Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hindu Beheaded for Marrying a Muslim Woman...

A Hindu man who married a Muslim girl was beheaded after a kangaroo court ordered his 'execution' at a village in Murshidabad district of West Bengal.
The villagers did not allow the man's hapless wife to approach the police for a fortnight.
The police said today that the girl Munera Bibi from Lakshanpur village met and fell in love with Shailendra Prasad from Bihar while she was working as a maid servant in Mumbai. They got married two and half years ago and the girl is now the mother of a 10-month-old child.
Religion was never a problem for the couple until she came to her own village in the district on July 1 with her husband who concealed his religious identity under the name Munna Sheikh.
But soon the girl's father Ansaria Sheikh became suspicious of his son-in-law's religion on July 14 and reported this to village elders. A 'salishi' (kangaroo court) comprising 22 members summoned Prasad and discovered his true religious identity. He was awarded 'death sentence', sources said.
On July 17 the man's beheaded body was found in a gunny bag in a jute field but as there was no complaint, the police failed to identify the person, the sources said.
Ten days later, the girl, her mother and brother went to Behrampore police station and lodged a formal complaint after which the incident came to light.
The police said three perons have been arrested in this connection.
"We tried to go to the police but the villagers forced us to stay indoors and threatened us with the same fate if we go to the police." the girl said.
The father of the girl and many other villagers are absconding.

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  1. Kaushik3:17 AM

    Shud i call dis disgusting...........i m hindu guy......gonna marry a muslim woman . if her father ask me 2 change ma religion i got only 1 thing 2 say, i love ur daughter. after all if i accept ur religion i wont be able 2 follow it and i wont follow it. i believe because of religion u shud not step baq......face it .....u dont need 2 change ur name before going to ur in laws....every crap is going on in dis world.....dis world wont last for long.......nd d basic reason for d destruction of earth will be religion.......fuck dose who fight taking dere religion as cover..