Monday, October 01, 2007

more blood shed

10/1/2007 ( Bannu, Pakistan ) - A Shahid disguised with a burka 'martyrs' himself at an outdoor market, taking over a dozen innocents down with him.

10/1/2007 ( Narathiwat, Thailand ) - Buddhist monks are among the casualties of a string of bombings that leave at least one dead.

9/30/2007 ( Narathiwat, Thailand ) - Two civilians are shot to death by militant Muslims while riding a motorcycle.

9/30/2007 ( Ghazni, Afghanistan ) - Eight local police are massacred in an ambush by Sunni radicals.

9/30/2007 ( Helmand, Afghanistan ) - A 15-year-old boy is hanged by the Taliban for having US dollars in his pocket, which are then stuffed into his mouth.

9/30/2007 ( Kandahar, Afghanistan ) - Two police officers are killed trying to defuse a bomb planted by religious extremists.

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