Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Will the Himandhoo Taliban community refuse polio vaccination?

A cleric in a northern Pakistani village has opposed a foreign-funded polio vaccination campaign of the Pakistan government, urging locals not to take any preventive measures against polio "as those killed during an outbreak are martyrs". "I must tell my brothers and sisters that finding a cure (vaccination) for an epidemic before its outbreak is not allowed in Sharia ," said Maulana Fazlullah during a Friday sermon in Mam Dherai village where he is building a madrassa with local funds.“According to Sharia, one should avoid going to the areas where an epidemic has broken out, but those who do go to such areas and get killed during an outbreak are martyrs,” he said. The provincial government has launched an anti-polio campaign to run between February 20 and 22 in selected parts of the province, but there have been reports of people refusing to get their children vaccinated.
Sermons like this are influencing people into refusing polio vaccination in many parts of the NWFP. Like Nigeria, Pakistan is another country where clergy is blocking efforts aimed at eliminating fatal diseases like polio. Cases of people misbehaving with polio vaccination staff have been reported from several areas. Recently, a surgeon, Dr Ghani Khan, was killed in a bomb blast in remote Bajaur Agency, causing postponement of the anti-polio campaign, official sources said.
Swat is one area where polio staff is facing resistance, said an official, adding that deeply religious people often resisted things involving foreigners.
Maulana Fazlullah suspects the intentions of foreign agencies involved in funding drives against fatal diseases: “I don’t understand why foreigners would think of our well-being when we see that they are killing Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.” He cited the example of a companion of the Prophet who, he said, was ‘martyred’ during an epidemic.

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  1. Himandhoo is not in Pakistan. Get a map!

  2. U shud have a look at this Ismail Rasheed:


    it says Jesus Christ's tomb has been found... a few days back.

    enjoy ;-)

  3. Yo!Ismail,
    your question is valid.
    very likely many of the maldivian Taliban will refuse polio vacination. Their mullahs are preaching the same stuff all over the world. They are making their own community.

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    "They are making their own community."

    What is your problem with that?

  5. I feel bad for the kids. The kids don't have a choice; they're the ones who will suffer.

  6. anonymous,
    I do not have a problem with people making their own community. How ever I have a problem when parents refuse to give their children polio vaccination. I also have a problem when men and women are not treated equally and are not given equal opportunity.
    I also have a problem with the noise pollution from the mosque across the street. I have no problem with people prostrating themselves towards Mecca. But I wish they would line up to do that without having to be reminded using rock concert arena loudspeakers.

  7. Abulbarakaath the Barbarian: the polio vaccination is not what you really think it is. I invite you to read polio vaccine myth.

    Yankee Doodle: do you really feel so bad for the kids? did you stamped your feet on your mummas stomach and make the choice? what sufferings are you really talking about? man, more than half of an entire continent of africa is suffering from hunger and you have no thought of it? but a twofolded vaccine! tsk tsk

    Ismail Rasheed: why do you have a problem when parents refuse to give THEIR children vaccine, are you commanded by your God to do that in the Bible? How do you know it is the best thing for them?

    Why do you have a problem when men and women are not treated equal, are you entrusted by your God to do so in the Bible? Do you intend to ask your God why men produce millions of PRODUCTIVE sperms a day and women produce ONLY two hundred PRODUCTIVE eggs in her entire lifetime? Biology speaks, man! In any case do you really feel safe to be in a plan flown by a women, what if she got a mood swing and landed in China?

    Why do you have a noise problem and that even from mosques! Hmm... prayer call is nothing like rap music, dude... it is a reminder that humbles people who do LOVE and RELY on a Creator. I think it is nothing more than your hatred or petty behavior on your part that you don't want to hear the call to prayer, it lasts only a couple of minutes...

  8. Ismail did you know monks in Roman Catholic monasteries still observe multiple daily prayers?

  9. "I also have a problem with the noise pollution from the mosque across the street."

    Who asked christians not to use speakers when they sing inside the churches?

  10. are u tryig to rap to atha?

  11. Anonymous11:13 PM


  12. It would be a pity if parents refused to let their children be vaccinated for whatever reason, be it religious or otherwise.

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  14. Maybe or Maybe Not, who are we to judge?

  15. Yusuf Abdulla Shunan,

    What makes you think I'm not aware of and concerned about suffering in Africa?

