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Sexually Enjoying the Little Girl of a Wife- Legally Islamic View

In one of the largest Islamic sites on the Internet specialized in giving fatwas (religious authoritative verdicts) , a fatwa entitled "Sexually Enjoying the Little Girl of a Wife- Legally Islamic View" said, "There is no problem or issue in kissing the little girl of a wife lustfully and thighing (rubbing the penis against her thighs) and so on, even if she cannot bear sexual intercourse. Muslim jurisprudents have shown that the foundation lies in man's being able to sexually enjoy his wife if he wants to as long as there is no harm. This included his masturbating with her hands, fondling her and kissing her and so forth".

In another fatwa entitled "Sexually Enjoying the Little Girl of a Wife", it stated, "There is no harm in ejaculating between the thighs of this little girl who cannot afford to bear intercourse and it might harm her, as long as such ejaculation is without sexual penetration. Muslim jurisprudents have shown that the starting point in all of this and what really matters the most is that the man is permitted to sexually enjoy his wife in any manner he wants as long as there is no harm.”〈=A&Id=56312

Shiite Muslims are not any different. Imam Khomeini (1902-1989), leader of Islamic revolution in Iran, said in his book "Tahrir Al Wasilah" (vol. 2 p. 221) the following: "A wife should not receive sexual intercourse before she is fully nine years old, be this marriage permanent or temporary. But for all other forms of pleasure, as in lustful touch, embrace or thighing (rubbing the penis against her thighs), there is no problem in them, even if she is a little suckling baby".

Shiite scholar, Al-Ayrawani, says that to receive sexual pleasure from the suckling baby is unanimously agreed upon by Muslim jurisprudents, be they Sunnis or Shiites.

(Recording Clip):

Enquiring person: “Mr Imam Khomeini has mentioned in his book Tahrir Al-Wasilah a matter: ‘A wife should not receive sexual intercourse before she is fully nine years old, be this marriage permanent or temporary. But for all other forms of pleasure, as in lustful touch or embrace, there is no problem in them, even if she is a little suckling baby’. We hope that the Sheikh would expound on the last paragraph. Please go ahead our mullah”.

Sheikh Ayrawani: In fact, this issue is one of the things that our Shiite jurisprudents, have all unanimously agreed upon. They (Sunnis) also have it in their books, it’s not belonging to us (Shiites) only. Now, suppose a man wants to get married to a little girl, to marry her permanently. What do you think? Let us now leave aside temporal marriage. I am here talking about the permanent kind of marriage. It is permitted for a man to marry off his daughter of 5 years of age to a man. Question: is that permitted or not permitted?. All Muslim jurisprudents agree and see no problem with that whatsoever. The father has every right to marry her off to a man. He is her custodian. Within the bounds of interest that is perfectly normal. The father is entitled to marry her off without any prohibition. Let us suppose that she is just two years of age. Or let us even say she is just one year old. There is not the least problem in that. By marrying her, she becomes lawful ‘halal’ for the husband (to do whatever he wants to her). Now, you tell me, can the husband kiss her or no?. Well, there is not the least problem in that since this little one is his own wife and therefore no problem at all.”

Maldivian "Islamic Scholars" have protested the minimum age of marriage law in Maldives. Because a minimum age of marriage for girls is Un-Islamic and against the commands of Allah

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  1. Lol, Mohammed cartoons. Everyone's drawing them... I drew some once - and didn't burst into flame.


  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Islam could be one with most distorted values like this among hundreds of religions.
    Its utterly disgusting!

  3. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Islam is evil.
    Maldivians better stand up to these Islamists and work to make a secular nation. we are on the path to become a failed state like Pakistan.

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  5. anonymous,
    Read the Koran and hadees using your brain instead of reciting it like a parrot.
    Then you will know the truth about Islam.

  6. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Man, you guys are so great. But, what's so great about you????? hmmmm....... might it be that you all SUCK.

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    check this:

  8. Anonymous3:47 AM

    "Paedophilia is the most serious problem we in the Church have had to face for centuries." Rev. Thomas Doyle 1987.

    Christianity encourages perversions such as child molestation because it represses normal physical drives as 'sins'.

