Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jihadist taught five-year-old son: "Kuffar -- kill! Sheikh Osama bin Laden I love"

Children can learn prejudice from their parents. What this father is doing to his children is nothing less than child abuse.
Are some Maldivian children being taught to hate in this manner? Are some children being forced to memorize a litany of hate?
I wonder in how many Maldivian households are similar cathechisms being conducted right now?

Children are the future

"In one recorded conversation of May 2006 he was heard shouting at his five-year-old son when he made a mistake reading the Koran from heart.
He made him stand in front of him with his hands by his side and demanded: "Who do you love?"
The child answered: "I love Sheikh Osama bin Laden."
"And?" said Khan.
"Sheikh Abdel-Rahman" referring to the "Blind sheikh" in prison in the US.
"And?" asked Khan.
"Sheikh Abu Hamza" referring to the jailed imam at Finsbury Park Mosque in North London.
"Who do you kill?" asked Khan.
"America kill," said the boy.
"Who else you kill?" said Khan.
"Bush I kill," said the boy.
"And who else?" demanded Khan.
"Blair kill, both people kill."
"Who else you kill?" asked Khan.
"Saddam, Saddam," said the boy.
Then the pair began chanting at each other.
Khan said: "Kuffar [non-believers]" the boy said: "Kill."
Khan said: "Mushrik [polytheists]" and the boy said: "Kill.""

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  1. Anonymous4:14 AM

    cathechisms .... nice word and a new word for me.

    It is the same thing . These Muslims keep their children as young as 6-9 fasting. Obvious child abuse.

    The whole religion is about subjugating women and sex.

  2. Anonymous4:15 AM

    well .. apart from child abuse that is.