Friday, April 25, 2008

The “Radical Islam Support Test” (RIST)

These are questions to ask a Muslim who professes to oppose terrorism and radical Islam.

“Apostates”: Do you support killing them? Should leaving the faith of Islam be punishable by death?

“Beating Women”: Is beating women ever acceptable, and if not, do you reject those decrees of Islamic law that sanction the beating of women? Do you also accept stoning women to death for committing adultery?

“Calling Jews pigs and monkeys”: Do you believe that Jews are in any way sub-human and if not, do you reject Quranic interpretations that claim they are?

“Declaring holy war”: Do you support declaring war against non-Muslims to subjugate them to Islam? Do you believe that it is fair and reasonable to offer non-Muslims three options: Conversion, Paying the Jizya, or Death?

“Enslavement”: Do you support the enslavement of female war prisoners and having sex with them as concubines? If not, do you reject those interpretations in Islamic Law, for “Ma-Malkakat Aymanikum”, which justifies such actions?

“Fighting Jews”: Do you support perpetual war against Jews to exterminate them, and if not, should those Muslims who incite such war be punished?

“Gays”: Do you believe it is acceptable to kill gays, and if not, do you reject those edicts in Sharia Law which claim it is?

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  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I'm in favor of institutionalizing homos's and giving ECT with pulses of lithium; and if this doesn't work consider level 2 and 3 Lumbar Ganglion sympathectomy.

  2. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Lumbar sympathectomy was done for occlusive arterial disease(outdated with current use of arterial reconstruction techniques), and 1st and 2nd ganglion removal May result in impotence as a side effect...Orchiectomy maybe a better option as is sometimes done for repeat child molesters(Of course this is not a violation of human rights!), beacuase this will cause loss of sexual drive.

    heheh distorted medical science...looks lik som1 is laying bait

    O well ;

  3. Anonymous9:58 AM

    how about a lobotomy and then use them for animal experimentation? thats what Hitler did to some of the pink triangles. intolerant Allah-freaks.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    A is for apostate -- to the tune of that born-again towelhead Yusuf Islam's (aka Ali Rameez's inspiration) A is for Allah

    A is for apostates, killing of apostates
    Ba is for bashing of defenseless wives
    Ta is for tolerance, an alien concept
    and Thaa is for thawb, a dress

    Jaa is for Jihad, a holy war
    Ha is for houri, the brothel bribes
    Khaa is for khalifate, the reign of towelheads,
    promised by the lunatic Mo-ham-head (khud zubri fi teezak)

    Da is dawah, brainwashing,
    an excuse to live in the West
    Dha is for dhimmi, a subhuman race
    and Ra is for the 'sin' of ribaa

    Za is for zina, a harmless 'crime',
    to be punished with 100 stripes
    Sa is for Sodom and Gomorrah,
    flipped over and stoned
    For just being gay

    Sha is for Shia, a sect of the cult,
    who for Hussein their bodies cut
    And Sua is for salat for when we bow, towards a rock, everyday, ass in air
    For a rug button

    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Mo-ham-head is the anti-christ, Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat

    Dua is for Dalal, the straying away
    like Christians who lost the way
    Ta is for Talaq
    a power of men alone

    And zhua is for zhuhr,
    a prayer to the sun
    And 'Aa is for 'abd, the human slave
    or what we are to Allah - in Islam

    Gha is for ghayb a fairyland
    an insult to all minds sane
    And Fa is for petty verdicts, al-fatwa
    And Qa for Quran, the Book of the cult
    And Ka is for Kafir, a low insult
    to tell us whom to kill and whom to not

    And La is laghw a sin which means, singing and music
    Ma is for al-Mahram, without whom a Muslimah cant live

    La-ilaaha-illah-Laat, Mo-ham-head, sharmootu-Allah
    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Mo-ham-head is the anti-christ, Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat

    Na is for Nisa the weak female
    who's equal to half a male
    Ha is for Hijr, the journey which shouldnt have been made
    And Wa for wahy the vision
    which the schizo thought
    was revelation
    and Ya for yahoud the pig

    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Mo-ham-head is the anti-christ, Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat
    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Jesus was just the first hippie, Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat
    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Moses was stoned on Sinai, Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat
    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Abraham was a schizo nomad, Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat
    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Noah never existed Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat
    Allah, the mad, psycho pimp, and Adam was a playdoh man, and we came from bacteria, Allah, La-ilaaha-illah-Laat

  5. Dhivehi Christian8:20 PM

    I was amused by the "zubri fi teezak" bit in the above poem. For those Muslims here who are chronically homophobic, it means "my dick in your ass" in Egyptian Arabic!

  6. Anonymous10:21 PM

    isnt that meant for the homophilic?

  7. Anonymous12:34 AM

    @ anon, then it wont be an insult. Mo-ham-head had a load of wives only to hide his latent homosexuality. He was also a cunning desert rat who used them for political means. The sand-monkey couldnt get it up when his mates took him to a prostitute, so he had to pretend to faint. After all, till then, the big nellie bottom had gotten off by getting fucked by his rams and billy-goats. He fucked his women mostly in the ass, pretending they were men/boys. That explains why he had so few kids. Khadijah was his first fag-hag, and then Aisha. Hadith indicate that he liked to surround himself with men, loved bearded daddy-types, and had an ankle fetish. His name screams gay too:

  8. Anonymous6:26 AM


  9. Anonymous1:29 PM

    lol none taken.

  10. Anonymous9:20 PM

    no offense taken you mean? thats probably because you're not a head-banging Muslim. If you are, then thats very refreshing. We need more Muslims like you who can smile at a picture of Mo with a turban-bomb and Salman Rushdie's harmless fiction. Or lil Scandinavian movies. I mean its just entertainment right? Plus the Makki Mo was very tolerant of ridicule, only the Medini Mo had the need to defend his ego. and by the way, he liked golden showers too, so we're instructed to say 'piss be upon him' at the mention of name.

  11. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I appreciate your acknowledgment

  12. Anonymous1:37 AM

    ur a funni guy... tat i lik.

  13. Anonymous7:29 PM

    i see that no muslims have taken the test

  14. Anonymous1:13 AM

    See?...I doubt if you see, beyond the veil of ignorance that you wear- much like these Bedouin ignoramuses

  15. Anonymous5:21 PM

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