Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Faces of Islam: keeping your daughter close and protected...

As an increasing number of Maldivians copy the lifestyle of Muslims from Pakistan, Arabia, Egypt .etc..we can expect more shocking and inhuman behaviour. Shocking and disgusting that is, to those whose brain cells still function. The photograph from Turkey shows a man keeping his daughter close and well protected from the predations of other men. To visit the original site click here.


  1. VainRooney6:41 AM

    what a ridiculous thing...

    but anywez, Islam doesnt say u have to do that... the man's crazy. ;-)

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Hmm... Islam is a philosophy, teachings & commandments for the limits set by God. It is never a sum total of actions of some people. Crazy people exist in all religions. So mind what you say in the name of Islam, the religion! And do your own research if you really wanna know the truth...

  3. well said, yusuf :-D

  4. Crazy people exist in all religions and we should beware of them - whether they be Muslims, Hindhoos, Christians or ....
    Why are Muslims so easily offended when the crazies of their religion are exposed?

  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    If your intension is to expose crazies of the Muslims and ignore the other religions, then you have a one sided intension... Why such a double standard? Just ask that question to your conscious that will guide you...

    If you have something against Islam than have good reasons other than the actions of the crazies of Islam! They are humans not the religion!

    I challenge you to find fault in the Quran if you dare, if you can't than your actions are subject to answerable to God one day! Beware!

    I leave you in peace...

  6. Anonymous3:15 AM

    what the F&%&k is this man doing?
    arabiguitar.. you are right. soon the haabees will degenerate to this kind of madness in maldives..