Monday, May 07, 2007

Palestinian security member killed and seven people wounded because boys and girls were mixed in school..

Muslim extremists in long white robes attacked a children's festival at a U.N.-run elementary school with guns and homemade bombs Sunday, killing a politician's bodyguard in plain view of terrified youngsters — just the latest incident of lawlessness engulfing the Gaza Strip.
The new Palestinian unity government, formed two months ago, appeared powerless to end growing clan fighting, kidnappings and attacks by shadowy extremist groups on foreigners, music shops and Internet cafes.
Sunday's attack on the U.N. school in the southern Gaza refugee camp of Rafah began with a protest by Muslim extremists in long robes, who said a sports festival the school was hosting was un-Islamic. The U.N. "is turning schools into nightclubs," read one sign held up by the protesters.
At one point, the group tried to enter the school. Palestinian security fired in the air to keep them away. In the ensuing chaos, at least one bomb was thrown into the school, and a gun battle followed.
A senior Fatah official, Majed Abu Shamaleh, was leaving the school when his bodyguard was killed. Seven people were wounded, most by bomb fragments. Some children hid under their chairs during the fighting.
The top U.N. official in Gaza, John Ging, was in the school at the time of the attack. He was not hurt. The protesters accused him of leading a movement to weaken people's Islamic faith.
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  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    This stuff is coming to Maldives. It has alrady begun and moderate muslims and liberal minded people must stand up and oppose the mullahs.

  2. Dhivehi Christian9:15 AM

    There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. There are Muslims and there are Muslim heretics. I have to agree with the mullahs in white robes about the Islamic credentials of what they preach. They are simply following Mohammad's dictates. Mohammad flogged, raped, killed, drove heated iron rods through the eyes, of particularly women who did not obey the Shariaa.

    So watch out "moderate Muslims" for the arrival of real Islam in Maldives! When that happens there will be little difference between you and me. For them you would be as infidel as me. That day is just around the corner unless you, the silent majority, do not act decisively against these Mohammads soon.

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

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