Sunday, December 14, 2008

Real Men Do it Standing Up !?!!

If only devout Muslims were as interested in stopping terrorism as they are in figuring out how Allah wants them to urinate. . . What a wonderful world this may be...


In most mixed sex households, the toilet seat up or down dilemma is often a subject of controversy.
Most often a male urinates while standing. Frequently, the male is expected by the female member to ensure the seat is always lowered after use, and criticize him if he forgets. There are generally two justifications:
1. The seat is used in the lowered position ¾ of the time anyway

2. The female will fall into the bowl while trying to sit down There is debate over whether each justification is fair or reasonable. (source)

Anand Venkataraman even conducted an academic study of the subject:


No such problems in Muslim households: the toilet seat is always down. Lucky Islamic women, who don’t have such aggravations in their lives. OK, so they are beaten, raped and often kept prisoner in their own home, but hey, what’s that compared with the toilet dilemma!
Come to think of it, Muslim men also wear long flowing robes. Again, just like a woman!

Could it be that Muslim men really want to be women, but can’t admit to it, so compensate by growing long beards and being overly aggressive?
We hear a lot about penis envy.
Could it be that Muslim men suffer from vagina envy?
Is that why they insist on cutting out all of a woman’s external genitalia?
Read the complete article here at Australian Islamist Monitor


  1. Naah. They're just insecure.

    Pedophiles too.

    They can't handle real women (not enough MANpower), so they go for the preteens.


  2. Abdullah1:34 PM

    You and your stupid blog will be gone soon but Islam will be there in its full glory as , I pity you that you think you have in any way harmed this religion of ours. You can shove your blog up your ass but still it would not matter.

  3. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Well said Abdulla.

    And the Administrators of MV Blogs seem to support it.

    Not a problem. We arent gonnna leave our religion just cos of some stupid hatred Blog. Nope.

    You will soon see when you die how Allah gave you (his creation) two choices and how you failed to choose the right path. How unfortunate you are.

    You can waste your time. Only fools like your buddies the shaddow runner and them can be your followers. not us. just a few creeps. :)

  4. LOL You call this blog a hatred blog.

    This one is moar like a funnies blog!.
    Now my blog - now THATS A TRUE HATE BLOG!.

    Actually, now that you've wrote your opinions, our goal is fulfilled. THANKS!.

  5. Oh, and I piss standing up. :D

  6. Anonymous1:52 AM

    I bet you take it up your ass standing up too

  7. Blogging about what muslims do in the name of Allah and Mohammed, telling muslims to stand up against murder, clitoris cutting, cutting hands and feet, exploitation of women etc etc is hate?
    Actually its education.
    Sadly Muslims are brainwashed and they do not understand. They are trained NOT TO USE THEIR BRAINS!
    Bannning Christian websites is what? Many Maldivians are living in Christian communities and enjoying their hospitality.Attending their universities etc etc... Ingratitude?
    Muslims should learn to use their brains and excercise critical thinking instead of blindly following what the Arab mullahs teach them.

  8. BTW Shadowrunner,
    it would be funnies if muslims were not so cruel and violent. Their kind of "love' is to maim, murder or see an infidel burn!

  9. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Dhivehi Resistance,
    very true. Muslims should learn to use brain.

  10. abdullah9:12 AM

    yeah using your brain HAHA! Yeah you should be really making use of your brain when you are reserving a permanent seat in helfire!
    I Bet all of you "real men" take it up your ass standing up

  11. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Slave of Allah (abdullah),
    Not everybody is a slave to your Allah or believes in your hell and hellfire.

  12. abdullah9:44 AM

    You believe it or not you are slave of Allah ...
    slave of your stupidness(Anonymous)

  13. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Slave of Allah,
    I am slave of no one.
    Its idiots like you who enjoy being slaves. You have handed over your brain to some nonsense garbage created by a epileptic lunatic from 7th century Arabia

  14. abdullah1:13 PM

    no matter what you do say you are a slave of Allah that would not change. I am glad I am an idiot compared to your greatness asshole. ha ha some anonymous guy on the internet is the lunatic or the greatest human to live ever who established a religion an empire and a way of life . you assholes will be soon forgotten but islam with its full glory will be here.. so many of you have come and gone islam is still here.. by the way in Maldives if you want anything you have to kiss our asses and pretend to be muslims like your great leader anni has kissed the asses of adhaalath party mullahs

  15. @anonymous who likes buttsecks: Thanks for revealing that you and your pedo buddies 'LOVE TEH CAWK'(tm)

    @abdullah: I could use a weapon so advanced, a simple-minded muslim would believe it was a direct calamity by the will of Allah. Ever hear of Telsa coils?. Hahahaha...