Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kuwait: Employer Keeps Maids Locked Up for 8 Months - 1 Dies...

Attorney Dr Esmat Al-Kharbotli Wednesday filed 10 complaints with the Maidan Hawalli Police Station on behalf of 10 Indonesian housemaids who were ‘detained’ for eight months inside an apartment owned by the maids recruiting office. The maids were neither given work nor paid during this period.
In her complaints, attorney Kharbotli said the housemaids arrived in Kuwait in 2007. Some of them worked in Kuwaiti homes for some time and because they were not paid their salaries they escaped from their employers and took shelter in their country’s embassy.
This led to the closure of files for some time of some offices that recruited housemaids. To reopen their files, the offices dispatched some of their employees to receive the housemaids from the embassy on the pretext they wanted to complete paper work to send them to Indonesia.
However, it was revealed later that the housemaids were housed in an apartment and kept behind locked doors for eight months. During that period, one of them died and no one knows where her remains have been taken.
According to the housemaids who have been freed, they saw their colleague die but did not know how to help her. When she died, one of the housemaids went into hysteria due to shock. “She is still suffering from shock,” the housemaids told the Arab Times.

From Arab Times


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