Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rs 5,000 fine for shaving beard, music, TV etc...

“Shaving the beard is forbidden in Islam and I feel duty-bound to make every Muslim of my tribe sport a beard,” said Namdar.
The Tanzim Bilmaroof had earlier imposed fines for various acts it says are against the teachings of Islam. This includes a fine of Rs 50,000 for owning a dish antenna for receiving satellite TV broadcasts and a fine of Rs 500 for not praying five times a day.
The group has also banned listening to music and watching TV. It has also imposed a fine of Rs 500 for each audio cassette found in any person’s possession. Volunteers of the Tanzim Amr Bilmaroof have severely beaten tribesmen who do not cover their heads.

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Maybe we should be thankful that it is a fine instead of beheading!


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Your friends at Adhaalath and MV Muslims are looking forward to the day when they can ban shaving.

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Shaving beard, listening to music, watching naked women on tv are haraam in Islam.

  3. ޕިންޑޭ2:37 PM

    ނަގޫބަޅާ ކަލޭ އަމާ ދެފައިދޭތެރޭގަ ވާކަންތަކުގެ ވާހަކަ ނުލިޔެ ދިވެހި ރާއްޖޭގަ ވާ ކަންތައްތަކުގެ ވާހަކަ ލިޔެބަލަ

  4. Dhivehi Christian8:32 PM

    It has to be a barbaric doctrine that forces its followers and others to grow beards, wear veils and refrain from listening to music. Mohamed had epileptic fits when he thought he heard an angel deliver the Quran to him. Music sounded spooky to him because it reminded him of his experince in some of his fits.