Thursday, May 24, 2007

More of Great Muslim Scientific Inventions

The womens bicycle with a cabin which conceals half of the cyclist's body is now scheduled to appear in Maldives very soon. To this list we are today proudly adding the - Auto Wudu Washer. Read on.....

An automated Wudu (ablution) system that promises Muslims a time-efficient performance before each prayer has won qualified approval from scholars in the UAE.
The Auto Wudu Washer, developed by a Malaysian and endorsed by the Islamic Council of Qatar and Islamic Council of New South Wales, claims to be the world's first automatic pre-prayer washing and drying system.
"It has inbuilt washing units for ear, face, hands and foot, which allows a person to perform all functions without water spillage," said Anthony Gomez, chairman of AACE Worldwide and developer of the system, which will be displayed in Dubai this month.
Shaikh Ahmad Zu Al Nourain, member of the Iftaa Committee, said the device can be used provided it completely washes the body parts. Shaikh Mohammad Al Hakami, a religious scholar, said any technology that helps Muslims perform their religious duties properly is welcome.

With thanks to Dina Aboul Hosn, Staff Reporter, Gulfnews.


  1. By reducing water spillage we can help our planet earth.
    Hope it arrives soon in Maldives. Water shortage is a problem for us and this great new invention will help us.

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    a simpler way to discharge Wudu (pronounced Voodoo) is to use a plate of dust/sand and a brush. Maldivians no longer have the need to perform Wudu because when you go out in Maldives and take a walk down Majeedhee Magu, the dust and smoke automatically performs a form of Wudu on you known as Taya-mum.

    Wudu you.

  3. Dhivehi Christian12:13 AM

    From his name, this Anthony Gomez, head of the outfit that developed this Islamic voodoo contraption doesn't sound a Muslim. Perhaps he is a Malacca Catholic. All goes to show that these Muslims have pea-brains. All their so called "inventions" throughout history were in fact inspired, if not carried out, by Christians and Jews.

    What the followers of the religion of peace can do is just kill, kill more, beat wife, beat the other wifes, and have sex (with kids). Allah Taala knows best!

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    may Allah save us from the evil that is Islam and the wretchedness of all Muslims

  5. As for Muslim inventions, my personal favorite is jihad.

  6. Anonymous1:25 PM

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