Friday, October 19, 2007

Courage required to face the facts

Is the bomb explosion that injured 12 tourists a new chapter in an old war?

When the Muslims arrived in Maldives, the people were Hindhu/Buddhist and had been for more than a thousand years. The islands were dotted with Buddhist temples and considered sacred territory by the Vedic people of the region. Ibn Batuta, the most infamous of the Muslim Arab colonizers, describes how the Maldives were peaceful and free from attack.

Before the Muslim Arabs could bundle up the women in burkhas and teach true Islam to the island people, the Portuguese found the ocean route to this ocean. The new invaders drove out the Arabs, but the ideology of Islam had gained a foothold. The imposition of the ideology was now carried out by surrogates. At times as in the case of Ibn Batuta they were traveling Arabs and at other times they were men who had traveled to Arabia and North Africa.

People who are going around claiming Maldivians have always been a hospitable people who have welcomed visitors to these islands may be referring to another peaceful time before the arrival of Islam that is mentioned by Ibn Batuta.

Good intentions are not enough. We must examine the truth. This is not the first attack on foreigners. The people on the ship that carried the Kaanzee Kamanaa were killed. Are we forgetting that the Frenchman Pyrard's shipmates were left to die of starvation?

Historical records such as the Loamaafaanu copper plate engravings clearly show that the bloodiest chapter in the history of the people of these islands came with the arrival of Islam. People were driven out of the islands where they once lived unafraid of attack. Men underwent forced circumcision, and women suffered genital mutilation. The Buddhist monks and those who did not accept Islam were beheaded in the biggest bloodbath in the history of the islands.

In contrast to what is continuously expressed and taught, Islam arrived in Maldives not peacefully. To clearly understand what happened in Maldives on the arrival of Islam, one has also to read the records of Muslim atrocities in India and beyond. The genocide of the Hindu-Buddhist people on the Indian sub-continent and South Asia at the hands of the Muslim invaders is still the biggest killing spree in all human history. Islam gained a foothold on the people of these islands through violence and terror.

To find a peaceful solution to the problem, what is required first is intellectual honesty. We must stop reciting and repeating what is clearly not true. A good starting point would be to admit that our people did not convert peacefully but were murdered and terrorized into submission.


  1. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Very true, dear writer. The Indian subcontinent has become an extremely murderous place. Pakistani Muslims bomb, stab and kill each other everyday. And Islam arrived in Maldives and murdered people into submission. We must admit that Arabs have killed our people, millions of Hindhus and Buddhists in some of the greatest atrocities the world has ever seen.

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    "aaai dooant beleeeev theees."
    - Hajja in "Manzilakee theee ey magey", when Shaanim leaves Party without cutting birthday cake.

  3. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Amaey? Munjey?

  4. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Ey arabi foakaa kae nikan fenilaba, abadhu bondhaigen hurey 4key 4key v dhunas meehaku kaley kiyaa ehche gabool nukuraane , kerenya kerigen kurimathi laabala , kaleyge (LOL)kalaange kaley ah rahmail laavanetheve , nagoobalhu arabiguiter, thilhai fenijiyaa nimunee , chakas pakas.kekekeek

  5. Dhivehi Christian4:58 PM

    How very true indeed, Adam! Maldivian Muslims are not hospitable at all. Whatever hospitability that there was, was the result of our indigenous Hindu-Buddhist heritage. Real Islam being forced down our throats by the Saudis, the Pakistanis and their accomplices are ensuring that any remnants of that proud heritage are wiped out.

    Even now, foreign, non-Muslim men who want to marry Maldivian women are treated harshly. They are forced to undergo genital mutilation, are forced to adopt a Saudi or Paksitani name and required to change their passports with that name. No consideration is given these people’s own backgrounds or heritages. In other countries such behaviour would be regarded as racism.

    People who have criticised you here have exhibited typical Islamic behaviour. One person says “I don’t believe this”. They have not said why they don’t believe you. None of your facts have been challenged with evidence.

    Another person who calls himself/ herself “Anonymous” criticises you for possibly using a pseudonym. That is typical Islamic behaviour. Muslims do not judge themselves by the same standards that they use to judge others. The same person also threatens to harm (“chakas pakas”, whatever that means) you if they find out who you are. Say no more! That person proves that he/ she is an Islamic terrorist.

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I think dhivehi christian said some bad words and published it under Anonymous. Then he rebutted that. Hilarious indeed.

    Any way whether it was done by a muslim or not, it is forbidden to utter bad words in Islam. So if one muslim does that it is not Islam which has to be blamed but the one who did that!!!

  7. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Hey you fool dhivehi christian

    Muslim girls are forbidden to marry with non-muslims. If it was allowed you would have taken our sisters and daughters and would have pissed on their brains! Like just now you pissed.

    Get lost from here. The smell is too bad!! You (shaytaan)are pissing on this blog!!

  8. Anonymous6:45 AM

    This Kaafir christian is very rude and had said lots of bad words to our Prophet.

    I wonder, is this how christians preach christianity?? Just mocking the Prophet of other faiths?

    If it is so, then i am sorry you no one is going to believe in you!

  9. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Hey dhivehi christian

    We are not the ones who judge people unfairly. You are! Because just now you have seen an ignorant muslim threting u, and have concluded that all muslims are like that. What kind of brain do u have? Are u using some drug?

    You Christians dont know how to preach your religion in a decent way. You just go say bad words to Islam. WHo is then going to belive you kid? No one!

    If u are critisizing islam like that without any authentic proof and saying bad words, then better be alert that you may recive some threatening!! It is not the muslim who have to blamed! It is u!! Because you dont know how to interact with people of ohter faiths!

    Have we ever said bad words to ur so called "son of god"? No. It is you who cant control your mouths. if you dont know how to talk with people better go away from us and live in a jungle or in your church!!!

  10. Anonymous7:22 AM

    މަށަށް ހީވަނީ މި ދިވެހި ކްރިސްޓިއަނެކޭ ކިޔައިގެން މިތެޅޭ ވަގަށް މިތާ ހުރިއެއް ވެސް އެއްޗަކަށް ރައްދު ދޭކަށް ނޭނގޭހެން އެކަމަކު އަދިވެސް އުޅޭނެ އެހެން މީހުންގެ ދީނާ ބެހެން ބަލަ މި މާކަނައަކަށް ނުފެނޭތަ މީތިންގެ ބައިބަލްގަނޑުގަ ހުތުރު ލަދު ވާހަކަ ލިޔެވަފުރި ކަމެއް އޭގައި އެބައޮތް ބައްޕައާއި ބެހޭ ވާހަކަ ވެސް މަށަށް ހީވަނީ މީތިންގެ ބައްފަޔާ ބެހޭކަށް ވެސް ފަހަށް ނުޖެހޭނެ ހެން

  11. Anonymous10:14 PM

    i think this guy is jelous of how peaceful we are