Sunday, July 01, 2007

Death of 12-Year-Old Circumcised Girl

The death of a 12-year-old Egyptian girl at the hands of a doctor performing female circumcision in the country's south has sparked a public outcry and prompted health and religious authorities this week to ban the practice.
The girl, Badour Shaker, died earlier in June while being circumcised in an illegal clinic in the southern town of Maghagh. Her mother, Zeniab Abdel Ghani, told the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper that she had paid $9 dollars to a female physician to perform the procedure.
The mother also told the paper that the doctor later tried to bribe her to withdraw a lawsuit accusing the physician of murder, in return for $3,000, but she refused.

Read the complete story from CAIRO, Egypt at


  1. WhenIamfeelingblue10:35 PM

    I just read the article and couldn't help but notice it saying:

    "A forensic investigation into the case showed the girl's death was caused by an anesthesia overdose during the procedure."

    It didn't say the girl died BECAUSE of circumcision.

  2. It is a norm in these African countries to mutilate young girls and even small babies. It seems that 90% of Egyptian females are circumcised.

  3. Dhivehi Christian12:36 AM

    Female circumscision is an illegal and barbaric Islamic procedure that Muslims are hell-bent on introducing to Maldives, with other customs such as imposing the savage burugaa.

    The barbaric child-molester Mohamed's dictates must be wiped out from our shores.

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Now if we can only get the United States to do the same. That is ban all forms of female genital mutilation. The federal law against female genital mutilation penalizes anyone who "...knowingly circumcises, excises, or infibulates the whole or any part of the labia majora or labia minora or clitoris of another person who has not attained the age of 18 years." But the law also specifically exempts cutting performed by licensed doctors. So, if you are woman in the United States (or a teenage girl with parental permission), you can have your clitoris reduced, your labia minora and majora trimmed down, your hymen repaired, your coloring made more monochrome, your mons pubis liposuctioned, your g-spot injected with collagen, your vagina tightened, your prepuce reduced or removed (formal circumcision), or your vulva "sculpted."

  5. You are talking about genuine cosmetic procedures authorised and paid for by adults out of their own free will.

    Has the pedophile Mohamed curtailed your faculty of reasoning so that you are unable to figure that out?

  6. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Hey dhivehi Christian..
    Have you asked anyone wearing the "Buruga" if it is savege for them?
    And while you are at it try asking the muslim reverts who wear the niqab from the most "Free Nation" America if they are feeling opressed and depressed..

  7. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Dhivehi christian attended a conference of evangelical Christians conference where two hundred cancer patients were cured 'live' on stage by nicely dressed gentleman called Father of Saints Joseph. Father of Saints Joseph was blessed with an 'anal circumcision' by another father with the love of god who lived a life of holy celibacy

  8. Dhivehi Christian12:50 PM

    Exactly who is a "Muslim revert"? And yes I have asked someone who wears buruga if it is savage for them and she said it was. I have also asked someone who wears the savage garment in America if she feels oppressed by it and the answer was yes. Her father and brothers were oppressing her into wearing it.

    Any more rhetorical questions you'd like me to answer?

    By the way, sects that claim to cure people of afflictions live on stage are not Catholic or Orthodox and so their "priests" won't be called "father". I guess that story was just a "rhetorical lie" wasn't it? You know, of the type that we call "fuloaku" and you may call "alf layla wa layla"!

  9. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Hey dhivehi Christian
    It is not a must to circumsize girls. Also it is forbidden to circumsize a girl if there is risk of death or any damage!! Islam isn't barbaric!!

    If u r so willing for women to take their hijaab go and do it to ur wife and daughters. You can't force or do anything to us. Go and undress the your holy nuns!!!

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