Sunday, May 13, 2007

"convert to Islam or leave the area within 10 days"

Policemen in uniform and plainclothes have been deployed at churches and houses of Christians here following the distribution of threatening letters on Monday, asking the minority community to convert to Islam or leave the area within 10 days, a police official said on Friday.
“We have taken all security measures to protect the Christians living in Charsadda,” Headquarters DSP Sajjad Ali told Daily Times on the telephone. Ali denied that Christians were migrating to other areas due to security fears.
Local Christian leader Chaudhry Saleem backed Ali’s statement, saying no Christian had moved from Charsadda district. “We are frightened, but no Christian family has moved to any other place,” he told Daily Times.
Saleem said that DSP Sajjad had assured the 600 Christians living in the district that the police would protect them against any harm.

From the Daily Times. To read the complete article click here

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