Friday, August 15, 2008

Saudi man cuts daughter's tongue, burns her to death...

A Saudi man, member of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, has killed his daughter for converting to Christianity, the Gulf News daily reported, without providing details on the identity of the main characters in the case. Sources close to the victim said that the man had cut the tongue of his daughter and set her on fire following a heated debate on religion, the newspaper published in Dubai writes. The brother of the victim found in the woman's computer some articles on Christianity she had written on various blogs and regional websites under a nickname and the symbol of the cross. That discovery made her family life unbearable, the woman wrote on the 'Al Ukdoud' website a few days before her death. According to a testimony of a friend of the victim reported by the 'Free Copts' website, the father is arrested by the police and investigation has started against him for an "honour crime". The honour crimes, perpetrated by a male member of the family against a woman of the same clan to "wipe out the shame of the dishonour" from her indecorous behaviour, are generally punished with mild sentences ranging between six months and three years in jail. (ANSAmed).

We will of course get the usual "But that is not true Islam" from many Muslims.

But who knows Islam better: the Saudi father (and member of the Commission for "Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice") or some Maldivian who does not even understand Arabic, the language of the Koran?

The Saudi funded Islamic missionaries in Maldives know their Islam - quite recently Abdul Majeed Abdul Baari who is considered an Islamic scholar by many ( he spent many years studying Islam in Arabia) has clearly pointed out that "Shari’ah law ultimately requires the killing of those who leave Islam."

The Messenger of Allah SalAllahu alaihi wasallam said:

من بدّل دينه فاقتلوه
"Whoever changes his religion, kill him". (Bukhari)

As the power of these Islamic missionaries increase in the Maldives, we can expect inhuman acts like the one described above happening right here in the Maldives...


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Perhaps its people like you who know Islam better?Who spent first 30 yrs of life never worshipping your creator, never praying, never fasting, and then you read some propganda on internet about Islam and fall in to Satans trap..Loser

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Talking about xtremism in Islam, what does bible say about the adultress and people who change their religon?

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    why dont you try to prove that the relgon you believe is right rather than trying to prove Islam is wrong..Youll never succeed, you loser..Cos its the right religon, and there will be muslims till the end of the world