    "It is good for a man not to touch a woman", states Paul (I Cor. 7:1)

    It's no wonder that such repressive commandments which christians must obey lest they burn in hell, result in various psychological abnormalities, such as preference for little boys.

    The following are some examples of christian child abuse, extracted from the book Christian Child Abuse: The Reality.

    (1) 1979, Newfoundland, Canada. Fr. Kelly convicted of 10 sexual offences against 5 boys aged 13 to 17. After receiving a suspended sentence, Kelly appointed vice-chancellor of Temporal Affairs for Toronto Archdiocese.

    (2) 1984, Louisiana USA. Fr. Gauthe sentenced to 20 yrs. for molestation of more than 100 boys, 1971-83, aged 7 to 9. His paedophilia had been known since first yr. as priest, yet his superiors transferred him whenever scandal threatened to become public.

    (3) 1986, Washington. Fr. Fontenot convicted of raping boy. He had shared 4 boys with Gauthe in mid-1970's.

    (4) 1988, Newfoundland's best-known priest, Fr. Hickey, convicted of 32 sex crimes involving boys. Local vicar general had known about Hickey since 1975, but had done nothing.

    (5) 1988, Newfoundland. Fr. Corrigan jailed for 7 offences against boys aged 10 to 13.

    (6) 1988, Lancashire, England. Congregational Church Minister Garvock convicted of raping 4 yr. old girl.

    (7) 1988, Winchester, England. 2 Anglican vicars, a choir master, a solicitor, and an already convicted molester jailed on 21 charges of sexually abusing boys at church outings, YMCA and churchyard.

    (8) 1989, Newfoundland. Fr. Bennet pleads guilty to 36 charges of paedophilia. His Archbishop had known about him since 1979.

    (9) 1990, Taupo, New Zealand. Fr. Brown jailed for indecent assault on 2 altar boys, 1980 to 1986. The Hamilton Diocese Archbishop states that Brown could be assigned other duties when released, and describes him as "a very compassionate man".

    (10) 1990, Minneapolis USA. Rev. Adamson admits paedophilia since 1961, in a lawsuit brought by a young man who had been abused by the priest 1979-87. Adamson was joined in the abuse in 1984 by a nun. The Archdiocese had known of Adamson's paedophilia.

    (11) 1990, Solihull, England. Pentecostal Minister D. Stenhouse jailed on 5 charges of indecent assault on boys aged 12 to 15.

    (12) 1991, Newfoundland. 9 Christian Brothers charged with sexual and physical abuse of boys in their care at Mt. Cashel orphanage.

    (13) 1991, Minneapolis USA. Rev Thurner admits sexual abuse of a boy. The Archdiocese had known of his paedophilia since 1982.

    (14) 1991, Ontario, Canada. Rev. Pappi convicted of 2 charges of 'sexual interference' of two 13 year old boys.

    (15) 1991, England. Baptist Minister Ashby Breneman jailed for molesting 6 boys at his Christian Youth camp.

    (16) 1991, Arlington USA. Fr. Chleboski charged with 6 counts of molesting a 13 yr. old boy, student of Our Lady of Victory School.

    (17) 1991, Hamilton, New Zealand. Lay Minister Whalley jailed for indecent assault on a 10 yr. old boy. Had 5 previous convictions. His Church had sought to keep him out of court.

    (18) 1988-1991, New Orleans USA. Fr. Cinel is discovered to posses huge collection of child pornography, including 160 hrs. of homemade videotapes depicting himself - and his dog - in homosexual acts with boys. After a public outcry, the Catholic DA reluctantly charges Cinel with 60 separate counts of possessing child porn, in 1991.

    (19) 1991. Civil suit brought against Ferrario, Bishop of Honolulu for sexual abuse, 1972-1982, by David Figueroa, who states he had been abused by priests since 1964, when he was 5.

  9. Anonymous3:57 AM

    “Rape and abuse of Irish children were 'endemic' at Catholic-run homes, nine-year inquiry finds Beatings and humiliation by nuns and priests were common at institutions that held up to 30,000 children, Ryan report states.”

    Rape and sexual molestation were More.. "endemic" in Irish Catholic church-run industrial schools and orphanages, a report revealed today.

    The nine-year investigation found that Catholic priests and nuns for decades terrorised thousands of boys and girls in the Irish Republic, while government inspectors failed to stop the chronic beatings, rape and humiliation.

