Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pakistani jihadists massacre innocents in Mumbai, and in response Pakistani protesters burn in effigy...India's Prime Minister

Here again we see Muslims getting much angrier over anti-jihad efforts by non-Muslims than they ever seem to get about jihad violence itself. "Pakistan protesters burn Indian PM effigy," from AFP, December 19 (thanks to JihadWatch):

Singh: Feeling the heat

Hundreds of Pakistani protesters have burnt an Indian flag and an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, underscoring mounting tensions in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

Tribal elders, politicians and residents attended the anti-India rally in the south-western town of Chaman, in Baluchistan province on the border with Afghanistan.

"India wants to steal our water in Kashmir, and that is why it is piling pressure on Pakistan following the attacks in Mumbai," local politician Naseer Ahmed Bacha Khan told the protesters in Chaman....


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    POint? No Point!

  2. Anonymous.
    You will not get the point if you just recite what is written - like you do with your Quran.
    Read the first sentence using your brain. If your brain is o.k you will get the point.

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