Friday, October 05, 2007

The Maldives Terrorism Industry : Safari-Suit Mullahs

When these islamic "scholars" from Al-azhar came to Male', they brought Muslim Brotherhood with them. Maldivians became al-akh with Al-akh Yasser, Al-akh Saddam, Al-Akh Gaddhaafee and other Arabs. Maldives became partners in terrorism. soon the yacht Nabila belonging to world famous convicted arms dealer al-Akh Adnan Kashoggi was anchored in Male' Harbor. Al-Akh Yasser began operating Air Maldives.
To build the Maldives Terrorism as a self-sustaining and viable industry, Mauhadhu and Arabiyya schools were started. Lengthy double periods of Islam were started in all schools. The man in charge of this operation was Al-akh Zahir Hussein Al-Azhary.
Al-Akh Mau'moon carefully programmed the radio and tv to teach the people true Islam (or Mohammedan Terror). People were now spoon fed terrorism in their living rooms and thru the airwaves. Al-Akh Fathullah ensured that Maldives followed an anti-western foreign policy. Maldivians were not friends with the west anymore. We would stand by our Muslim Arab Akh. We were ready to fight the jihad alongside Al-akh Yasser to "liberate' al-Quds.

These mullahs would discard their safari-suits for Savile Row suits. But they laid the foundation to a self-sustaining Terorism Industry.

To be continued

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