Saturday, May 02, 2009

Maldivian Mullahs and their assault on the freedom of expression

Here is another chapter in this ongoing war on freedom of speech by the Maldivian mullahs trained in Quran and Hadith in the madrasas of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Malaysia.
The semi-Arabs insist that all Dhivehis must obey Allah and strive to attain the non-stop sex in Jannath.
Speaking what comes to your mind is dangerous because the muslim community will be infected with FITNA and many people may be denied entry to the orgiastic constantly- orgasming-experience of Jannath.

From Minivan News

The trial of an Islamic scholar, who was charged for preaching without a license, started yesterday, two years after he was first arrested.

Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed Ahmed was charged under The Protection of Religious Unity Act 1994 for preaching at a rally organised by the now ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in 2006, in Gaafu Dhaalu atoll Thinadhoo.

The rally called for MDP supporters to travel to Male’ for a demonstration, which was later cancelled.

Speaking about his trial, the Qatar-educated scholar said, “I said I didn’t preach.I told them I only spoke about politics.”

Last week, the attorney general’s office ruled that police could take action against unlicensed preachers.

The announcement was made following a letter by the ministry of Islamic affairs in early April asking police to crack down on those preaching without a license.

Fareed, who was banned from preaching in the Maldives in 2005, was arrested by police in January 2007 after a search lasting nearly three months outside the Ibrahimi Mosque in the capital, Male'.

He was granted a preaching license in November 2008, after the supreme council of Islamic affairs was converted to a ministry, headed by Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari, also leader of the religious conservative Adaalath Party.

After obtaining his license, Fareed has preached twice to an audience of thousands of people.

Under the Religious Unity Act, preaching licenses can only be granted by the president, or a proxy.

At present, only Bari is permitted to issue a license.

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    Kon beykaaru angaeh galhaakah.Mihaaru miyothee kaleymen edhunu "change' aissa ennu.Then thibey Dhivehi raajjeygai alah "Islamic Sainthood" hadhaigen-aharumenves balan thibeynan vaagoey!
    -Theduveri Dhivehi Dhariyeh-