Sunday, October 12, 2008

"He who fights that Islam should be superior fights in Allah's cause" - Prophet Mohammed

Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

10/10/2008 (Orakzai, Pakistan) - A Fedayeen bomber sends over forty souls to Allah at a tribal meeting.
10/10/2008 (Khost, Afghanistan) - Two people are blown up by a Taliban suicide bomber.
10/9/2008 (Bajaur, Pakistan) - Four tribal elders are abducted and beheaded in the name of Allah.
10/9/2008 (Uruzgan, Afghanistan) - Women and children are among the casualties during a shooting attack by religious extremists.
10/9/2008 (Udhaim, Iraq) - Two children are among four family members wiped out by Jihadi bombers.
10/9/2008 (Tal Afar, Iraq) - Mujahideen bomb a restaurant, killing two patrons.

Monthly Jihad Report September 2008
Jihad Attacks: 216
Countries: 19
Religions: 5
Dead Bodies: 922
Critically Injured: 1836


  1. Hey u guys better go America. their they have churchs. dont try to misguide Maldivians. Fuck u Christians,,,,

  2. Anonymous3:55 PM

    just becoz he's expressing his opinions here, using his right to freedom of expression, does not mean he's promoting Christianity.

    y do r maldivians so narrow minded? why do maldivians fear to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX? even ur religion does not forbid u to explore and choose the best for your intellect.

    from ur quran there is "la ikraha fi'dheen"...meaning there is no compulsion in religion. and also the famous "lakum dheennukum valiya dheen"...meaing "for you ur religion, and for me my religion"

    so stop pickin on the dude and let him express him thoughts you cowards.

  3. Dhivehi Christian5:07 PM

    In America there are churches, synagogues, pagodas, ashrams and gurudwaras. They are also civilised enough to allow moderate terrorists to build their mosques. They respect human rights. This is the case in all non-terrorist countries on earth. You terrorists are able to go to Western countries and pray in your mosques. It is time you terrorists permitted churches to be built in your countries. Soon you will have to permit Christian Churchs. Get ready my friend and start behaving at least like your brothers in Kuwait, Qatar and Dubai. Recently the first churches in Qatar in 1400 years were opened. More are planned. Did you know your Saudi king recently went to the Vatican to discuss the building of a church in Saudi? Get used to it my man!

  4. Anonymous5:35 PM

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  6. Pinky6:37 PM

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  8. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Looks like we too will soon draft such bill such as this and kill the infidels.

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  9. Anonymous5:07 AM

    I dont care who runs this blog.
    They are telling how muslims behave. No-one (except brainwashed muslims)will deny.
    posting are a warning to us Maldivians about the destructive intolerant filth of Islam.