Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Female Genital Mutilation: 'Required by Islam'...

Sheelan Anwar Omer, a shy 7-year-old Kurdish girl, bounded into her neighbor's house with an ear-to-ear smile, looking for the party her mother had promised.

There was no celebration. Instead, a local woman quickly locked a rusty red door behind Sheelan, who looked bewildered when her mother ordered the girl to remove her underpants. Sheelan began to whimper, then tremble, while the women pushed apart her legs and a midwife raised a stainless-steel razor blade in the air. "I do this in the name of Allah!" she intoned.

As the midwife sliced off part of Sheelan's genitals, the girl let out a high-pitched wail heard throughout the neighborhood. As she carried the sobbing child back home, Sheelan's mother smiled with pride.

"This is the practice of the Kurdish people for as long as anyone can remember," said the mother, Aisha Hameed, 30, a housewife in this ethnically mixed town about 100 miles north of Baghdad. "We don't know why we do it, but we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it."

From: Washington Post


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    No mention of female circumcision is found in the Quran either directly or indirectly. There is no known Hadeeth which requires female circumcision.

    However, circumcision is a Sunnah for men. A few people who narrates Hadhith say Its honorable for women as well. To trim but not cut into it. However, even this is not considered valid.

    You guys need to do more research before you come to conclusions.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The fact is many Islamic scholars including the sheikhs at Al-Azhar university in Cairo who come every Ramazan for Waul giving promote and teach that female genital mutilation is a sunnah.
    Now you may argue that their is no way to verify the truth of the hadith. You may also argue that these people are Islamic extremists.
    But Islam is more than just a written text. It is not the book that cuts the clitoris, but its interpretations aid and abet the mutilation.
    Everyday clitorises are cut in the name of Allah.

  4. Anonymous12:44 AM

    You don't even approve posts.

    So you don't need to have this written in bold up there. :P

    If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.- George Orwell

    So! We will be Muslims forever. Your posts only create hatred towards you. Doesn't affect our beleif in Islam.

  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Hillath: your comment got removed. Actually, first they thought you were with them and they were overwhelmed! But soon they realized that you spoke only what you beleive in. Not really supported them. So they were upset and removed your comment. Talk about freedom of expression, as they claim so.

  6. Anonymous12:49 AM

    We are Muslims and shall be forever. How does that sound?

  7. Anonymous12:58 AM

    The difference between us and you:

    We respect Jesus and other prophets. But you don't.

    So you are in the wrong side.

  8. Anonymous,
    It says 'This post has been removed by the author."
    Hilath was the author of the comment. Hilath himself removed the comment he made.
    قراءة استخدام عقلك
    read using your brain
    and then comment.

  9. Dhivehi Christian3:38 AM

    I certainly respect Jesus Christ His apostles and the Biblical prophets. I also respect holy people of other religions. I respect Gautama the Buddha, Guru Nanak, Zoroaster, Bahaullah and so on. These are holy people. I do not respect Mohamed. He was neither a prophet nor was he holy. He was a murderer and a pedophile.

    Dhivehi Resistance, you asked the anonymous Muslim who thought you had removed Hilath's post to use his brain. "Anonymous" is a Muslim. Muslims are trained in the fine art of not using their brains.

  10. Dhivehi Christian3:49 AM

    After I saw Sheelan's innocent and trusting face, I just could not go past the second slide to view the barbaric Islamic brutality she was about to endure. I just had a moment of prayer for Aisha (aged 9), and imagined her face to be like Sheelan's just before she was raped by Mohamed (age 53). I also prayed for Sheelan. God hears my prayers.

  11. abdullah12:23 PM

    Dhivehi christian is surely a pedophile no question about it. may be you should become a priest and molest kids in some church in africa whose hunger you take advantage of. sorry no chance for a church in maldives for you to become a priest here no chance for pedophiles in this muslim country so get lost from our beloved MUSLIM country.

  12. Anonymous1:38 PM

    The things people do in the name of religion and tradition!

  13. abdullah9:16 PM

    yeah things people do in the name of religion..how about things people do in the name of being modern and acceptable..
    wake up every morning leather up your face and mutilate your face use excessive chemicals all over your body killing off beneficial bacteria that lives in your skin exposing to harm and make yourselves smelly. then put more chemicals under your arm to block pores that produce sweat and put your health at risk just to be acceptable and smell 'nice' which wouldnt be a problem if you didnt kill those bacteria. and whats that people dying with cancer more and more every year.lifes cut short to be more acceptable. hmm... that doesnt sound too good either...does it.
    kurdish culture does not have anything to do with islam and muslims majority of kurds do not identify themselves as being muslims. female circumsission is only an optional act for those who need it..
    Umm Atiyyah – radhiyallaahu anhaa – was a girl's circumciser in Madinah, so the Prophet – sallalaahu alaihi wa sallam –told her:

    "When you circumcise, leave a little bit, and don't remove (the clitoris) completly, for verily, that makes the face more beautiful and is more pleasing to the husband."