    Hunger isn't the only problem facing Africa. Many Africans are enslaved by radical Muslims, too. Of course, that hasn't changed in centuries, has it?

    By the way, your comments to Ismail Rasheed sound quite gynophobic.

  16. Yankee Doodle: maybe or maybe not... Are you aware the Darfur conflict is the worse ongoing conflict right now? This is a genocide and nothing to do with religion, they may or may not use religion as a tool!

    As the Mission in Sudan is under funded and equipped it is said that violence will continue as long as December... With now reported dead count of over 450,000...

    On October 16, 2006, Minority Rights Group (MRG) published a critical report, challenging that the UN and the great powers could have prevented the deepening crisis in Darfur and that few lessons appear to have been drawn from their ineptitude during the Rwandan Genocide. MRG's executive director, Mark Lattimer, stated that: "this level of crisis, the killings, rape and displacement could have been foreseen and avoided ... Darfur would just not be in this situation had the UN systems got its act together after Rwanda: their action was too little too late." On October 20, 120 genocide survivors of the Holocaust, the Cambodian and Rwandan Genocides, backed by six aid agencies, submitted an open letter to the European Union, calling on them to do more to end the atrocities in Darfur, with a UN peacekeeping force as "the only viable option." Aegis Trust director, James Smith, stated that while "the African Union has worked very well in Darfur and done what it could, the rest of the world hasn't supported those efforts the way it should have done with sufficient funds and sufficient equipment."

    As far as women are concerned I respect them as women, not fear... And all I have to say is "Know your place!"

  17. Anonymous5:20 AM

    we're not talking about hunger in Africa here.. we're talking about Ismail Rasheed flunking in geography. somebody get him a map or a globe.

  18. You mean the title ha! I think Ismail did not mean it literally but figuratively...

    I guess it is to drive attention and it worked!

  19. Anonymous11:06 AM

    attention seeking bastards!

  20. "In any case do you really feel safe to be in a plan flown by a women, what if she got a mood swing and landed in China?"

    I would rather a woman land me in China than a man crash me into a skyscraper.


    Regarding the situation in Africa, the UN is too often pretty useless.

    Africa has the resources to deal with the problem; there's too much corruption in their governments. Their governments steal their money; then, their governments steal foreign aid that is supposed to help the people.

    There are some exceptions.

    Meanwhile, the people suffer....

    You got some points there.


  21. Yankee Doodle: How do you know a man crashed the plans into the skyscraper? Did you show that? Where you there? It could have been a women too!

    Some food for thoughts:

    - UN is too often pretty useless...
    They have taken the role of gender equality, vaccination & peace in this world! Hmm...
    - Africa has the resources...
    Yes they have tons of natural resources. Most of the resources end up funding for arms, where do these weapons come from? Who beneits the most from arms business? It is all business!
    - corruption & government steal money and aid ...
    corruption do exist every country, it is a human innate feature... selfishness and ego... it all comes down to belief... a selfish man with no purpose, with no belief in a God, no belief in a religion and materialistics are bound to corrupt...
    - meanwhile the people suffer...
    people suffer because the trusted leaders don't have proper moral values... in any case they are elected by the people...

    I see that the case is extreme in Darfur and the fact that it is muslims killing muslims with nothing to do with religion should give you a good idea of the state of the SO CALLED muslims today... they have abundaned the teachings of Islam and thus suffers...

    My point is, today's suffering is nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with people actions and politics...

    I leave you in peace...

  22. Pope Benedict9:41 PM


  23. Maldivian Christian5:11 AM

    Nass said: "Who asked christians not to use speakers when they sing inside the churches? "

    What church? You Muslims don't allow churches here, remember? You are too scared your zombies will leave your child-molesting Mohamed and his alter-ego Allah if you allowed churches here.

  24. It is said in the Bibles that God is everywhere and God knows everything... Then why shoul you have to go to a Church to pray, When God is everywhere? Why should you have to confess your sins to a man, when God knows everything?

    In my own opinion I think the churches are at best an unnecessary evil. Every priest, every rabbi, every pope, and every imman knows the exact same thing about their gods. Which is nothing. None of them KNOW that these various gods really exist. They just act as if it were true and collect cash. Very sad indeed.

    For example, do you really hate gay people like the bibles say you should?

  25. Anonymous4:25 PM

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