Friday, February 08, 2008

Fundamentalist Fashion Show

Maybe the Sixth Annual Fall Fundamentalist Fashion could be held in the Maldives. Islands that wish to host the show should begin campaigning and bidding at the earliest.
My choice would be somewhere in Addu. We can promote the new international airport with direct flights to Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Islamabad. As to a host, for me, its a toss up between Fareed and that Adhaalathu man going around saying "The Prophet said women should not rule the country."
Fareeds strong point is, I have heard, that he has worn the niqab on some occasions. The other guy has the advantage he is President of Adhaalath political party and his crediantials are solid with many statements like the above.

Enjoy the video of the fifth show hosted by Bill Maher.


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM


  2. Dhivehi Christian2:46 PM

    I liked the bits about the midnight stoning and Muslim Dior. Fantastic stuff!

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