    The high court judge Sean Ryan today unveiled the 2,600-page final report of Ireland's commission into child abuse, which drew on testimony from thousands of former inmates and officials from more than 250 church-run institutions. Police were called to the news conference amid angry scenes as victims were prevented from attending.

    More than 30,000 children deemed to be petty thieves, truants or from dysfunctional families – a category that often included unmarried mothers – were sent to Ireland's austere network of industrial schools, reformatories, orphanages and hostels from the 1930s until the last facilities shut in the 1990s.

  10. Anonymous3:57 AM

    The findings prompted the new Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, to say that it took "courage" for those clergy involved in child sex abuse to confront their actions. In an interview to be broadcast tonight on ITV News at Ten, he said: "I think of those in religious orders and some of the clergy in Dublin who have to face these facts from their past which instinctively and quite naturally they'd rather not look at. That takes courage, and also we shouldn't forget that this account today will also overshadow all of the good that they also did."

    The Irish Survivors of Child Abuse (Isoca), an organisation set up to help victims, condemned the newly appointed head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales for his remarks.

    "Rubbish is too kind of word for what the archbishop has said. I believe I have heard this kind of twaddle uttered by politicians in Ireland like Bertie Ahern, the former prime minister. It is the verbiage of un-reason and it leaves me cold. What the Archbishop really has to do is take a long hard look at the character and nature of the people he is talking about and ask himself if they are capable of being good," said Patrick Walsh.

  11. Anonymous3:58 AM

    The report found that molestation and rape were "endemic" in boys' facilities, chiefly run by the Christian Brothers order, and supervisors pursued policies that increased the danger. Girls supervised by orders of nuns, chiefly the Sisters of Mercy, suffered much less sexual abuse but instead endured frequent assaults and humiliation designed to make them feel worthless.

    "In some schools a high level of ritualised beating was routine ... Girls were struck with implements designed to maximise pain and were struck on all parts of the body," the report said. "Personal and family denigration was widespread."

    The report concluded that when confronted with evidence of sex abuse, religious authorities responded by transferring offenders to another location, where in many instances they were free to abuse again.

    "There was evidence that such men took up teaching positions sometimes within days of receiving dispensations because of serious allegations or admissions of sexual abuse," the report said. "The safety of children in general was not a consideration."

  12. Anonymous3:59 AM

    The Catholic church had been steeling itself for the report, which was repeatedly delayed by church lawsuits, missing documentation and alleged government obstruction.

    The Christian Brothers delayed the investigation for more than a year with a lawsuit that successfully defended their members' right to anonymity in all references in the report, even in cases in which individual Christian Brothers had been convicted of sexual and physical attacks on children.

    The church had already been under fire over the sexual misbehaviour of several priests in various Irish parishes. The commission's experts have sought to produce a comprehensive portrait of sexual, physical and emotional damage inflicted on the child victims. The thousands of survivors said they had no safe way to tell their stories until the investigation began because much of Irish Catholic society regarded them as liars.

    Isoca today said it was now up to the Vatican to investigate its religious orders in the republic.

    John Kelly, the Isoca co-ordinator in Dublin, said: "Now that the Ryan [Laffoy] commission is finished, we call upon ... Pope Benedict XVI to convene a special consistory court to fully investigate the activities of the Catholic religious orders in Ireland.

  13. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Amongst other things, such a court could establish the whereabouts of Irish state assets that were misappropriated over many years by the religious orders and make restitution to the Irish state exchequer."

    During the commission's investigations, oral evidence was collected from more than 1,000 people, mainly aged from their 50s to 70s.

    Several hundred travelled back to Ireland from the US and Australia to describe their childhood of terror and intimidation.

    One victim, John Walsh, of Isoca, called the report a hatchet job that left open wounds gaping. "The little comfort we have is the knowledge that it vindicated the victims who were raped and sexually abused," he said.

    "I'm very angry, very bitter, and feel cheated and deceived. I would have never opened my wounds if I'd known this was going to be the end result. It has devastated me and will devastate most victims because there is no criminal proceedings and no accountability whatsoever."

    The commission's original judge, Mary Laffoy, resigned from her post in 2003 over claims that the Irish department of education – which was in charge of inspecting the orphanages and industrial schools – was refusing to hand over documents to her. Less..

