Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nigeria: Nine Christians murdered over cartoon drawn by a Muslim in Bangladesh

"The information given was that they saw a cartoon on the internet and they discovered that this cartoon was drawn by a 20-year-old Muslim boy from Bangladesh and they decided to visit their anger on innocent Christians and their churches.

"I have been told that nine people including a youth corper are confirmed dead and several others injured while the local government in a desperate attempt to cover the dastardly act pretended to be taking the victims to the hospital while in reality they sent some of the victims to Bauchi and some other places around so that people will not go there and see the number of destitutes or refugees caused by this incident.

"That is the information available, so far. What we have done is to ensure that the vice president is informed," he alleged.

He said Christians and their leaders were getting worried because both the Christian leaders and Muslims had been holding series of meetings within and outside the Nigerian Inter Religious Council (NIREC) to see how to bring about peaceful coexistence between followers of the two religions. Salifu regretted, however, that "the more we continue to meet with Muslim leaders the more some of these people attack our people.

From AllAfrica.com


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  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Why not question, their purpose for drawing the pictures? They too in my opinion are equally responsible for harming peace. People from both sides are quite backward.

  3. They are not equally responsible.
    One person was excercising his fundamental human right of freedom of speech.
    The others murdered people in response.
    you are quite backward for not seeing this obvious difference. I assume Islam is hampering your ability to think clearly.

  4. Anonymous10:39 PM

    whatever purpose he had to draw the picture does not give others the right to take human life.
    you are condoning murder by equating the killings with drawing a picture.
    Ismail is right. You have no ability to think clearly. In your desire to defend your fellow Muslims you are trying to blame the cartoonist for the murders.

  5. Anonymous9:31 PM

    This is the consequence of mocking the faiths of billions!!!! Next time beware!! It is our right to be in Islam. No one in this earth can draw such things. If someone does that we would boycot him. But we wont go for killing unless they compell us to kill!

  6. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Who is this ismael rasheed?

    R u just a fool??

    Is it islam which has to be blamed if some one murders?? Why should they draw the cartoon at first? Weren't they willing to get killed?? They shud know before drawing that, what may happen. Because there are many people who may be little bit emotional. So they shud first understand that everone is different!

    You maysay thats freedom of speech! What it I draw cartoons for ur mother and say this is freedom of speech? WIll accept that or say that have interupted you right? Perhaps you may say that I accept if u r commit incest...

    You Christians don't have the ability to think with a logical mind! If you want to be chrstians then be. We dont care for your ignorance. But DONT open your sick mouth to say anything about Islam when you don't know!!!

    Have we ever said bad words to your so called "son of god"? No, we didn't! You christians are the ones who go and say bad words rather than preaching your faith in a decent way! I understand, that may happen because you are follwoing a book of contradictions!