Monday, October 20, 2008

Top Sunni scholars sanction 'electronic Jihad'

Attacking American and Israeli websites by hacking and sabotage is allowed under Islamic law and is a form of 'Jihad' or holy war, top Muslim scholars have decreed.

The religious edict (fatwa) issued by a committee from the highest authority in Sunni Islam, Egypt's Al-Azhar University in Cairo, was published on the website of the Islamist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement on Thursday.

"This is considered a type of lawful Jihad that helps Islam by paralysing the information systems used by our enemies for their evil aims," said the fatwa.

"This Jihad is not different from the armed one. In fact, it might be more important if you consider the global dimensions of the Internet.

"Whoever wins this war will become the strongest in the realm of information," the fatwa continued.

The Muslim Brotherhood praised the fatwa, which comes in response to dozens of questions from radicals asking to be allowed to destroy Israeli and United States websites.

Last week, the news website of Dubai-based Arabic TV network al-Arabiya was attacked by suspected Shia hackers, who posted a burning Israeli flag to the site.

Beneath the flag, a message in Arabic and English read: 'Serious Warning - if attacks on Shia websites continue, none of your websites will be safe.'

From: Adnkronos International


  1. Dr. Hassan8:12 AM

    write about this

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    This Blog on mvblogsphere, is proof Maldives is not a 100 percent Muslim country.And it further proves, the Government want to keep it that way only in name.Personally Govt does not care.

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Islam is the state religion of Maldives, and we love it that way. People like you make plans to slander and Islam and the Prophet. God makes plans as well. You just wait for them. oh lalala soon maldives will implement Sharia Law.

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    dear maldivians...this is why NGO's come to maldives, to spread repusive stinking funny religion.

    NGO should be checked by the authorities

  5. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Yea we have to ki11 the Maldivian convert to Christian i guess. It’s a win win situation for both, the Maldivian Church will get brand new slained saints and us implementing the Sharia Law to those who change religion. lol

  6. Dhivehi Christian7:57 PM

    I suppose it is hard for me to beat the "Religion of Peace" speaking for itself. The ugly head of true Islam- "kill, kill, kill, rape, rape, rape" in true Mohamedan style is exposing itself here! Bravo Mohamedans! Keep it up for the world to see you!

  7. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Where is MV Muslims? Have they gone the way of Maldives Shipping Ltd.

  8. Sangu Daily11:03 AM

    Enjoy reading, Ismail:

  9. Anonymous5:49 AM

    To dhivehi cristian..

    Congratualtions, atleast you are thinking.. i guess u have said the first part of islamic shahadha.. " there is no GOD".. insha allaah you will say the other part.. atleast your not like others who are muslims becos their parents are muslims.. you are thinkin.. but, little knowledge is very dangerous..

  10. Dhivehi Christian8:34 AM

    No I have said the second part of the shahada too, that was when I was forced to do so and knew no better. I am confident that I know a lot more about Islam than you do. You see, I stopped believing in Mohamed and his imaginary Allah when I found out (from respected Islamic sources) what a pedophile, thief, rapist, highway robber and murderer your Mohamed was. So no thank you, I will never believe the second part of your shahada ever again.