Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Devout Muslim Threatens to Kill Roommate over Guitar Playing...

Devout Muslim Bilal Abdulla told the man to “stop playing and start praying” after taking offence at the instrument, a jury was told.

Woolwich Crown Court heard evidence of an intimidating exchange at his Cambridge flat in 2005 from former friend Shiraz Maher.

Mr Maher said the two students were working at their computers when a third man started to play a guitar in another room.

Abdulla gestured towards a violent video of an ambush of an American Humvee vehicle in Iraq on his computer.

Mr Maher said: “He made reference to one of those grisly, very grisly videos that would come out of Iraq at that time.

“He said, ’I told him, you need to stop playing and start praying otherwise this is what we do - we slaughter.”’

He added: “Immediately after saying it Bilal laughed heartily and I remember laughing as well.

“The reason it stayed so vividly in my memory was the degree to which it was disproportionate.”

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  1. nagoobalhaa thilhaa goru boan v eh nun. kihaa bodu balaa eh thilhaa akaa hure

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    The funny thing is that the so called open minded person(s) who are writing all this never talks about Christians / Budhists / Jews / Aethists. Only about Muslims. So need not even go further to see what kinda ppl are writing these.

    If I were to post articles on non-muslims etc, I have much to write. About alot of the crazy inhumane acts they do. One example such as priests and nuns who abuse lil children? But dont wanna waste my time.

    This person(s) has alot of time

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  4. Maybe Arabiguitar's point is that "organised" religion has that effect of deluding people to the extent that they become so insecure about themselves and become intolerant and even hostile to alternate or opposing views which in my opinion is a dangerous trend taking place in Maldives as well.
    Peace-loving people may "pick and mix" religion according to their tastes and personal opinions and thus believe in a peaceful Islam.
    That's why I am totally against "organised" religion. Religion is a personal matter and everybody should be able to live according to their own interpretation of Scripture.
    But as ever since humans are so prone to corruption, the "mainstream" thing that has happened even with Islam is that it has become "organised."
    There are now "Sheikhs", "Islamic scholars", various Councils and Ministries everywhere in the Islamic world, where only a select few bunch of "people who have pursued higher studies in Islam" are now only given "authority" and "licenses" (who gave THEM the authority anyway? Not surely God) to interpret the Koran and Hadith and force others to follow their own interpretation which is now causing so much disharmony in our society!
    The Koran and Hadith came for the common people. We don't need intermediaries to interpret that for us! Isn't that like the "priest class" in Christianity who has the "authority" (again who gave THEM authority anyway?) to interpret the Bible and even accept "confessions" from "sinners" before they can be forgiven and accepted into Heaven.
    That is the danger when people try to give authority to selected "scholars" and organise religion. I would have to say that organised religion is the greatest evil that affects not only this country but the whole world.
    Religion is a personal matter. Anyone should be able to interpret the Koran and Hadith for him or herself and live according to his or her own interpretations and views. The Koran and Hadith is quite straightforward. It came from God for the common people. We don't need "intermediary interpreters"! The Koran and Hadith are written in simple straightforward language. There is no reading in-between the lines. And even if somebody thinks you can read between the lines in the Koran and Hadith, I would say that there is no room to suggest that Islam promotes violence.
    It is only the sick minds of some people who seek to twist religion and make its believers and followers intolerant and hostile, mainly for political gains.
    This is the main reason why Anni should never establish an Islamic Council or Ministry or create a Moral Police like in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia.

  5. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Mi blog gaaa mi liyaa magufuredhifa huri kutthaayaa. thilhaa hithi gothakah nimigen dhaane kan hadhaan kuraathi

  6. Dhivehi Christian4:14 PM

    Hilath, Obviously you haven't read the Koran and the Hadith either between or along the lines. I have and they are full of violence. Mohamed's biography that we here over the local radio during Ramadan also offers proof of the barbaric murderer that he was.

    You said "he Koran and Hadith is quite straightforward. It came from God for the common people." Really? Do you have proof of that? Even the most barbaric Muslim won't claim that Hadith came from Mohamed's imaginary Allah.


  8. Well, I am not well-versed in religious matters so I might not be able to offer a scholarly point of view regarding the Koran and Hadith (as Dr. Abdulla Saeed and Dr. Hassan Saeed had excellently done in their controversial book on apostasy).
    So, I was only just sharing my personal views and opinions of what I think the Koran and Hadith are like. I don't expect others to believe my views nor am I trying to force my own personal views on others about religion.
    I thought sharing opinions will help people to understand other people's opinions so that they may become more tolerant and sensitive of other people's opinions.
    In this age, it is very important to keep hostility and intolerance in check, because so many violence is caused around the world in the name of religion.
    What I can't understand is why in this civilised world people still have not learnt any lessons from tolerant and secular people like Mahatma Gandhi who is said to be actually an atheist but who said that "I am a Muslim, I am Hindu, I am a Jew, I am Christian, I am a Buddhist."
    People have the right to believe what they want to believe, as long as they don't impose it on others.
    Sometime back, some friends of mine were shocked when Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is a Muslim, played a scene in a Church in "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" and also later claimed that he can find solace in "quiet and peaceful" religious places like Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues, etc.
    Now that is what I call tolerance and humane-ness. Shah Rukh is personally a Muslim and I am sure God isn't going to punish him for being tolerant.
    My personal belief is that the fact that God created individuals with individual thinking and individual opinion is for a reason (so that as different nations and societies we may know each other as it is said in the Koran).
    For me following a policy of "Live and Let Live" is sufficient and for me it is very interesting that there are many opinions resulting in many cultures and religions in this wide world. I get to meet different and interesting people! Imagine a world if everyone was like robots with the same mold and thinking! That would be quite boring!
    I don't find any problems with that. As Gandhi and Shah Rukh said, no human beings are being rebellious but they are all only trying to find their own path towards the same source -- God -- and these different paths are the different religions ranging from Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.

