Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Holy Warriors Burn 3 Girls' Schools, Blow Up Hospital

Three more girls' schools have been torched and a hospital blown up by militants in Swat Valley of North West Pakistan.

The militants warned North West Frontier Province (NWFP) government of dire consequences for launching a military operation against them.

Authorities confirmed that Taliban militants torched girls' schools in Kishora village of Khwazakhela sub-division and Engaro Dheri area of Mingora Town. They also blew up a basic health unit on Malamjaba road.

Education officials said that during last three months, 60 girls' schools have been burnt by militants in the conflict-ridden district.

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1 comment:

  1. Kevin2:49 PM

    Taliban claims to follow Islamic law to the letter. Do the Qur'an and other Islamic teachings really instruct followers to destroy schools and health clinics? Are believers told to go blow up 3000 innocents in the USA? How can any peaceful Muslim accept this? Where are the protests? The violence and stupidity exemplified in this story will continue to build worldwide wherever these "militants" operate freely. Why haven't the "radicals" been kicked out of Islam? Killing and destroying for your god is not tolerated in most religions, and those practicing such crimes are booted out or excommunicated. If Taliban really do follow Islamic teachings to the letter, only big trouble can result as the West and peaceful Muslims resistance intensifies. I fear many more people will die because of these teachings. I hope I'm wrong.