate? Are you seeking to flee the debate here? Can't you handle open debate?

  25. I am not fleeing the debate here. Before I have had a debate with you over here. But you didn't answer later on. When I talk about bible you run away. I don't want that to happen. Therefore I think it is useless to debate here. Also the tools are very restricted in this. Email debate will be much easier. If you want, you can publish the debate here. But this commenting thing is not appropriate for a debate. Don't be a coward this time, if you are a strong believer of christian, why don't you accept the challenge?

    email me at

    Thank you.

  26. What the hell is there too debate ? I'm sick and tired of Muslim apologists, while the Kafir gets our heads sliced off. Take your debates Mr and Mrs Muslims and shove it. You coelenterates are some of the most backwards , vile, bottom dwelling demons on the globe. May G-d have mercy on your collective souls. You complain more about this post, than complain about the beheadings. VILE BASTARDS.

  27. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Who is that missi intolerant creature?

  28. Dhivehi Christian8:25 PM

    Jao. The debate in this blog is about Islam. It is not about Christianity, Buddhism, Sikkism or Wiccan. The reason for the debate is because Islam forces itself down other people’s throats. I don’t know a country where people are forced to be Christians, Sikhs, Atheists or Witches. Every Islamic country forces its Muslim nationals to remain Muslim on pain of death. Followers of religions, on the other hand, are free to quit their religions. Followers of your cult are trapped. That is why we are debating Islam here. I don’t see any point in debating someone’s support for this or that football team, for instance, and so I don’t see any point in debating the merits and demerits of a religion. Yours is not a religion. Yours is a cult that is sick, violent and an imposition on the rest of the world. That is why the debate here is on your barbaric cult and not Christianity. If you haven’t got that so far, then it has something to do with the density of your scalp. Your attempt to debate Christianity is a well-known ploy to deflect attention from your uncivilized doctrine. Now read the following words carefully and get used to it. “I will not let that happen”.

  29. Quote " Anonymous said...
    Who is that missi intolerant creature?" You hit the nail on the head, I do not tolerate evil. Get over it.