  9. Dhivehi Christian5:57 PM

    Let us go to the bottom line Hilath. Do you unequivocally support the view that Maldivians living here in Maldives must:

    1- have the right to choose their religion,

    2- convert away from Islam

    3- freely and openly propagate and practice non-Muslims faiths or no faith and

    4- build places of worship with distinctive exterior artchtecture?

  10. My personal belief is that religion and politics should be strictly separated.
    In that regard, the State and the Government should have no say whatsoever in matters even distinctly related to belief and religion.
    People should be left alone to expand their thought potential on their own.
    In that regard, the State and the Government should have no role in either promoting nor condoning any particular religion.
    Beliefs and religions should strictly be a personal matter.
    Nobody should impose one's own belief or religion on another. And strictly speaking, that means that nobody should even privately or publicly propagate any kind of belief or religion with a view to convert anyone. I believe people are intelligent and adult enough to seek what they want; nobody has the right to go around marketing their beliefs or religions to others.
    If I have a child, at the age when he/she starts asking me the essential questions regarding WHY and HOW we exist, the only thing that I would do is give him/her the access to all resources and ask him/her to form his/her own opinions. If he/she asks for my own opinion, I will tell him/her about it but would strictly drive home the point that it is just MY VIEW and that I MAY BE WRONG.
    My stand would be not to tell him/her WHAT to think but HOW to think. Most importantly, critically and analytically.

  11. Dhivehi Christian1:38 PM

    Hilath, I feel you are dodging the issue. Let me paraphrase it even further and simplify it for you.

    I am already a convert. Do you think I should have the right to call myself a Christian in public (just like my neighbour calls himself a Muslim in public) and be recognised as such by others here in Maldives?

  12. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I just want to say that if you read the Qur'an, the most common theme you will find is not war. Rather the reason why Islam is appealing to so many people is that it teaches us to pray to God and have a close relationship with him. It teaches us to do good deeds and explains that "good deeds" means feeding the hungry and aiding the poor, and taking care of those who are destitute. It means giving away your wealth in charity, taking care of your neighbor, smiling at one another. Of course many Muslims are born into the religion and they do not study it nor practice these values. But all of this is clear in the example of the Prophet Muhammad. The strongly stressed charity and being kind to children and to women. He withstood harsh persecution for over a decade, just for following his religion. Throughout that time he never fought anyone. It was only once a community was established that the Muslims fought to defend themselves, their families, and their property. You may believe whatever you want about Muhammad (peace be upon him), but you should know that this the history that Muslims learn about him and we love him because his character was so amazing. We do not blindly follow people who are violent or unjust. And to think that millions of devout, practicing Muslims are blind followers, without having studied Islam yourself, frankly amounts to blind hatred on your own part.

    Also, Islam is a way of life that was established over 1400 years ago. We believe the Islamic theology of worshiping only one God has been practiced for the entire history of humanity. However, in the past 1400 years, there is an entire Islamic legal that has developed. To say that you can interpret Islamic law however you want based off of selected passages of Qur'an and a few hadith is very much like saying that I can make legal rulings in the United States based off the U.S. constitution and selected pieces of legal precedent. In other words, it's like saying something about a complex topic without any authority to do so. So that is something we should all keep in mind. Of course Islam is against giving too much religious or legal authority to one person, that is why we have a principle in regards to legal rulings that we follow what the majority of scholars have ruled over time. So for example, if one scholar told me that it is Islamically lawful to declare jihad in America, I would NOT follow him because the VAST MAJORITY of scholars have made it clear that there is no such thing as an average citizen declaring jihad against anyone. In fact I believe in our time, there is no religious or political entity that has the authority to do so because a truly practicing and unified Islamic state does not exist. But anyway, this principle of following what the majority of scholars (who have studied the religion in accredited schools) say prevents us from following the whims of a single corrupt person or even group of people. And each major ruling should be supported with the appropriate evidence which the average person has access to and can understand. There is no mysterious knowledge or book that all Muslims (and non-Muslims) don't have access too. But as with any established field of knowledge (like medicine or mathematics), it takes years of study and research to master that field, and this is something the average person usually does not want to do. That is why we have religious scholars.

    Furthermore, it is not the role of Muslims to enforce shari'ah in non-Muslim countries. Overall the problems we see in many Muslim countries is often a result of ignorance of the religion and sometimes mixing the religion with other practices not condoned in Islam.

    What is happening today is that people see bad examples of actions of Muslims and generalize the whole religion based on those actions. This is as if I characterized the entire religion of Christianity and every Christian based on a few confused or misguided Christians and by those who bomb abortion clinics. It's not really fair, right? There are about a billion Muslims in this world. So you should ask yourself, If Islam is such a violent religion, then where is all the violence?

    I'll end with one more point, which is that I do not think it is fair to blame violence and the crimes of humanity on religion in general. The majority of crimes are justified with an ideology, usually by the predominant ideology of the time or place. And it has just so happens that until the modern age, the predominant ideologies in the majority of societies have been religious ideologies. However, if you look at the majority of violence in the past century, they have not been justified by religion, but by other prevailing ideologies, namely ideologies such as communism and capitalism. Look at the massacres in China and Russia under Mao and Stalin, respectively. So at the wars fought in South America and Africa from the 1960's until today. Wars are most often fought for wealth and resources. So it really becomes ironic to blame violence on religion, because Islam for example teaches us NOT to be so in love with the wealth in this world that we end killing each other over.

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