Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Taliban are knocking on your door

For more than 800 years Maldivians have largely ignored the teachings of Islam and preferred to rely on their buddhi and vedic wisdom. But the use of reason has declined rapidly in the last 30 years. The large number of religious mullahs are changing the Maldivians from a tolerant and reasonable people into soldiers of Allah.
The recent proposal calling for an Iranian-style scholars council to have supreme power over the country that was submitted to the Maldivian Parliament is downright absurd, dangerous, and against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For now the Parliament has opposed this move. We are we going to see more pressure towards establishing a Muslim scholars council.
It is also surprising that at a time when we should be moving towards a secular state Parliament member Ibrahim Ismail, an avowed socialist, has called for a new and separate clause in the Constitution for the implementaion of Islamic Sharia in the country.
Watch out people. The Taliban are knocking on your door. The pressure to change into a muslim theocracy is well funded with mid-east oil money. Most of these islamic preachers know no other profession. They are not going to change into carpenters or fisherman. They will go on preaching what they have been taught and will continue to brainwash people. Dhivehistan is a reality fast approaching.

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