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Will Dhivehin use child brides to deal with inter-island disputes? Or settle financial debts?

Whereas it is commendable that some government officials, in Pakistan, are voicing their outrage-- the origination of the source of the mindset that foments much of the muslim population to consider the use of little girls (referred to in article as "ladies") as chattel capable of performing "wifely" duties - though "unspeakable" is clear.

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It started with a dead dog, escalated into a tit-for-tat tribal war, and has now reached a grotesque climax with the exchange of 15 child brides.

Pakistani human rights activists are outraged at reports that a long-running blood feud in a remote corner of western Baluchistan province has been resolved by the handing over of 15 girls, aged between three and 10, for marriage.

"There has to be action," said Asma Jahangir, a leading rights campaigner. "These people who force others to sell their daughters must be sent to prison."

The new government in Islamabad, led by the party of the late Benazir Bhutto, has promised to act. "We will not allow young girls to be traded like this," said the information minister, Sherry Rehman. "The culprits who tried to do this will be arrested. The orders have been given."

But Jahangir said those orders had not been acted upon. "There is a dysfunction in the whole system. They are not listening to the government," she said. "We need to see them being more effective than just rhetoric."

Vanni, an ancient tribal practice in which feuding clans settle their differences by exchanging women for marriage, is illegal in Pakistan. In 2004 the Sindh high court outlawed all such "parallel justice" systems. But the writ of government is weak in rural areas, and local police often turn a blind eye.

The current controversy started with a row over a dog, said Muhammad Paryal Marri, a researcher in northern Sindh for the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

A dog owned by one tribe, the Chakranis, was shot dead because it strayed too close to a well controlled by their rivals, the Qalandaris. In revenge the Chakranis shot a donkey belonging to the other side. A ferocious bout of tit-for-tat killings ensued in which 19 people, including five women, were killed.

The fighting ended in 2002 when Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti - a rebellious tribal chieftain who was later killed by the Pakistan army - brought the two sides together. Bugti ordered the Chakranis to hand over 15 child brides in compensation; at a jirga, or tribal council. Last Friday they finally agreed to make good on that promise, said Marri.

"They agreed to pay some money and exchange the ladies," he said.

Such brutal traditions have only come to light for a broader public in the past decade, thanks to activism by human rights groups and publicity from local media.

"Barbarity in the name of tradition," declared the English-langauge newspaper Dawn earlier this week in a scathing editorial against the "medieval mindset that dominates many sections of our society".

But, despite previous shows of similar anger, official action has lagged far behind. "The government is unwilling to use its authority to protect women. It will find any excuse," said Jahangir.

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  1. Dhivehi Christian3:06 PM

    This business of child brides traces back to Mohamed the mad Arab who called himself a prophet. He married his best friend's 6-year old daughter and devoured her virginity when she turned 9. Until she turned 9 he got by, making do with ejaculating between the little girl's thighs.

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    At least he didn't do it between your thighs, so what are you worried about?

  3. Dhivehi Rust Resist10:16 PM

    Two people have sex in church and they are both going to hell:
    This is not unusual, because homosexuality is synonyms with church now.

  4. Dhivehi Christian2:38 PM

    Two misguided people allegedly having sex in a church cannot be compared with pedophilia, rape and murder committed (fully corroborated in Islamic sources such as Hadith and Seerath) by none other than the author of Islam. Mohamed himself. We are not talking of some misguided Muslim here. We are talking of the head terrorist in person.

  5. Dhivehinge Amaa6:00 PM

    DC, define misguided. If you fuck your own mother, that is also misguided? No matter how angry you are, you cannot change the fact that the number of Muslims are increasing day by day, and the "head terrorist" is getting more followers than your precious Jesus Christ.

  6. Anonymous12:29 PM

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    a little humour to the never-ending christian-muslim debate.


  7. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Also wasnt it Umar who married his great-grand-daughter-in-law Umm Kulthum bin Ali? It must be the age gap that got Umar so horny. In fact he was ready to break the zam zam well for the girl. Aww, pedophilic romance. And dont forget that Mohammed married the wife of his adopted son. Something like woody allen and soon-yi.

  8. Anonymous8:53 PM

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  9. Anonymous10:22 PM

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  10. Anonymous8:46 AM

    sell a 9 yr old daughter for an engine dhoni?
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  11. Anonymous12:52 PM

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    im jus warmin up

  12. Anonymous10:50 PM

    what's wrong with pedophilia? i don't think there's anything wrong with that... we have to be free to do what EVER we want!!

  13. Anonymous1:42 AM