Sunday, October 15, 2006


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I do not get what's happening in the picture so cannot give any comments

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    vainrooney: do you get anything?

  3. vainrooney,
    no need for you to comment. You do not yet understand even the topic.

  4. Anonymous11:05 AM

    adam moses, ur right. even u guys donno what the picture is about. No wonder u didn't leave any title or description. Afterall, u ppl are after every single opportunity to say some bad things about Islam. IF YOU KNEW, IT'D BE THERE :-)


  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Looks like the person did sumthing very wrong. No wonder the guys around him look enraged.

    Come on people, if somebody did a crime he has to be punished.

    Adam Moses, I think you shouldn't just put post photos which you didn't take just like that. You are breaking copyright laws.

  6. Kudahuththu2:14 PM

    He was a Bangladeshi Hindu. Bangladesh was a Hindu-Buddhist country under Islamic occupation for sevaral centuries. He happened to be walking past a mosque when the Friday head-banging hate ritual was over. The hate-filled Islamic freaks came out after worshipping their stone god Allah to get the first native (non-Muslim) they could lay their hands on and they found this man. They grabbed him and took him inside the mosque and beat him to death while he begged to be spared. This was done in full view of children. This is real Islam at work. Mohamed killed, raped and maimed. His followers do the same. This man's "crime" was simply not following Mohamed.

  7. Anonymous2:47 PM

    i really dont think that story is true. i am living in a country (a muslim country) where there are also christians, buddists n Hindus living in peace. they have different cultures n religions, but they still live in peace in the same community.

    even in maldives we see foreigners doing construction work everywhere. i bet they even work at mosque building sites n i have so far not heard of a foreign worker being beaten up in maldives for walking past oe being close to a mosque.

  8. Anonymous8:04 AM

    is that ali rameez and friends doing a film shoot?

  9. Kudahuththu8:30 AM

    If you choose to cast a blind eye to the hate-filled crimes committed by your co-cultists in the name of your pagan god allah and allah's creator Mohamed, that is your problem. Mohamed personally murdered, raped women captives (he legalised it so he didn't call it rape) and looted other people's property. If you don't believe it, tune into the siyarath today and listen for yourself.

  10. Anonymous9:23 AM

    they are ali rameez's brethren in bangladesh doing a real kill for Allah

  11. Anonymous2:19 PM

    hmm what next.. Lorena Bobbitt?
    seriously you missionaries need to get a life. live life as god intended it. if you don't believe in god just live life.
    even if you die you wont go to hell if what you believe is correct. doesn't mean that you have to hold a personal grudge against all others who doesn't believe in your way of life and religion.

  12. Anonymous12:05 AM

    There are some of us who consider the shedding of blood and the taking of human life as things that should not be done.