  14. Anonymous4:05 AM

    average Roman AAFM (age at first marriage), including the following points:

    "[T]raditionally in pre-modern societies, AAFM for girls corresponded with the visible onset of puberty. In these early societies, high mortality rates demanded an offsetting high-birth rate. As a result, younger marriages were required to facilitate population growth...

    1. In ancient Jewish culture, the onset of puberty, or the ages of 12 or 13 (in females) and 13 or 14 (in males), have been suggested. (Eg: Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible, vol 2, p 1407 and "Ancient Israelite Marriage Customs".)

    For morbid curiosity's sake, the world's youngest mother was apparently aged 5. The youngest grandmother was allegedly aged 17.

    "baby brothels" were not unheard of in Rome...

  15. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Hyenas turn into bats after seven years, and later on turn into thorns and demons (Baba Kamma, 16a).
    Being naked in front of a lamp causes epilepsy (Pesahim, 112b).
    There’s medicinal value in dirt found in an outhouse’s shadow, also in a white dog’s excrement (Gittin, 69a,b).

    The birth of a girl is an unhappy event (Baba Bathra, 16b).
    It is never good to talk too much to women including one’s own wife (Aboth, 1.5).
    All women are “temperamentally light-headed” (Kiddushin, 80b).
    It is okay to divorce your wife if she spoils your food, or if you find a more beautiful woman (Gittin, 91a).

    It is lawful for a girl three years old to have sexual intercourse (Abodah Zarah, 37a; Kethuboth, 11b,39a; Sanhedrin, 55b,69a,b; Yebamoth, 12a,57b,58a,60b).
    When a man commits sodomy with a boy under nine years of age, it “is not deemed as pederasty” (Sanhedrin, 54b,55a).
    Sexual intercourse with a boy under the age of eight is lawful since it isn’t fornication (Sanhedrin, 69b). (In other words, Religion X became X-rated! Is it any wonder that many Jewish persons today are liberally involved with the current sexual revolution and are even favorable towards legalization of adult-child sex?)

    Since all Gentiles are only animals, all Gentile children are bastards (Yebamoth, 98a).
    When a non-Jew robs a Jew, he has to pay him back, but if a Jew robs a non-Jew, he doesn’t have to pay him back. Moreover, when a Gentile kills a Jew, the Gentile must be killed, but when a Jew kills a Gentile, “there is no death penalty” (Sanhedrin, 57a).
    It is okay to “use subterfuges” in a court of law in order to cheat a non-Jew (Baba Kamma, 113a).

  16. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Jesus was born a bastard (Jewish Encyclopedia, “Jesus”; Yebamoth, 49b).
    Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a whore and “played the harlot with carpenters” (Sanhedrin, 106a,b).
    Jesus “practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostacy” (Sanhedrin, 43a).
    Jesus was punished and sent to Hell where he ended up in “boiling hot excrement” (Gittin, 56b,57a).
    Christians will go to Hell “and be punished there for all generations” (Rosh Hashanah, 17a).
    Those who read “the works of the Judeo-Christians, i.e., the New Testament” will end up in Hell (Sanhedrin,0a).? The books of the Christians “may not be saved from a fire, but they must be burnt in their place, they and the Divine Names occurring in them” (Shabbath, 116a).
    (Now you know what’s been inspiring many of the anti-Christian attitudes and actions these days.)
    By roughly 500 A.D. Jewish scribes had completed the voluminous Talmud, the written version of what had long been the Jews’ oral tradition—the tradition that Jesus condemns in the 23rd chapter of Matthew and other parts of the New Testament.

  17. Anonymous4:23 AM

    The Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox, many mainline Protestant Churches, and the Churches of Christ have historically and traditionally kept women out of their pulpits. Many have not allowed women to hold any offices in the church. Participation by women in public services has been limited. The subject of women's role in the church is a complex one, due to a lack of Biblical clarity and a variety of church laws, interpretations, traditions, and social customs.

    Women under the law were considered unclean during menstrual periods and at childbirth. Orthodox Jews still segregate women. Many thanked God that they were not born a woman.

    At the coming of Christ, rabbinical schools were still debating whether or not women actually had souls.