  14. Slave of Allah (abdullah), you a slave of ignorance. Learn to use your brain. It is never too late.

    Your comment equating cosmetic attempts by people to look "beautiful" with cutting a childs clitoris just shows your brain cells do not work.
    You are just reciting what your Arab Muslim trainers have programmed you to say.

  15. Dhivehi Christian1:18 AM

    Thank you for that Hadith, Abdullah. You have shown that Mohamed not only approved of female genital mutilation but also left instructions on how to do it and mentioned at least on "benefit" from it.

    We need more Muslims like you batting for us Abdullah!

  16. As Arabiguitar pointed out I removed the comment myself. I don't now find it worth my time to argue with people who won't accept sense. This is particularly true as far as religious debates are concerned. I am sure Arabiguitar would understand when I say this :-)... I think I have better things to do than take part in debates which seem to go nowhere.

    Perhaps, what people like Arabiguitar and Ingireysithofi are really trying to do is knock some sense into the "swing" crowd; people who haven't made up their mind yet or people who are in doubt and would like the truth. For surely, I don't think religious debates can have any fruitful impact whatsoever on either Islamic or Christian or Jewish (or any other religion for that matter) fundamentalists and extremists because they would have already made up their minds.

    Not to boast about myself, but let me say that sometimes I am really surprised at myself because when I was a teenager I used to be a Haabee (a fundamentalist) but later on realised certain truths and found the courage to leave extremism.

  17. Anonymous11:15 AM

    "no chance for pedophiles in this muslim country"

    Abdulla, I wonder whether you read our own newspapers like Haveeru or MinivanNews.com.

    There are far more pedophiles in Maldives on average for a small country compared to other countries. Child sexual abuse and rape is now a daily occurrence reported by our newspapers.

    And who are these pedophiles in Maldives? Not some foreign expatriates according to Haveeru and Minivan, but Dhivehi citizens in flesh and blood.

    So clean your own house before you go on rampaging other people's homes.

  18. Hilath,
    Thanks for your comment.
    This blog is not really about debating religions. If you read our sidebar you may understand. Its about the arabization of an ancient culture and the dangers posed by Arab culture and Islam.
    Our society is being dragged back to 7th century Arabia by trained arab missionaries.
    Most Maldivians(and Muslims) do not really know whats in the Islamic texts. They usually just recite without thinking about it.
    When some absurdity or downright evil in Islam is pointed out, Muslims usually respond by pointing at something in the Bible and accusing this blog of being a Christian missionary tool. So usually the comments become a debate about which religion is better...
    The fact is Dhivehin were violently forced to accept Islam. And today people of other faiths have no rights or recognition. Neither is the non-Islamic part of our history given the due it deserves. This is the impact of Islam.
    Maldivians have been Buddhists for longer than we have been declaring ourselves Muslim. By limiting ourselves to only our Islamic part we are actually poorer than than if we recognized and celebrated the Buddha and his impact on our people as part of our heritage. Maldivians today condemn their ancestors for having accepted the teachings of the Buddha, one of the greatest teachers mankind has ever seen.

  19. Dhivehi Christian1:30 AM

    Our Buddhist heritage is far richer than our what, if any, we have gained from Islam. Just have a look at the Buddhist ruins still standing and they show that they were more magnificient than any miskith. We have been a peace-loving reflective people until now because of what our Buddhist monks have taught our ancestors all those years ago. A return of Buddhism to these islands will be of merit.

  20. abdullah11:27 AM

    "rampaging other people's homes."
    ??when did i supposedly do that..
    pedophiles behind bars here...

    Dhivehi Christian said... "We need more Muslims like you batting for us Abdullah!"
    Never, but unlike gay pedophile preists like you we dont take only whats we like from our religion and hide what you fear people my not like or what your heart desires. What ever is form the messenger of Allah we take it as it is, because we have certainty it is from the Lord of mankind and all that exists.

    Dhivehi Resistance said..."You are just reciting what your Arab Muslim trainers have programmed you to say."
    Oh yeah i am programmed.
    And you are copy pasting from Jewish websites i suppose.

    What a joke about us wanting to look back at our budist past we have moved on from that stupidity no room for that we look in to the future. both of you can live in the past. you can worship the monks and buddha. Not for us.

  21. Female circumcision IS in fact Islamic:
    Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband. (Sunan Abu-Dawud: book 41, number 5251, Hasan)

    The following reference to Shariah law comes from Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, Reliance of the Traveler - A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law. This book comes with the approval al-Azhar University.

    Al-Azhar University ( الأزهر الشريف) is the leading institution for Sunni learning in the Islamic world.
    e4.3 Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called khufaad).
    Sunan Dawud Hadith support, and support from the Sheikhs at al-Ahzar University. As far as Sunni Islam, that is by definition an ORTHODOX practice.

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