Sunday, May 11, 2008

Muslim women seek equality in mosques - mullahs unmoved..

In a rare sight on Saturday, some Sunni women gathered in a Lucknow mosque and prayed together with men.

These women normally offer namaz at their homes, but they're trying to make a statement. The All India Muslim women personal law board wants mosques across India to open their doors to regular visits by women.

''We are only practicing what Islam has been has been saying, we are not doing anything that goes against the principles laid down in the Shariat,'' said Shaista Ambar, President, All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board.

But the clerics aren't happy and have labeled this as defiance.

''If a woman is in the market during the time of namaz she has the right to go to a mosque, there is a separate section over there for women and she can offer her prayers there. But this cannot be allowed to become a regular practice,'' said Khalid Rashid, a Sunni cleric.

But the women are convinced that there's no looking back. Mehrunissa said, ''We don't care about those who issue these fatwas.''

A few days ago, the board had issued a model nikahnama for Sunnis and upset clerics for doing away with triple talakh.

Now with a move to pray at mosques, it's their way of doing away with gender inequality.

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