Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two rams and a woman

Saudia Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, so which do you suppose merits a harsher penalty there - stealing sheep or beating your wife to death?

"We have an entrenched judicial system that is based on Divine Law and not personal whims. This is the reason why I could not understand two recent court verdicts handed out on the same day.

In the first ruling, two thieves who stole two rams were sentenced to three years imprisonment and 1,000 lashes each.

The second ruling of two years imprisonment and 200 whiplashes was for a husband who beat his wife until she swallowed her tongue and died.

I could not find any explanation for the great difference in the two rulings although they were reached under the same law. Are the two rams more valuable than the woman or is the life of a human being cheaper than that of livestock?

I am not evaluating the judicial system or delving into the parameters of the rulings. I’m just trying to understand how some judges think and issue their verdicts? It might be true that the woman was killed unintentionally and the rams were stolen with intent, but this will not answer the questions that arise from the two verdicts.

I doubt very much the Ministry of Justice will include the two verdicts in its records because they contradict the picture that the ministry is trying to draw that court verdicts are based on principles of fairness and not the personal views of judges.

I know that the judiciary has a spirit that is not separated from the recorded text and which judges cannot do without while carrying out their duties. However, some amazing rulings make us doubtful of this spirit.

In the West, we often hear about contradicting rulings in almost identical cases. However, these contradictions should not exist here as our justice is based on Shariah, not personal assessment or whims even if the case was of two rams whose destiny we do not know."



  1. "In the West, we often hear about contradicting rulings in almost identical cases." There is the obligatory West (read as Christianity) bashing that occurs as soon as Islam is embarrassed. The writer, Khaled Al-Sulaiman, has given a classic and frequent example of Islam in its element. The least he could have done would have been to give a few examples of, what he claims to be. contradicting rulings in the West.

  2. Livestock will never rise up to overthrow the status quo, but women might one day discover and assert their humanity, and when that happens, the whole house of cards will collapse.

    Women, therefore, pose the far greater threat to those pathetic men in power, and must be more brutally oppressed.

    That was a dark and evil spirit that threw Mohammed to the floor of that cave, and that later whispered all those things in his ear.

    America has many problems, and continues to go down the wrong path in many ways, but when the Osama bin Ladens of the world call us the "Great Satan", it rings hollow -- only the devil could insult someone by comparing that someone to himself.

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