    Women were excluded from clergy roles, and a bold line was drawn not only between men and women in the church, but also between the clergy and the laity. Even today, in the Catholic churches, and in some Protestant churches, only the clergy can officiate at the communion table and in public worship. Until the last decade, the Catholic Church had only altar boys and no altar girls.

    Most cultures of the world have placed women in a second-class status (and many still do). Under English law, barely a century ago, it was practically impossible for a woman to earn money. It was not until 1880 that the law allowed her to keep monies she earned.

    I Corinthians 14:34-35:

    Let the women keep silence in the churches. For it is not permitted for them to speak. But let them be in subjection as also sayeth the Law. If they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in the church.

    I Timothy 2:8-15:

    I desire, therefore, that men pray in every place lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting. In like manner, that women adorn themselves with modest apparel, with shamefastness and sobriety; not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly raiments; but which becometh woman professing godliness through good works. Let a woman learn in quietness with all subjection. But I permit not a woman to teach, nor to have dominion over a man, but to be in quietness. For Adam was first formed, then Eve; and Adam was not beguiled, but the woman being beguiled hath fallen into transgression; but she shall be saved through her child bearing, if they continue in faith and love and sanctification and sobriety.

  18. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Following are some rights, which Muslim women have!

    1. The RIGHT and duty to acquire education.

    2. The RIGHT to have her own independent property.

    3. The RIGHT to work [job or business] to earn money, which she keeps it.

    4. The RIGHT to equal reward for equal deed and/or work.

    5. The RIGHT to express her opinion.

    6. The RIGHT to argue and/or advocate her cause or opinion to be heard.

    7. The RIGHT to vote since 1,421 years.

    8. The RIGHT to provisions from her husband for all her needs and more.

    9. The RIGHT to negotiate marriage terms of her choice.

    10.The RIGHT to obtain divorce from her husband, even on the grounds that she simply don't like him. In Islaam divorce is suppose to be last resort.

    11.The RIGHT to keep all her own money. [She is not responsible for maintenance of family].

    12.The RIGHT to get sexual satisfaction from her husband.

    13.The RIGHT to get custody of her children in case of divorce [unless she is unable to raise them for valid reasons]

    14.The RIGHT to choose husband of her choice.

    15.The RIGHT to refuse a proposed and/or arranged marriage.

    16. The RIGHT to re-marry after divorce or after becoming widow.

  19. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Even when they are menstruating, on special days, like the two Eid festivals, they are still allowed to come to the Eid prayers, and menstruating women can take part in most of the actions of the Hajj pilgrimage.

    Islamic laws does not requires that women should confine themselves to household duties.
    Name any other religion, political theory, or philosophy which offers such a comprehensiveness to women by giving her total control of her life and affairs ??? NONE

  20. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Anyone wishing to understand Islam must first separate the religion from the cultural norms and style of a society.

    Female genital mutilation is still practised in certain pockets of Africa and Egypt, but viewed as an inconceivable horror by the vast majority of Muslims. Forced marriages may still take place in certain Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, but would be anathema to Muslim women from other backgrounds.

    Indeed, Islam insists on the free consent of both bride and groom, so such marriages could even be deemed illegal under religious law.

    A woman forbidden from driving a car in Riyadh will cheerfully take the wheel when abroad, confident that her country's bizarre law has nothing to do with Islam. Afghan women educated before the Taliban rule know that banning girls from school is forbidden in Islam, which encourages all Muslims to seek knowledge from cradle to grave, from every source possible.

    The Koran is addressed to all Muslims, and for the most part it does not differentiate between male and female.

    Man and woman, it says, "were created of a single soul," and are moral equals in the sight of God. Women have the right to divorce, to inherit property, to conduct business and to have access to knowledge.

    Since women are under all the same obligations and rules of conduct as the men, differences emerge most strongly when it comes to pregnancy, child-bearing and rearing, menstruation and, to a certain extent, clothing.

    Some of the commands are alien to Western tradition. Requirements of ritual purity may seem to restrict a woman's access to religious life, but are viewed as concessions. During menstruation or postpartum bleeding, she may not pray the ritual salah or touch the Koran and she does not have to fast; nor does she need to fast while pregnant or nursing.

