Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mullahs to arrive soon in Male' to teach wife-beating

As more Maldivians learn the true teachings of Islam we can expect more wife beating. I found some videos on youtube that show what Islam says about wife beating. No, its not a sport. Its a holy duty under certain circumstances. And soon Arab teachers will be coming for their annual indoctrination festival in Ramazan. They will teach Maldivians why, how, and when to beat their wives.
Do yourselves a favor. Search youtube and you will be enlightened on what Islamic scholars and mullahs says about wife beating (and more).
OR you can click here to go there directly. Or for more on wife beating you can click here.


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Try learning before ranting...wife beating is not part of Islam its those anti-islam ppl misleading before you rant after them like mindless zombies do a favor and learn about it...

  2. Two Michigan State University law students have written a scholarly article on wife beating and wife discipline in Islamic Law, posted on Cienfuegos blog at and I have posted brief comments on my Therapeutic Family Law blog at

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