Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Profile Of A Would-Be Assassin" - religious program had a stong impact on Murushid

...those who know Murushid best paint a picture of a religious, yet disturbed young man, as Minivan News' reporters discover more about this would-be assassin.
Religious Recluse?
The year he left school, staff introduced a religious program for students. It had a strong impact on Murushid."
He started praying a lot, and listening to Koran readings," says his teacher, and he "calmed down a lot in class.""Yes, he became very religious," agrees Murushid's uncle, Mohamed Shareef, 28, who pinpoints his increased religiosity to around Grade 7 or 8.
"He [Murushid] didn't do this, others are responsible," she adds quietly.
Police have arrested four others in connection with the attack, who she says "collect Mohamed [Murushid] to take him to the mosque," and who are "all very close friends," according to the teacher, who says he doesn't know if they are involved.

Sadly the religious impact does not appear to have made him more peaceful.

Police Confirm Four More Arrests On Gayoom Stab Attempt.

And guess what?

He also said that the suspects are "very religious", but none have at this point been linked to any extremist group.

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    of course Islam had nothing to do with..even though the religious program had a big effect on him