    The veiling of Muslim women is a more complex issue. Certainly, the Koran requires them to behave and dress modestly - but these strictures apply equally to men. Only one verse refers to the veiling of women, stating that the Prophet's wives should be behind a hijab when his male guests converse with them.

    What about polygamy, which the Koran endorses up to the limit of four wives per man? The Prophet, of course, lived at a time when continual warfare produced large numbers of widows, who were left with little or no provision for themselves and their children.

    In these circumstances, polygamy was encouraged as an act of charity. Needless to say, the widows were not necessarily sexy young women, but usually mothers of up to six children, who came as part of the deal.

    Polygamy is no longer common, for various good reasons. The Koran states that wives need to be treated fairly and equally - a difficult requirement even for a rich man. Moreover, if a husband wishes to take a second wife, he should not do so if the marriage will be to the detriment of the first.

    Sexual intimacy outside marriage is forbidden in Islam, including sex before marriage, adultery or homosexual relationships. However, within marriage, sexual intimacy should be raised from the animal level to sadaqah (a form of worship) so that each considers the happiness and satisfaction of the other, rather than mere self-gratification.

    Contrary to Christianity, Islam does not regard marriages as "made in heaven" or "till death do us part". They are contracts, with conditions. If either side breaks the conditions, divorce is not only allowed, but usually expected. Nevertheless, a hadith makes it clear that: "Of all the things God has allowed, divorce is the most disliked."

  21. Anonymous4:33 AM

    A Muslim has a genuine reason for divorce only if a spouse's behaviour goes against the sunnah of Islam - in other words, if he or she has become cruel, vindictive, abusive, unfaithful, neglectful, selfish, sexually abusive, tyrannical, perverted - and so on.

    In good Islamic practice, before divorce can be contemplated, all possible efforts should be made to solve a couple's problems. After an intention to divorce is announced, there is a three-month period during which more attempts are made at reconciliation.

    If, by the end of each month, the couple have resumed sexual intimacy, the divorce should not proceed. The three-month rule ensures that a woman cannot remarry until three menstrual cycles have passed - so, if she happens to be pregnant, the child will be supported and paternity will not be in dispute.

    When Muslims die, strict laws govern the shares of property and money they may leave to others; daughters usually inherit less than sons, but this is because the men in a family are supposed to provide for the entire household.

    Any money or property owned by women is theirs to keep, and they are not obliged to share it. Similarly, in marriage, a woman's salary is hers and cannot be appropriated by her husband unless she consents.
    A good Muslim woman, for her part, should always be trustworthy and kind. She should strive to be cheerful and encouraging towards her husband and family, and keep their home free from anything harmful (haram covers all aspects of harm, including bad behaviour, abuse and forbidden foods).

    Regardless of her skills or intelligence, she is expected to accept her man as the head of her household - she must, therefore, take care to marry a man she can respect, and whose wishes she can carry out with a clear conscience. However, when a man expects his wife to do anything contrary to the will of God - in other words, any nasty, selfish, dishonest or cruel action - she has the right to refuse him.

    Her husband is not her master; a Muslim woman has only one Master, and that is God. If her husband does not represent God's will in the home, the marriage contract is broken.

    What should one make of the verse in the Koran that allows a man to punish his wife physically? There are important provisos: he may do so only if her ill-will is wrecking the marriage - but then only after he has exhausted all attempts at verbal communication and tried sleeping in a separate bed.

    However, the Prophet never hit a woman, child or old person, and was emphatic that those who did could hardly regard themselves as the best of Muslims. Moreover, he also stated that a man should never hit "one of God's handmaidens". Nor, it must be said, should wives beat their husbands or become inveterate nags.

    While the spirit of Islam is clearly patriarchal, it regards men and women as moral equals. Moreover, although a man is technically the head of the household, Islam encourages matriarchy in the home.

    Women may not be equal in the manner defined by Western feminists, but their core differences from men are acknowledged, and they have rights of their own that do not apply to men.

    i hope allah shows the right path to those of u who have gone astray. amin

  22. Anonymous6:03 PM

    you stupid ass, all of you are really dump!!
    before any one just write his/her comment just use your mind for 3 mins and google for islam, dont just believe what ever you read..

    There is two kinds of people in islam and if you looking for a good ones just google for ( sunni path )and the other kind is(shea)which in other lang is bad people or ass fuck ..

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