Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Love Is a Word from the Decadent West

"There are people who will look at this image and be able to continue with business as usual -- without disgust, nausea and rage. We are beholding the fiercest barbarism imaginable. But a carefree cultural relativism -- which this age has donned as its outward manifestation of decadent indifference -- allows many to simply look away. They turn away from the sight of an 11-year-old girl, who is about to be raped by the man sitting next to her.
Love Is a Word from the Decadent West
It is likely that all of the female forebears of the girl in the photograph were likewise sold -- and the girl, no doubt, saw it as her fate. At the same time, she realizes that what is happening to her is not right. She might think it is "natural" for a young girl to be sold, but she also knows that it's neither good nor legitimate for her to spend the rest of her life as this man's slave. It is a type of knowledge that has little to do with experience. Rather, it is knowledge that is rooted in humanity, and in the hopes and dreams of a little girl.

The man in the image is oblivious of his wrongdoing. He's only doing what his forefathers did. Sticking to traditions increases the chances of survival. His seed will create a new person and strengthen the clan. He will impregnate this girl without love and without regret, since love is a word from far-off stories and songs, a word from the decadent West,..... .. .. "

An 11-year-old child bride sits next to her 40-year-old fiance. For UNICEF, this was the Photo of the Year.
"Our eyes behold an abomination. Our eyes have learned to see the world from the perspective of a slowly acquired sense for humanity. And although more and more voices tell us that we -- the former colonialists and imperialists -- have lost the right to judge other cultures, we know just as well as this girl that this marriage is wrong.
I believe that there are regressive cultures. In an era of political correctness, this is a tricky statement. But there is no other statement that can be made about this image. We behold a regressive man, who is taking what he has purchased."
To read the complete article by Dutch writer Leon de Winter lamenting the perversity of this wedding picture please visit SPIEGEL ONLINE


  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    sickos...makes me puke..inhuman savages

  2. Anonymous1:57 AM

    whats your problem?
    Do you want to question the wisdom of our Merciful creator Allah(SWT)?

  3. Anonymous6:47 AM

    If the girl agreed to marry this man without any forces this marriage has nothing wrong! But this man should wait till, the girl reaches puberty to consumate the marriage. The so-called thying is a deluding lie against Islam. That practice has nothing to do with Islam. Sex between husband and wife can take place when both reaches puberty. Also before sex this man should give dowry to her too.

    However if the girl was sold or the girl was forced then she has the right to have a divorce. She can very well do that by asking her parents to go to a court. This will be the case if these two are Muslims. In Islam no one can force someone to marry without his/her will.

  4. Asking her parents to go to a court?
    The parents have already agreed, taken the dowry money and spent it!

  5. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Have the child agreed? If not she can complain to anyone so that the she can get a divorce by a judge. BTW the parents can't take the dowry money, it should be given to the wife to to her parents. It is her right to have that money. It is clear that Islam doesn't allow a women to be in a forced marriage. She has the right to get divorced and it is allowed in Islam!

  6. I could not understand what you mean by
    "BTW the parents can't take the dowry money, it should be given to the wife to to her parents."
    Please explain where this dowry money goes?
    Does the child keep it with her?

  7. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Sorry I made a typo. Let me correct it.

    "BTW the parents can't take the dowry money, it should be given to the wife to NOT to her parents."

    Obsolutely the dowry will be given to the wife. Parents have no right over it.

  8. Anonymous7:36 PM

    i have a question. can the old muslim man play with his penis on his own and can he leave the child alone to grow up?

  9. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Masturbation by himself will be prohibited in Islam no matter he is married or not! It is strange that u use the term child, if she has reached her puberty she is no longer a child. She will be an adult who is capable of bearing a child. So even if this woman is 11 years old she can have sexual intercourse with the husband if she has reached puberty. If the woman don't want to have sex, she can masturbate her husband and vice versa. If sexual intercourse can give a direct harm to her, the husband should keep away from anything that may harm her. He should deal with her with love and care. So if the woman is healthy and intercourse will not harm her, there is no need to wait any more! Because children younger than that also masturbate some times. Masturbation is prohibited in Islam if it is done with his/her own hands. But the husband can do that to her wife and vice versa. Islam asks to marry as early as possible to avoid any illict sexual act.