Sunday, February 03, 2008

My apologies to Simon

It is unlikely that Mathee Majlis of Islam, Adaalathu Party, Haveeru Daily will provide a public apology on disinformation. However I wish to apologize to Simon for recent turn of events in the comments section of his blog. My comments and responses to a certain " Kutb" veered away from the subject of Simon's posting because of a claim by "Kutb". This blog and not Simons blog is the place for that conversation.
Kutb claimed that " we put u down once". Vainrooney a.k.a Nass is "The Man who Killed the Dhivehistan Report".

There is a possibility this Kutb could be member of Vain's team at That blog has now disappeared. Or Kutb could be part of a team that put us down without our knowledge.

By the way, Vainrooney is one person. I have seen the profile and photo. Read his comments on this blog - "i have indeed killed it".

And now Kutb is threatening to put us down!

Anyway, Simon, my sincere apologies.


  1. Vain's team at dhivehi guitar... own goal, people. Own goal.

    My reply will appear in MvMuslims shortly. I hope you guys don't get a divorce over it :)

  2. Dhivehi Christian1:04 AM

    Now isn't this curious? "Jao" exits this blog in disgrace and look who reappears! "Nass".

  3. nomiS6:01 AM

    Maldives Whiners Report eh?..
    Get a life losers.
    "Dhivehistan"??..think that title is funny?. Is that an in joke where you guys piss and cumm over each other.
    Beat your own back and Make as much noise into the empty air as you can. Can't make Maldives "United States of Dhivehiland"..Nop nop.

  4. Now dhivehi christian can't argue with proof. He starts insulting when he is defeated. In debates with him, he will always please his opponent not to quote from bible as he is too shy and cant defend the non-sense in the bible.

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    You are a big expert on what the Bible says.
    Maybe it is time for you to examine what the Koran says.