Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hithadhoo Court Magistrate Abdullah Farooq rules the Operation carried out

by Dhivehistan Brigade of Holy Warriors of Allah is Halaal to the extreme.

In a spectacular operation the Holy Warriors struck with precision timing. The evening prior to the SAARC unveiling ceremony, the despised idols were destroyed.
There have been several attempts to put them back, but now the verdict has come down from Hithadhoo court.

The popular TV Sheik Dr. Zakir Naik has been instrumental in inspiring the Dhivehistan Brigade and this historic and courageous actions of Hithadhoo Court Magistrate Abdullah Farooq. The Dr. Naik is revered by The Dhivehistan Brigade of Holy Warriors of Allah for his understanding of Quran and Hadith..

Following two months of targeted operation by the Dhivehi Brigade of Holy Warrioirs of Allah, Hithadhoo Court Magistrate Abdullah Farooq has declared the operations to be fully Halaal and ordered the removal of monuments gifted by the SAARC nations at the 2011 SAARC Summit “Building Bridges” held in Addu City.

The Maldives Constitution, itself based on Islamic Shariah, states that no action which displeases Allah can be upheld by the courts.

Read the report by Minivan News here
Farooq identified the monuments as “idols of worship” used by non- Muslims which could allow for the growth of other religions in the Maldives.
Farooq further argued that the monuments conflict with the regulations within the Religious Unity Act and were accepted into the country unlawfully according to the Contraband Act.
“No one has the authority to import anything prohibited under the law”, he said in the court ruling. Farooq has requested the Prosecutor General to take legal action against those responsible for setting up the monuments in Addu.
The monuments were unveiled by the leaders of Bangladesh, Pakistian, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka to commemorate the Maldives’ hosting of the SAARC Summit. The evening prior to Pakistan’s unveiling ceremony, its monument was knocked from its pedestal by protestors.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Sending the tourist to Hell the Maldivian way

Lured by the exotic brochures they come to visit the Maldives. Sun. Sand. Sea. holiday. Paradise.
They have so much fun they return!

The visiting tourist knows he is going to a 100% Muslim Nation. But he is unaware that his Paradise package that mustached man sold him at the Travel fair is going to land him in Hell.

Even though the Maldivian constitution was last revised as recently as 2008, it clearly states that a Maldivian citizen can only be a Muslim. And from this follows other laws and regulations which prohibit Maldivians from consumption of alcohol and any other behavior that is deemed outside of the Muslim moral code. And tourism regulation in the country is perhaps a good example of this. We facilitate tourists to travel thousands of miles and spend as much dollars to travel to the beautiful islands of the Maldives (of which we are the inhabitants) and do things we believe will only take them closer to hell; drink alcohol, engage in sex outside marriage, wear revealing clothes in public, etc. So we have a situation where we ourselves refrain from the bad things but actually help others who do not belong to our community to do these very sinful things. The same laws of the land has different provisions to different persons, and while some laws describe us as having certain unalienable rights, others deny us those very same rights.