Thursday, November 20, 2008

Islam's war with India

After decades of barbaric bombings and other attacks in India, someone finally noticed that the perpetrators have been giving Allah the credit . This is a nice article that explains why Islam is a threat to the rest of us as well.

he time has arrived for the unspoken to be spoken: Radical Islam is at war with India.

The objectives of the war are to destroy India as a nation with a composite culture and multi-ethnic society, and replace it with a phenomenon which began as an enclave in Saudi Arabia in the 7th century and has already enveloped a good part of the globe.

Its spread so far is a proof of its inherent strength. In its historical march to its present expanse, it has destroyed empires, countries, religions, culture and people. It is continuously making inroads into territories where it was earlier unknown. Those who fail to comprehend its dynamics, do so at their own peril.

Radical Islam is what Prophet Mohammed is believed to have given to the citizens of Medina after his flight from Mecca. He outlined an ideology, couched in religious terms, from which an escape was next to impossible.

The ideology offered no accommodation except on its terms, ruled out all compromises, and demanded an allegiance with any violation of what was declared blasphemous, inviting instantaneous annihilation.

As radical Islam spread far and wide beyond Mecca and Medina, often in the shadow of the sword, it did encounter powerful ideas which after mellowed it and sometimes led to the emergence of new sprouts.

Sufi Islam was one such product which toned down the hard features of the original concepts and introduced new ones. It conditioned the Islamic mindset to the acceptance of co-existence with other cultures and religions. Although principally it was radical Islam which made its first forays into India in the middle and early mid centuries, the one that settled down was not so radical. Its core was impacted by Hindu philosophy, Bhakti movements and new strains within it such as Akbar’s Deen-e-Ilahi. The result was a broad based coexistence of Islam with all other religions in India.

But the purists were not amused by what they saw as contamination of Islam. Their brigade was led by the contemporary Ulemas.".....

To be continued...

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  1. Dhivehi Christian3:09 PM

    Islam is at war with India, China, Russia, Israel and the West. India, China, Russia and Israel have mechanisms in place to fight back and are likely to win the war. The West have mechanisms in place for self-defeat. Unless there is a radical reassessment of the Islamic menace by the West, particularly Western Europe, they are doomed. I call on the West to wake up and help save the world from Allah's sword and Mohamed's mantle.

    Islam is a worse threat to our survival than global warming.