Saturday, September 29, 2007

the bomb attack is not a surprise

It has been very obvious for a long time that a terrorist attack was coming. The signs and rumblings have been loud and clear. And now twelve tourists are injured in an explosion in the Malé’s Sultan Park, in what appears to be a planned attack by those who wish to impose Sharia.
Right after the bomb in Bali, it was obvious that sooner rather than later there would be a bomb in Maldives. The rapid build up to this has been apparent in every way. In speech, in action, down to dress details it has been screaming that a bomb was about to happen.


  1. Dhivehi Christian7:59 PM

    Only the abolition of Islam would save Maldives

  2. Dhivehi Christian8:02 PM

    Maldivian government and opposition have been covering up the extent of the of Islamic radicalism. Others have been sounding warnings for sometime. No one has taken heed. Now it is all too late

  3. Anonymous10:30 PM

    LOL who knows this must be a dhivehi christians work, you guys hate us muslims right, dude i told you even before that you few rotten minds are preparing for this kinda sick things...dont talk, we knew its a work of you type of guys, hell be with u..

  4. Anonymous11:24 PM

    No doubt this is your work Christians!

  5. concered mate10:12 PM

    I reckon this attack is targeted to the country's economy by foreign elements. Maldvian people capacity to think coupled with patriotism cannnot device such a attach

  6. Anonymous8:14 PM

    This probably the work of foreign elements. Very likely the culprit is Saudi Arabia. They are teaching jihad ideology in Maldives.

  7. Anonymous10:41 AM

    hey morons. who was behind it? crazy muslims. read the news, idiots.